2019 Toll Rate and Fee Schedule

The Monthly Transponder Lease Fee is $3.95. The MonthlyVideo Account Fee is $3.95. The Trip Toll charge for light vehiclesis $1.00.

People also ask, how do you pay toll on 407?

To pay by telephone, call our automated attendantat 1-888-407-0407.

Beside above, what is the 407 bill? Anyone that travels on Highway 407 is subject totolls and fees. The person responsible for the bill can beeither be the person who has leased a transponder from 407ETR or, the person that owns the licence plate that was identifiedby our video recognition system.

Likewise, how do I know if I have a 407 bill?

Log in to check your account. Alternatively, call1-888-407-0407 on any day at anytime and follow theautomated prompts.

Do Canadian tolls take US dollars?

Most bridge tolls can be paid in eitherU.S. or Canadian dollars. You can also usecredit cards but keep in mind that you may pay a foreigntransaction fee. For example, if you are using a Canadiancredit card and you are paying the toll to a U.S.company, you will be charged in Americandollars.

Related Question Answers

Is Canada 401 a toll road?

Ontario Highway 412

It is approximately 10 kilometres long and connects theHighway 401 with Highway 407. If you are hiring a carin Canada and plan on driving on toll roads it isalways advisable to check your route in advance and makesure you have the correct method of payment.

Does 407 charge out of province?

Plate based billing: Out-of-Province users,including those from the U.S.A., who choose to use 407 ETRare responsible for all tolls, fees and interest under theHighway 407 Act.

Who actually owns the 407?

407 International Inc. is owned by CintraInfraestructuras Internacional S.L. (43.23%) (a wholly ownedsubsidiary of Ferrovial S.A.), indirectly owned subsidiariesof Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (total 40%) and SNC-Lavalin(16.77%).

Does Ezpass work on 407 ETR?

Highway 407 and E-ZPass use the sametransponder technology, however, it is NOT the same tollcollection system.

Can you use a transponder in another car?

Yes, you may transfer a transponderbetween vehicles as long as they are of the same vehicleclass. There are penalties for using a transponder in adifferent vehicle class (i.e. Car transponder in atractor- trailer.) Please be sure that all vehicles usingthe transponder are listed on your EZ Passaccount.

How do transponders work?

This device is placed on the inside of the car'swindshield behind the rearview mirror. A transponder is abattery-operated, radio frequency identification (RFID) unit thattransmits radio signals. These antennas emit radio frequencies thatcommunicate with the transponder.

Is the 407 free?

Highway 412, another toll road, which connects Highway407 and Highway 401, is also open and free.“There will be a toll-free period on the new Highways407 and 412 until the new year, allowing drivers to travelon these roads free of charge,” according to a newsrelease from the Ministry of Transportation.

Can I share 407 transponder?

Can I use my transponder in more than onevehicle? Using your transponder between vehicles may resultin additional charges; the best way to avoid this is to lease aseparate transponder for each vehicle that you plan to useon our highway. Click here to lease an additionaltransponder online.

What is the benefit of having a 407 transponder?

Highway 407 helps relieve congestion and supportsthe efficient movement of people and goods through the easternGreater Toronto Area and beyond. Communities in the Durham,Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes regions benefit from localjob creation, opportunities for businesses, and reducedcongestion.

Does 407 transponder beep?

When you exit the highway, you will hear fourbeeps to indicate a successful recording of your trip. Ifyour transponder does not beep, that is okay. As longas your plate and transponder belong to the same account andyou mount your transponder 5 to 10 cm from the top of yourwindshield, no action is required.

How do I return a 407 transponder?

If you wish to return your transponder, you may return itby:
  1. Mail via Xpress Post to our head office at 6300 Steeles Ave.W., Woodbridge, ON, L4H1J1.
  2. Drop off at our head office at 6300 Steeles Ave. W.,Woodbridge, ON, L4H1J1.