Ellen Page was 19 in Juno when sheplayed the character ‘Juno MacGuff'. That was over 12 yearsago in 2007. Today she is 32, and has starred in 40 moviesin total, 24 since Juno was released.

Accordingly, how old was Ellen Page when she played in Juno?

Sixteen-year-old Minnesota high-schoolerJuno MacGuff (Ellen Page), discovers she ispregnant by her friend and longtime admirer, Paulie Bleeker(Michael Cera). She initially considers anabortion.

Beside above, what year did Juno take place? Juno was released 10 years ago, on Dec. 5,2007. The film, written by Diablo Cody (who won an Oscar for herwork) and directed by Jason Reitman, grossed more than $231 millionworldwide as it took a comedic route to tell the tale ofteen pregnancy and adoption.

Moreover, how old is Ellen Page now?

32 years (February 21, 1987)

Is Juno set in Minnesota?

The main character, Juno, lives in the TwinCities and takes trips to visit the adoptive parents of her unbornchild in St. Cloud, MN. Other Minnesota references,but was not filmed in Minnesota. Written by Diablo Cody(Brook Busey), a former resident of Minnesota. Mostly filmedin North and South Carolina.

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Who is Juno's best friend?

Paulie Bleeker

The father of Juno's child, as well as Juno'sbest friend and longtime admirer, Paulie is a sensitive,gentle, genuinely caring, but timid soul.

How does Juno get pregnant?

A tale told over four seasons, starting in autumn whenJuno, a 16-year-old high-school junior in Minnesota,discovers she's pregnant after one event in a chair with herbest friend, Bleeker. When precocious teen Juno MacGuffbecomes pregnant, she chooses a failed rock star and hiswife to adopt her unborn child.

What is the message of Juno?

Juno” also shares with“Knocked Up” an underlying theme, a message thatis not anti-abortion but rather pro-adulthood. It follows itsheroine — and by the end she has earned that title — ona twisty path toward responsibility and greaterself-understanding.

Can Ellen Page play the violin?

Ellen Page muses on playing violin forNetflix's ‘Umbrella Academy': ‘It was so hard' Even though sheplays a character known for not having any powers, EllenPage put in a superhuman effort to develop at least onecapability for Netflix's new series, “The Umbrella Academy”:playing the violin.

Is Juno email still around?

Juno and its former competitor NetZero are nowboth subsidiaries of the public company United Online. Junohas gone through a few evolutions since 1996 and now providesdial-up and DSL internet service in over 8,000 cities in the U.S.and Canada.

What is the Juno effect?

Her pregnant belly is clearly visible. Many critics andpsychologists claim the Juno Effect to be a leading cause inteen pregnancy. Juno is simply a film intended to delve into the mind of a teenager and understand why they make thedecisions they do. Drexler, Peggy. “The Juno Effect— Media, Teens and Pregnancy.”

Does Juno give the baby away?

Juno becomes upset because she doesn't what herunborn baby to be brought up in an unstable household.Juno leaves and after time alone, she comes back to Mark andVanessa's house and leaves a note on the doorstep.

Why is Ellen Page famous?

Ellen Grace Philpotts-Page (born February21, 1987) is a Canadian actress and producer. Her career began withroles in television shows such as Pit Pony, Trailer Park Boys andReGenesis. She starred in the 2005 drama Hard Candy, for which shewon the Austin Film Critics Association's Award for BestActress.

What does Ellen Page do?

Voice Actor
Film producer

What is Ellen Page net worth?

Page's net worth. According to Celebrity NetWorth, Page's net worth is approximately $14 million.Given the length and prominence of her career, as well as herrising status, this is bound to increase in the comingyears.

Who are Ellen Page's parents?

Martha Phillpotts


Dennis Page


Is an American crime true?

An American Crime is a 2007 American crimedrama film starring Ellen Page and Catherine Keener. The film isbased on the true story of the torture and murder of SylviaLikens by Indianapolis single mother GertrudeBaniszewski.

How much does Ellen Page weigh?

Body measurements
Height154.9 cm (5 ft 1 in)
Weight47 kg (104 lb)
Bra size30A
Chest size79 cm (31 in)

When did Ellen Page get married?

January 3, 2018 (Emma Portner)

Who played Treena on Trailer Park Boys?

Ellen Page
Trailer Park Boys

How old was Ellen Page in Hard Candy?

Although Hayley is supposed to be 14, in realityEllen Page was 17 throughout filming.

Who plays the baby in Tallulah?

Ellen Page stars as the free-spirited Tallulahand Allison Janney plays Margo, the mother ofTallulah‘s boyfriend. The film follows its titular characterin a haphazard effort to rescue a neglected baby andconvince Margo that it's her granddaughter.

Is Juno a word?

noun, plural Ju. nos for 3. the ancient Roman queen ofheaven, a daughter of Saturn and the wife and sister of Jupiter:the protector of women and marriage.Compare Hera.Astronomy.

What does Juno name her baby?

Baby Loring (née MacGuff) is thebiological daughter of Juno MacGuff and PaulieBleeker, but the adopted daughter of Vanessa Loring and MarkLoring. Her first name is unknown.