The shoulders of the vest should always lie flatagainst your body and below any collar points. If you're wearingthe vest with a suit coat, the V-shape of the vestshould be narrower enough that the suit lapels don'thide it entirely.

Also, should a suit vest be tight?

A properly fitted waistcoat should be snug in thebody but not so tight that the buttons pull. Itshould also be long enough to hit about an inch below thetrouser waistband, showing no dress shirt between the two garments.In fact, we liken a three-piece suit to the most elegantsuit of armor that you'll ever wear.

Secondly, should I wear a vest with my suit? Your vest should usually match your suit,and should always be worn with a necktie. An open collar istoo informal for a full three-piece suit. The rules ofwearing a vest well still apply — be sure it's longenough to cover your waist in the front!

Just so, how should a puffer vest fit?

Choose a vest with lighter fill and a slim cut togo underneath a sports jacket. When worn on the inside, thepuffer vest should ideally not hang down lower than thejacket. A more substantial vest can be worn over a sportscoat, unfastened.

Where should a suit vest fall?

The V of the neckline should be narrow so it'snot hidden by the lapels of your suit jacket. The lowerfront hem needs to be long enough to cover the trouser waistband.The sides and back of the vest will be shorter than thefront, but make sure your shirt does not puff out from beneath thehem.

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Do you button your jacket when wearing a vest?

No matter if you wear a three-piece suitwith a matching vest or an odd vest, on thesingle-breasted vest, the bottom button isusually undone. On the other hand, if you have adouble-breasted vest, the rules are simple.You simply have all buttons buttoned at alltimes.

Do you wear a belt with a 3 piece suit?

Your waistcoat should always cover your trouserbelt line, but never go too far below it. Don't pair athree piece suit with a belt.

What is the difference between a waistcoat and a vest?

The most important difference between the two isthat a vest is an informal garment that can be worn withoutanything underneath it. On the other hand, a waistcoat is aformal garment that is usually worn over a shirt and anecktie.

How tight should a suit jacket fit?

The lapels shouldn't be hanging too loosely over yourbody, nor should the suit jacket be flaring up (tootight). As a general rule of thumb, your flat handsshould be able to slip into your suit under yourlapels, with your top button or middle buttonfastened.

Should your vest match your pants?

Length of the Vest

As a rule of thumb, the vest should always coverthe waistband. So depending on your height, yourtorso length and the rise of your trousers your vest has tobe different. Also, bear in mind, that many men leave the bottombutton of their waistcoat undone.

Should a suit jacket cover your bum?

Jacket Length

A good suit or sports jacket should fallpast the waist and drape over the top of the curve formed by thebuttocks. If the hem of the jacket is sitting on top of thebutt, with a small little flare in the back, it's too short.If it falls past the bottom entirely, longer than the arms, it'stoo long.

How do you know if a suit jacket is too big?

The Arms. Another way to tell if your suitjacket is too big is by checking the arm length. Once again,stand up straight and allow your arms to dangle by your sides.Ideally, you should see about half an inch of linen fromyour shirt exposed, separating your hands and the jacketsleeve.

How do you measure a man for a suit?

How to Measure Yourself for a Men's Suit
  1. Measure Chest Size. Chest size is determined by measuringaround the widest part of your torso, which is just under your armsand across the chest.
  2. Determine Your Height in Feet and Inches.
  3. Measure Your Waist for Your Pant Size.
  4. Find Your Inseam Measurement.
  5. Measure Your Seat.
  6. Measure Sleeve Length.
  7. What's Next.

Should jackets be a size larger?

“We often encourage guys to size up when itcomes to outerwear. If your coat is snug with a blazer or a sweaterunderneath, you should go for a bigger size. If thesleeves are too long, you can always get them tailored. It's worththe effort.”

Are you supposed to unbutton your suit when you sit?

The traditional way to button a two-buttonjacket is to fasten the top button and leave thelower undone. The top button on these jackets should ALWAYSbe buttoned when standing. Unbutton the jacket only whensitting down to avoid creases. Fasten it again as soon asyou stand up from your seat.

Can suit sleeves be shortened?


The correct length is one that allows 1/2″ to3/4″ of your shirt cuff to show. Keep in mind that there is alimit to the amount a sleeve can be lengthened – thisis a case-by-case call based on the amount of fabric under the cuffor at the top of the sleeve.

Can you tailor a suit down one size?

The rule of thumb is that you can go downtwo sizes at a maximum, but a suit jacket or blazeronly one size too large is a safer option.

Can you wear a vest with short sleeves?

The long vest is a bit more forgiving, but hereare some general rules for both. As a general rule (and we'll showyou how to break it in just a sec), stick to sleeveless topsbeneath your vest or long sleeves. As explained withthe Girl Scouts, it just looks better to avoid the shortsleeve nine times out of 10.

How should a leather vest fit?

To get the best fit, you should take yourmeasurements over what you normally wear when you ride. Aleather vest with laced sides allows you to wear heavierclothing by simply loosening the laces. If you prefer a vestwith solid sides be sure to take your measurements over yourheaviest clothing.

Should men wear undershirts?

Undershirts can keep ample chest hair from pokingthrough the surface of the shirt. Without an undershirt,your dress shirts, will inevitably get deodorant stains. Well cutundershirts, are not visible in the collar area even if youwear your top two shirt buttons unbuttoned.

Should your waistcoat be the same size as jacket?

Waistcoats are ordered by chest size only,and will normally be the same chest as the jacket.The only times this ought to differ are: If the wearer's stomachmeasures greater than their chest measurement, then we wouldrecommend selecting 1 size bigger for the waistcoatthan the jacket.

What length should a waistcoat be?

In my opinion, with a modern suit roughly 2-3 inches ofwaistcoat should be visible above the button stance of aclosed jacket.

How do you button a vest?

We're not big on rules, but we stand by the “neverbutton the last button” rule. Vest or novest, buttoning the bottom button will make you looklike a rube, plain and simple. If you do have a vest on, thebottom button on the vest ought to remain unbuttonedas well.

Can you tailor a vest?

Waistcoat/Suit Vest Alterations

It is entirely likely that a waistcoat cannot be letout at all. However, it can be taken in. Though even thatcan be a bit tricky as the tailor must compensate forhow the arm holes will lay once the alteration is finished.If it's doable, it's worth the money.