Change your profile photo
  1. Go to Hangouts at or in Gmail. If you have the Hangouts extension, click the icon in the top right of your browser.
  2. Open your settings.
  3. In the top left of your settings, click the photo.
  4. Follow the instructions to add or update the photo.
  5. Click Set as profile photo.

Correspondingly, how do I view my Hangouts profile picture?

Hover over their avatar, then click their name when it pops up in blue. Now you're at their Google+ profile. (You can also get there by clicking their profile pic in Google Hangouts.)

Also Know, how do I remove my profile picture from Hangouts? Open your hangout app and click on the horizontal 3 lines in the top left side of the screen. Then click on settings. 2. It will take you the Settings page, where under “Account” section you need to click on the gmail account whose profile photo you want to change or delete.

Also Know, how can you tell if someone is using Hangouts?

Login to your Google Hangout and select the person that you want to check. If you see the green dot icon next to the person name so that mean your friend is active on Hangout. Otherwise if you don't see the green dot so you can see that person last active time on Hangout.

How do you find out who someone is talking to on Hangouts?

Find someone's contact info on Hangouts

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Hangouts App .
  2. Tap a conversation that includes the person whose contact info you want.
  3. At the top right, tap More.
  4. Next to the username of the person whose contact info you want, tap More.

Related Question Answers

How do I change my profile pic?

To add or change your profile picture:
  1. Go to your profile and tap Edit Profile.
  2. Tap Change Profile Photo.
  3. Select where you'd like to import your picture from.
  4. Tap Done (iOS), Next (Android) or Save (mobile browser).

How do I appear offline on Hangouts?

Click the “Status” drop-down menu. Select “Invisible.” Your setting immediately appears as “Offline” to your contacts.

How do I view someones Google profile?

Find, view, or follow someone
  1. On your computer, open Google+.
  2. On the left, click People Find people.
  3. Open the profile of the person you want to follow. You can also search for their name, or click their photo next to a comment or post they've made.
  4. Click Follow.

How can I delete my Google profile photo?

Select delete option to delete your profile picture and by default you see avatar set by Google.

  1. Open Gmail.
  2. In the top right, click Settings .
  3. Click Settings.
  4. In the “My Picture” section, click Change picture.
  5. Select or upload a new picture.
  6. Select the portion of the photo you want to show.
  7. Click Apply changes.

How do you change the font on Hangouts?

Click “Settings,” “General,” then “Change Font.” Click a font, style and size from the list, then click “OK.” Click “OK” again to close the Settings window.

Can people see my Google Photos?

Whether the backup feature is turned on or not, the photos can be accessed by you only. That is, by default, anything shown in the Google Photos apps on Android or iOS (iPhone/iPad) is visible to you only. No other person has access to them until you share the photos with them (more on that below).

Who can see my Gmail profile picture?

Visible to everyone means anyone who you email, or who emails you, can see your picture. If you have a public Google profile without a photo and you choose this option, your picture will be used on your Google profile and will be visible to others there.

Can someone hack my phone through Hangouts?

Hackers have infiltrated Android phones throughHangouts‘ app and other video messages. Hangout– the app- has a feature that allows an incoming video message to be automatically saved to the device so that a user doesn't have to even click the video to enjoy it.

Are Google hangout chats private?

Video Hangouts are private or public, depending on your settings. This cross-platform approach means that Google Talk (GChat) and Google+ Messenger are now living inside Hangouts, along with the classic multi-person video chat function. This means you can chat, send photos, or video call someone all within Hangouts.

How safe is Hangout app?

Google Hangouts is not safe,It turns out, anyone can view any images you share via Hangout without any sweat. This is the proof; From your Gmail, Pop our Hangout and Start a Hangout Chat with a friend.

When you block someone on Hangouts what do they see?

When you block someone on gchat, they can no longer see when you are online, and they cannot send you chat messages. You remain on their list but you always appear offline to them. “Showing them in chat” will allow you to see them on your list, but they will always appear offline to you.

How do I know if someone read my message on Hangouts?

In order to know if your message sent on hangouts was read do the following:
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Hangouts app .
  2. At the top, tap Menu .
  3. Tap Status.
  4. To show people which device you're using or when you last used Hangouts, tap Menu Settings your account Share your status.

Is Hangouts a dating app?

From the online dating apps, they began yes, and service, you in hangouts chat helps teams together.

Can Google Hangouts track your location?

Google adds location sharing to Hangouts app. Google's Hangouts app just got smarter. The search giant updated Hangouts on Wednesday with a new feature that allows you to share your location within conversations. It also added stickers, video filters, timestamps and better integration with your phone's contacts.

Can hangouts be traced?

Mobile Tracker Free lets you track incoming and outgoing messages from Hangouts messaging.

How do I go invisible on Hangouts?

Notes: ? Unlike Google Talk, Hangouts does not support “invisible” status. There isn't one. I believe they eliminated it. You can go to and go to “who can hangout with you?”, set everything to “send request” and turn off “send me notification requests”.

Where are hangout photos stored?

If you have transferred images over Hangouts with your family and friends over the last few days after the upgrade, you can simply navigate to the “Photos” section on your Google+ profiles and then to the “Albums” section. Images you've shared over Hangouts will be stored here conversation-wise.

How do I delete Hangouts messages on both sides?

In order to delete a message in hangouts do the following:
  1. Open Hangouts at Google Hangouts or in Gmail.
  2. Select the person from the Hangouts list to open the conversation.
  3. At the top right of the conversation window, click Settings .
  4. Select Delete Hangout.
  5. Click Delete.

How do I save pictures from hangouts?

Click on the picture to open the full view, tap on it once it opens, three dots top right and select ‘save‘.