If you're counting calories (or kilojoules) the best choice is the Zambrero vegetarian “cauliflower power” burrito, which comes in at 624 calories or 2,606 kilojoules. If you're more of a carnivore, then the Zambrero Mexican chicken classic clocks in at 715 calories or 2,986 kilojoules.

Herein, is Zambreros burrito healthy?

Zambrero. There must be a god when the taste and flavours of mexican food can be infused into a healthy eating option. Zambrero offers a healthy, modern mexican paradise with tacos, burritos, nachos and quesadillas with a clean fresh twist.

what is the IQ of Zambrero salsa? “We have an IQ salsa which has black turtle beans and pepita seeds as well as tomato, corn, onion, lime juice and coriander, which is a unique blend,” she said. “That matched with guacamole and black rice creates our IQ range with all the ingredients helping the brain with cognitive function.”

Similarly, you may ask, how many calories are in Zambrero nachos?

Topping the list was ‘healthy Mexican' fast food restaurant Zambrero, with their Pork Nachos and Garlic Sauce containing a whopping 5005kj (1196 calories) per bowl, taking just under two hours of running to burn off.

What Rice does Zambrero use?

Made with your choice of filling, jasmine rice, pinto beans, freshly made salsas, cheese, sour cream and lettuce all wrapped in a fluffy 12 inch flour tortilla.

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Is a burrito healthier than a burger?

burger: Research finds fast-casual meals to be caloric heavy-hitters. A burrito bowl or artisan sandwich might look healthy, but they could be higher in calories than a cheeseburger or some fried chicken, according to a new University of South Carolina study.

What is the healthiest takeaway?

Steamed dishes are the best option, but stir-fries are fine because they're usually lower in fat and include vegetables. Try to avoid: sweet and sour battered pork balls with special or egg-fried rice, prawn toast, spring rolls.

What's the healthiest pizza?

Here are Stewart's top choices:
  1. Caulipower Veggie Pizza. Serving size: 1/2 pie (165 g)
  2. Amy's Margherita Pizza, Thin Crust. Serving size: 1/3 pizza (123 g)
  3. California Pizza Kitchen Five Cheese and Tomato. Serving size: 1/3 pizza.
  4. DiGiorno Thin & Crispy Spinach and Garlic.
  5. Red Baron Thin & Crispy Five Cheese Pizza.

Is a veggie burrito healthy?

A veggie burrito obviously excludes meat or fish, so the fillings have to be based around beans, rice and cheese. The rice is a good source of starchy carbohydrates, and beans are great – low in fat, packed with protein, and high in fibre. All this great stuff fills you up and keeps your digestive system healthy.

Is Subway really healthy?

The bottom line. Subway offers a better variety of healthy meal options than many other fast food restaurants. In general, Subway's meals are low in sugar and a decent source of fiber and protein, however, many are also loaded with fat and sodium.

Is Zambrero Keto friendly?

Zambrero Mexican Restaurant may pride itself on offering nutritious, fast, fresh and delicious healthy meals, however, their approach and method is anything but rushed/quick. Hold out on the rice, pinto beans and corn to make this meal ketofriendly and this scrumptious Mexican burrito bowl is ready to go.

What is the lowest calorie takeaway food?

As with McDonalds, a standard hamburger comes out as one of your lowest calorie choices, or if you're a chicken fan, you could go for the 210 calorie crispy chicken salad. On the side, Burger King now also offers apple fries, which contain just 30 calories and give you a bonus serving of fruit.

How do you wrap a burrito?

How to wrap a burrito
  1. Warm the wraps. Warm tortilla wraps in the oven, microwave or in a dry frying pan so they're easier to roll.
  2. Add fillings to the centre of the wrap.
  3. Add some toppings.
  4. Fold in the two ends over the filling.
  5. Fold in the top and bottom to completely close in the fillings.
  6. Use foil to wrap the burrito tightly.

How many calories should I eat per day?

The average woman needs to eat about 2,000 calories per day to maintain her weight, and 1,500 calories per day to lose one pound of weight per week. Meanwhile, the average man needs 2,500 calories to maintain, and 2,000 to lose one pound of weight per week. However, this depends on numerous factors.

Is Zambrero chicken halal?

Zambrero is not a Halal approved restaurant. Most of our menu items can be made vegetarian or vegan which may be an alternative for you.

Is Zambrero gluten free?

ZAMBRERO POWERS UP GLUTEN FREE OFFERING. ZAMBRERO has developed a new menu offering to cater to the growing market of gluten awareness. The Power Burrito is 100 per cent gluten free and uses ingredients including amaranth, spirulina and black rice.

What is verde sauce Zambrero?

Zambrero. April 11, 2017 · Get your hands on our new take-home spicy Verde sauce! Made with mango, lemon and tangy jalapeno, it'll have you feeling saucy ??. Make your place like our place and pick up your own jar from your nearest Zambrero restaurant!

Is Black Rice Healthy?

While not as common as other types of rice, black rice is the highest in antioxidant activity and contains more protein than brown rice. As such, eating it may offer several health benefits, including boosting eye and heart health, protecting against certain forms of cancer, and aiding weight loss.

Can you order Zambreros online?

Zambrero offers catering suitable for any event or function with in-restaurant collection or delivery (select restaurants). To order, fill out the online order form, save it, and send it to your local restaurant.