Nanberry : Black Brother White. The amazing story of Australia's first surgeon and the boy he adopted. This true story follows the brothers as they make their way in the world – one as a sailor, serving in the Royal Navy, the other a hero of the Battle of Waterloo.

In respect to this, is Nanberry a real person?

Nanberry was a real person, possibly the nephew of Bennelong after whom the famous landmark and an electorate in Sydney are named. Bennelong's life has been Page 6 6 documented, and the story of the discovery of his gravesite has been in the news this year.

Furthermore, when was Nanberry published? 2011

Similarly, you may ask, how did Nanberry die?

When Surgeon white found Nanberry at the beach with his family he and his family had got diagnosed with smallpox. Nanberry's family had died from smallpox.

What happened to Bennelong after he returned to Sydney?

After a year, Yemerrawanne died of a chest infection and Bennelong became homesick. It wasn't until September 1795 that he was back in his beloved country after being away for nearly three years. He maintained his ‘European' ways for a while but in time returned to traditional life.

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