Note that RevWood Plus is waterproof, but regular RevWood is not. Resistance to stains, scratches & dents is built in to RevWood thanks to a durable wear layer and construction.

In respect to this, is Mohawk RevWood select waterproof?

Mohawk RevWood Select laminate flooring comes equipped with an enhanced core and hydro seal, making these floors not only beautiful but waterproof.

Also Know, what is RevWood made of? Made of particle board or, more typically, high-density fiberboard, the core contains the routed tongue-and-groove edges that allow each plank to connect to its neighbors. The design layer is applied above the core, providing the image of the actual wood grain, ceramic tile, or stone pattern.

Also to know, what is Mohawk RevWood?

Introducing RevWood RevWood is a revolutionary wood flooring built to withstand real life. An exceptional solution for active households, it resists stains, scratches and dents while offering all the beauty of wood floors. RevWood is available in a variety of styles in trending colors to coordinate with any decor.

Is RevWood a laminate?

A revolutionary engineered flooring product that combines the look and feel of authentic wood with the tenacity of laminate. In essence, RevWood is billed as a revolutionary wood flooring (hence the “Rev” in “RevWood”) that's built to withstand the rigors of today's active households.

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Is Mohawk RevWood laminate?

The Benefits of Mohawk RevWood & RevWood Plus

Put simply, it's an eco-friendly product that combines the beauty of real wood with the durability of laminate flooring.

How do you clean a RevWood Mohawk?

Before cleaning, sweep or vacuum the floor. Spray Mohawk Floor Cleaner directly onto the floor or onto the microfiber mop or cloth and wipe surface clean. Rinse mop or cloth as necessary. Safe for use on any no-wax floor and hard surface.

How do you clean RevWood?

Basic Maintenance + Care

For a slightly damp cleaning, apply Mohawk's FloorCare Essentials RevWood Cleaner to a cotton or microfiber mop and wipe down your flooring. We advise to avoid any wet-mop cleaning or using liquid cleaners. Always remember to wipe up any excess water right away with a clean, dry cloth.

What is RevWood select?

RevWood Select Collection is the newest member of the Mohawk's Laminate Line. In addition to this, this kid and pet friendly flooring comes with Mohawk's All Pet Protection Warranty, which covers all pets and all accidents along with scratch protection.

What is uniclic system?

Uniclic flooring video. Unilin invented the Uniclic patented joint locking system. The Uniclic locking system enables you to engage the flooring panels via two methods – angling and snapping.

How is laminate flooring made?

Laminate flooring is manufactured with a layered construction using numerous layers pressed together, creating a wood-look floor. The lamination process uses heat and high pressure to fuse the materials together, resulting in a solid piece of flooring.

What is TecWood?

ABOUT TECWOOD. Take a Shine to Natural Wood. BROWSE TECWOOD. Wood flooring is the traditional hallmark for taste, style, and performance. Our TecWood is prized for its natural beauty and lasting durability, TecWood in the home makes a rich visual statement but keeps cleanup a breeze.

Is Mohawk good flooring?

Since 1878, Mohawk has been a leader in all types of flooring, from carpet to hardwoods. Mohawk offers a variety of styles and colors of eco-friendly wood flooring designed to withstand all of life's ups and downs. It sounds good on paper, but is this the right brand for your home?

Where is Mohawk carpet made?


What type of wood floor is most durable?

With choices ranging from domestic oak, maple, pine, cedar and fir to exotics such as teak and merbau, the options for pattern and color surpass those of most other flooring options. Solid wood flooring can be sanded and repaired over and over again, making it one of the most durable flooring options available.

What is the difference between hardwood and engineered hardwood?

An engineered wood floor is constructed of layers of both hardwood and plywood, where solid hardwood is a solid piece of wood with no layers. Engineered hardwood construction has durable, high-performance qualities. It is constructed with multi-layers of wood; each layer is positioned in a different direction.

Which is better 8mm or 12mm laminate flooring?

8mm is standard thickness, good quality, good price, durable enough, environmentally. 12mm is thicker flooring, same quality as 8mm, good walk-feeling, not so much noisy, high price. If you like the laminate flooring to look and walk similarly with hardwood flooring, you can take 12mm.

Does Home Depot carry Mohawk flooring?

MohawkFlooring – The Home Depot.

Is Mohawk laminate flooring toxic?

Laminate Flooring – Formaldehyde Levels. Plus all Mohawk laminate and engineered hardwood floors are CARB – Phase 2 Certified. It does not stop here, Mohawk products are also Floorscore Certified and NALFA certified!

Why do laminate floors buckle?

Typically, buckling or peaking in a laminate floor is caused when there is an increased tension between the boards in the flooring. This can be caused by temperature and humidity differences, which cause the flooring to expand and press against its edges.

Is Pergo Nalfa certified?

NALFA Certification Seal, only awarded to laminate flooring products that pass in-depth testing and approved standards. Clarion Laminates, Columbia Flooring, Kronotex USA, Mannington Mills, Mohawk, Pergo, Quick-Step, Shaw Industries and Torlys, each offer one or more NALFA Certified laminate flooring products.

Does laminate flooring Flex?

Your laminate floor will flex up and down, adjusting to your uneven sub-floor, and the end effect will be damaged locking system, micro-gaps between boards and poor floor performance. But if your sub-floor has major problems, do not expect that underlayment and 10mm thick laminate will take care of it.

What is the best laminate flooring?

Let's get started.
  • Best Overall: Mohawk & Pergo Laminate.
  • Runner Up: Shaw Laminate.
  • Best Selection: Armstrong Laminate.
  • Best Waterproof Laminate: AquaGuard Laminate.
  • Best Value: Dream Home.
  • Best Cheap Laminate: Tarkett at Menards.
  • Best Laminate You Might Not Know About: Select Surfaces.
  • Worst Quality: TrafficMaster.

How much does Empire laminate flooring cost?

The laminate flooring itself varied between $0.68 and $2.59 per square foot. Again, this number can vary greatly depending on the size of the floor and the quality of materials. The average cost of installing laminate flooring ranges from $1,411 at the low end to $3,395 at the upper end.