Press the green triangle button on your PS3controller. Scroll down and select the“Settings” menu. Scroll down, select your newregion from the list, then select“Save.”

Similarly, can you change the region code on a ps3?

The PS3 console isregion-free as far as games go. There is no actualregion configuration that can be changed on it.Blu-Ray movies are region coded, but only to 3 majorareas.

Beside above, how do I change my location on ps3? Once logged in, go to the “PlayStationNetwork” icon on the XMB and select “Sign Up.” Inthe new window that appears, select “Create a New Account (NewUsers). Select “Country of Residence” and in thedrop-down menu that appears select the region you want. Go down tothe third option.

Also to know, can I make my ps3 region free?

How to Make a Blu-ray PS3 Player RegionFree. To unlock the PS3's region capabilities,Sony released a firmware update very soon after the PS3 wasreleased. Install the free update to unlock yourPS3 and play all Blu-rays. Turn on your Sony PlayStation3 and select “System Update” from the main menu.

Can I change my PSN account region?

Here's the bad news upfront: you can‘t justchange the region of your existing PSNaccount. This means you'll have to create a new account,but bear in mind that PS Store credit cannot be transferred fromone user to another. The good news, though, is that creatinganother PSN account only takes a few minutes.

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Is the PlayStation 3 region locked?

Sony. The PlayStation and PlayStation 2consoles are regionlocked. All PlayStation 3games, except for two (Persona 4 Arena and Way of the Samurai3) are region free. There is region lockingfor backwards-compatible PlayStation and PlayStation2 games, as well as DVD and Blu-ray Disc movies.

Does the ps3 have region lock?

Note: This region locking does not apply toPS3 games on blu-ray disc. See the PS3 Games section.DVDs are locked to the region where you bought yourPS3. PS3s will play region-free DVDs, if you are ableto remove the region encoding.

Is ps3 region free Blu Ray?

All PS3 BluRay players are regionfree.

Is ps3 region free for DVDs?

Blu-rays and PS3-games are by the way alwaysregion free.

Can ps3 play Region 2 DVDs?

Video game consoles

The Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 andPlayStation 3 consoles are all region-locked for DVDplayback. The PlayStation 2 can be modified to have itsregional-locking disabled through the use ofmodchips.

Does a PlayStation 3 play DVDs?

The PS3 console can play Blu-ray Discs andDVDs sold in the same area as the console. When you makesure your DVD has the same area code as the PS3, thenyou can easily play the DVD on the PS3by simply inserting the DVD into the PS3 andfollowing the on-screen instructions.

Can a ps3 play pal DVDs?

No. PS3 games aren't region coded and are notPAL or NTSC but DVDs are and some Blu-rays are regioncoded but a lot aren't, and they aren't PAL or NTSCeither.

Can ps4 play DVDs from other regions?

As always, DVDs that are sold have regioncodes, which restrict the DVDs to be played on DVDplayers or PS4 Pro game console in otherregions for the sake of letting film distributors controlaspects of a release, including content, release date andprice.

Can a ps3 play Region B Blu Ray?

It plays any region free Blu Ray. It playsany Blu Ray from its designated region (US PS3plays Region A, EU PS3 plays Region B, etc).It's the same as with DVDs. It's just that most Blu Rayshave become region neutral, unlike DVDs which were almostalways region coded.

How do I know my PSN region?

Account Information. To view and edit informationfor your account, select (Settings) > [AccountManagement] > [Account Information]. The accountinformation available to you varies depending on the country orregion and the type of account. For details, visitthe customer support website for your country orregion.

Can I use a PSN card from another country?

No, PSN cards from one country will notwork in another. However, when the PSN card isexclusive to a specific region, you'll only be able toredeem that card in that territory,period.

Can I buy PS Plus from another country?

PlayStation Plus is available to purchase in allcountries that have access to PlayStation Store.PlayStation Plus is required for PS4 onlinemultiplayer gaming.