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Similarly one may ask, how old is Cratchit?

The abused, underpaid clerk of Ebenezer Scrooge (andpossibly Jacob Marley, when he was still alive), Cratchithas come to symbolize poor working conditions, especially longworking hours. He is close to 30 years of age in the book,but can appear differently in different versions.

Similarly, who is Peter Cratchit? Peter Cratchit is the eldest son and thethird-born child of Bob and Emily Cratchit, younger brotherof Belinda and Martha Cratchit and older brother of Matthew,Lucy and Timothy “Tiny Tim” Cratchit.

Then, who is Martha in Christmas carol?

Cratchit family, fictional characters, an impoverishedhardworking and warmhearted family in A Christmas Carol(1843) by Charles Dickens. The family comprises Bob Cratchit, hiswife, and their six children: Martha, Belinda, Peter, twosmaller Cratchits (an unnamed girl and boy), and the lame butever-cheerful Tiny Tim.

What does the Cratchit family represent?

The Cratchit family represent the ‘real life'people to whom Scrooge could be kind and charitable, which forDickens in this novel is a time of giving and generosity more thana Christian religious festival. Bob Cratchit, Scrooge'sclerk, is a poor man with a large family tosupport.

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What was Bob Cratchit salary?

His salary, we are told, is fifteen shillings aweek. The British pound was divided into twenty shillings, and eachshilling was divided into twelve pennies or pence. So, BobCratchit makes 15 shillings or 180 pence each week-about thewage of a metropolitan police officer and well above thetruly needy.

What did the Cratchits eat for Christmas dinner in A Christmas Carol?

Charles Dickens popularised the traditional, EnglishChristmas in 1843 in his novel A Christmas Carol,when Bob Cratchit and his family sit down onChristmas Day to eat a dinner of goose withmashed potatoes and apple sauce accompanied by sage and onionstuffing and followed by Christmas pudding.

How did fan die in A Christmas Carol?

what does Fan die of in the story “A ChristmasCarol“? Fan is Scrooge's little sister who diesafter giving birth to scrooge's nephew, Fred. I'm not sure if it isin the book, but if anyone finds out how she died it wouldbe of great assistance.

What does Bah Humbug mean?

Bah humbug is an exclamation that conveyscurmudgeonly displeasure. The phrase is most famously used byEbenezer Scrooge, the main, curmudgeonly character in CharlesDickens's A Christmas Carol (1843).

What happened to Marley in A Christmas Carol?

Marley plays a central role in convincing Scroogethat he must change his life or face an eternity of suffering. Itis Marley, Scrooge's former partner, is the instrument ofScrooge's redemption. Jacob Marley has died deep in the sinof indifference to the needs of others.

What do Marley's chains represent?

These chains are made of steel and are weigheddown with “cash-boxes, keys, padlocks, ledgers, deeds, and heavypurses.” This chain, then, is symbolic of Marley'sbusiness affairs and his pursuit of wealth when he was alive. LikeScrooge, he focused on enriching himself instead of caring aboutthe plight of others.

Is Fred poor in A Christmas Carol?

Fred is Ebenezer Scrooge's nephew and only livingrelative in A Christmas Carol. Fred is also agentleman of some means, but unlike his miserly uncle, he is akind-hearted, generous, cheerful, and optimistic man who lovesChristmas. Fred believes that the good in Scrooge canbe brought to the surface.

Who is Scrooge's sister?

In Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, Stave 2: “TheFirst of the Three Spirits”, Ebenezer Scrooge is taken tothe past. Scrooge knows who he will probably get to seeagain: his dead sister, Fan, or Fran.

What is the theme of a Christmas carol?

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens containsseveral themes: Change or transformation, forgiveness,compassion, choices, family, guilt, and memories are some. The mostevident of all of these is probably the change Ebenezer Scroogeexperiences because of the spirits he encounters.

What is the conflict in A Christmas Carol?

Although Scrooge doesn't get along with anybody aroundhim, the main conflict he faces is within himself. Thespirit of his old business partner Marley first warns him to changehis ways; then come the different “visitations” of theChristmas spirits of the past, present and future to “finishthe job.”

Where is A Christmas Carol set?

It may be set in London, but it was the smallYorkshire town of Malton that spawned Charles Dickens'sChristmas classic. It is perhaps the most famousChristmas tale of all, the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, hishard-done-by clerk Bob Cratchit and the three ghosts who came tochange their lives forever.

What does Scrooge say to Bob Cratchit?

It is Scrooge that brings it up, saying,”‘You'll want all day to-morrow, I The narrator tells us that, inthe past, when Cratchit has asked Mr. Scrooge foradditional coal to warm the office, “the master predicted that itwould be necessary for them to part.”