Run Install-Package Microsoft. Office.

VS 2012:

  1. Right-click on “References” and select “Add Reference”.
  2. Select “Extensions” on the left.
  3. Look for Microsoft. Office. Interop. Excel . (Note that you can just type “excel” into the search box in the upper-right corner.)

Consequently, how do I install Microsoft Office Interop?

To install the Office 2010 Primary Interop Assemblies, click the Download button, then click Save and select a location for PIARedist.exe on your computer. Run the executable to extract the O2010pia.msi file. Use one of the following installation methods to install O2010pia.msi: Double-click the O2010pia.msi file.

Also, how do I add a Microsoft Office Interop reference in outlook? Click the COM tab. On the COM tab, click Microsoft Outlook 11.0 Object Library if you are using Outlook 2003, or click Microsoft Outlook 10.0 Object Library if you are using Outlook 2002. Click Select. In the Add References dialog box, click OK.

Also know, does Microsoft Office Interop Excel require Excel to be installed?

Microsoft Office Interop (Excel Automation) in C# and VB.NET. Microsoft Office Interop (Excel Automation) is an option when creating/reading Excel files (XLS, XLSX, CSV) from C# or VB.NET application, but it has many drawbacks. It requires that all client machines have the same version of Microsoft Excel installed.

How do I add Microsoft Office Interop Excel in Visual Studio 2012?

4 Answers

  1. On the Project menu, click “Add Reference.”
  2. On the COM tab, click Microsoft Excel Object Library, and then click Select. In Visual Studio 2012, locate Microsoft Excel 14.0 (or other version) Object Library on the COM tab.
  3. Click OK in the Add References dialog box to accept your selections.

Related Question Answers

What is a primary interop assembly?

The primary interop assemblies are the corresponding runtime callable wrappers for the Microsoft Office applications. An interop assembly is a managed . NET equivalent of a COM type library. An Interop Assembly that is distributed by the owner of the original COM server is called a primary interop assembly (PIA).

What is Microsoft Interop?

COM Interop is a technology included in the . NET Framework Common Language Runtime (CLR) that enables Component Object Model (COM) objects to interact with . NET objects, and vice versa. COM Interop aims to provide access to the existing COM components without requiring that the original component be modified.

Does Microsoft Office Interop Word require Word to be installed?

Requires a license for Microsoft Office on every client machine. Requires that all client machines have the same version of Microsoft Word installed. When using Interop, Microsoft Word is loaded in the background, taking computer resources and loading a large number of files and DLLs.

What is Interop C#?

Interoperability enables you to preserve and take advantage of existing investments in unmanaged code. Code that runs under the control of the common language runtime (CLR) is called managed code, and code that runs outside the CLR is called unmanaged code.

How create Excel using Microsoft Office Interop Excel C#?

Creating Excel File using Interop Services
  1. First of all we have to create a new Console Application ; let us see the description with images of how to create it. Open Visual Studio. File>New>Project.
  2. Select >> Project Menu >> Click on Add References >> Select COM Tab >>
  3. Write below code to generate Excel File. using System; using System.Collections.Generic;

What is Visual Studio Tools for Office runtime?

Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) is a set of development tools available in the form of a Visual Studio add-in (project templates) and a runtime that allows Microsoft Office 2003 and later versions of Office applications to host the . NET Framework Common Language Runtime (CLR) to expose their functionality via .

Can I uninstall Microsoft Office 2010 Primary Interop Assemblies?

Or, you can uninstall Microsoft Office 2010 Primary Interop Assemblies from your computer by using the Add/Remove Program feature in the Window's Control Panel. When you find the program Microsoft Office 2010 Primary Interop Assemblies, click it, and then do one of the following: Windows Vista/7/8: Click Uninstall.

How do I know if Excel is installed?

Start a Microsoft Office program (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.). Click the File tab in the ribbon. Then click Account.

For Office 2010:

  1. Click File.
  2. Click Help in the left column.
  3. From here, you'll see About (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  4. Finally you'll see Version showing you what version you are running.

What is EPPlus DLL?

EPPlus is a . NET library that reads and writes Excel 2007/2010/2013 files using the Open Office Xml format (xlsx).

How do I install Office Primary Interop Assemblies?

How to: Install Office primary interop assemblies
  1. Ensure that you have a version of the . NET Framework that is no older than 2.0.
  2. Install Microsoft Office and make sure that the . NET Programmability Support feature is selected for the applications you want to extend (this feature is included in the default installation). [!

How do I register a DLL in Excel?

Register 32 or 64-bit DLLs in Windows
  1. Step 1: First click on Start, then Run.
  2. Step 2: Now all you have to do to register a DLL file is to type in the regsvr32 command, followed by the path of the DLL file.
  3. Step 3: Now click OK and you should get a confirmation message that the DLL has been registered successfully.