Mary Kay Inc Salaries in the United States
Popular JobsAverage Salary
Beauty Consultant 60 salaries reported$40,625 / year
Senior Sales Director 9 salaries reported$54,124 / year
Consultant 11 salaries reported$22,559 / year
Sales Consultant 9 salaries reported$55,852 / year

Considering this, can you really make money with Mary Kay?

To make money with Mary Kay, you need to sell product. As a consultant you can purchase Mary Kay products at half the recommended retail price. This means that you can earn up to 50% commission on any sales you make.

how hard is it to sell Mary Kay? You might be able to make a living just selling Mary Kay products, but it's going to be difficult. there are very, very few women in Mary Kay who sell $1,000 per week. There are very, very few who even sell $500 of Mary Kay products each week.

Besides, is selling Mary Kay a good idea?

In order to really earn a full-time income with Mary Kay, you would have to sell at least $1,000 worth of products every week. And this does not happen, despite what the company may claim. There are a select few who can do this, but rarely is it someone who can prove that this was done.

How much Mary Kay do you have to sell to stay active?

Once you become a consultant you will need to place an order of $225 once every 3 months in order to maintain your active status and keep your 50% discount. If you fall inactive all you must do is place an order for $225 again to regain your active status and your discount.

Related Question Answers

Is Mary Kay a pyramid?

Is Mary Kay a “pink pyramid” scheme? (MoneyWatch) Mary Kay products are sold primarily for women, by women. A business in which only a select few earn real money while everyone else pays to play sounds a lot like a pyramid scheme.

Are Mary Kay cars really free?

Those cars aren't free. And you don't earn them by selling tons of products. You earn cars by recruiting others into the company. Once you earn the car, you'll find you're in a two-year lease agreement with Mary Kay Inc.

Is it worth being a Mary Kay consultant?

You have to keep buying inventory and never making your money Don't waste your hard earn money on becoming a consultant for Mary Kay. You have to stay active in order to order more inventory at a discount rate. It's definitely not worth it.

How do I quit Mary Kay?

Call Mary Kay at (800) 272-9333 and follow the prompts to get to the Product Repurchase department. You can cancel your agreement with Mary Kay at any time, and return the products you purchased from Mary Kay within the last 12 months. You do NOT need to be an “active” consultant to send back your inventory.

Can you become a Mary Kay consultant for personal use only?

Mary Kay consultant for personal use only. Otherwise, with the online version of the program, you must have your return open so that you can edit it.

What does a red jacket mean in Mary Kay?

Red Jacket Beauty Consultant

The Red Jacket position is considered middle management in Mary Kay. The top 6% of all Independent Beauty Consultants have earned this position. To earn your red jacket a consultant must have 3 or more active consultants on her team!

How do I start a successful Mary Kay business?

7 Tips to Starting a Successful Mary Kay Business
  1. Know the Restrictions, Plan a Work Around.
  2. Be willing to work evenings, weekends, and lunch hours to seek out potential clients.
  3. It's a Business First, Social Opportunity Second.
  4. Do not borrow to start the business.
  5. Be Bold, Brave, and Daring.
  6. Reach out to unexpected places.
  7. Do not follow pyramid scheme fashion.

How much does it cost to start selling Mary Kay?

Typically it costs $100 to start but that $100 comes back to you in your kit to get started with over $400 worth of starter products. It is $100 for your starter kit, after that any cost can come from your sales you make. $100.00 plus the tax % where ever you live.

Is Mary Kay bad?

Economic bad times, however, have been good for Mary Kay. As Sole-Smoth reports, the company has dramatically increased the size of its sales force over the past decade, in tandem with rising income inequality and unemployment.

How can I sell Mary Kay fast?

You should always be following these basic sales rules when you're selling Mary Kay products
  1. Follow through on every lead you get.
  2. Offer gift services.
  3. Say ‘please' and ‘thank you'
  4. Show up on time.
  5. Do what you say you're going to do.

What are the best Mary Kay products?

Mary Kay Best Selling | Favorite Products | Top 18 – YouTube
  • TimeWise Firming Eye Cream. [01:17]
  • Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream. [02:36]
  • Mint Bliss Energizing Lotion for Feet & Legs. [03:17]
  • Mary Kay Undereye Corrector. [05:26]
  • Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder. [06:06]
  • Lash Love Waterproof Mascara. [07:12]
  • Lash Love Lengthening Mascara. [07:15]
  • Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara. [07:40]

Can I sell Mary Kay online?

The Mary Kay Personal Web Site program is the only way you can advertise your Mary Kay business online. For enrollment procedures or for additional information about the Personal Web Site Program, visit

Is Mary Kay a legitimate business?

No, Mary Kay is a legitimate business selling quality skin care and makeup. Their website promises that having a Mary Kay business can give you freedom, but they also acknowledge that directors have worked hard and made sacrifices to achieve their success.

What does the Mary Kay starter kit include?

The stylish Mary Kay® Starter Kit Bag is packed with: Retail-sized products to demonstrate with friends at parties. Samplers to share with your potential customers. Brochures and training tools with easy-to-learn sales tips.

Can I sell Mary Kay on Amazon?

You can‘t sell Mary Kay on Amazon. You can‘t sell it new. You can‘t sell it “used.” Just take down your listings.

What is the minimum order for Mary Kay?

About the Mary Kay Opportunity:

Yes, in order to be eligible to buy products at wholesale prices, you must first activate with a minimum order of $200 wholesale ($400 retail). You must then continue to purchase $200 wholesale every three months to continue to purchase products at wholesale.

What happens if you become inactive in Mary Kay?

If you become inactive with Mary Kay and want to reactivate your status as an Independent Beauty Consultant, you can do so in one of three ways. If you have been inactive for more than one year, you are considered “terminated” and this is one of two ways to reactivate your status as a consultant.

Do I need a business license to sell Mary Kay?

Re: Do I Need a Federal Tax Id Number to Sell Mary Kay

Yes, you don't need to form a LLC and you can get an EIN even if you are not required to have one. For example, you may have sales tax to collect on the sales of those products. You might need to get a local business license of some sort.

How much of a discount do Mary Kay consultants get?

Once you become a consultant you will need to place an order of $225 once every 3 months in order to maintain your active status and keep your 50% discount.