Pictures of Hollis Woods is a film that debuted on CBS as a Hallmark Hall of Fame film on December 2, 2007. The film is directed by Tony Bill and is based on the Newbery Honor winning novel of the same name by Patricia Reilly Giff. It stars child actress Jodelle Ferland as the title character along with Sissy Spacek.

Hereof, how does Pictures of Hollis Woods End?

Hollis runs away in the Twelfth Picture because she fears she has ruined the whole family by trying to join them. In chapter thirteen, Hollis finds Steven's sweater on the shed doorknob, and after exchanging Christmas gifts with Josie in chapter fourteen, Hollis realizes that Josie wants to go home.

Beside above, what is the genre of Pictures of Hollis Woods? Children's literature Young adult fiction

Also to know is, what is the problem in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

In the book, Pictures of Hollis Woods, there is one main conflict which is the fact Hollis Woods doesn't yet have a permanent home/family. She runs away from each of the foster homes she is sent to, including one that actually offers a real family that she likes.

What reading level is Pictures of Hollis Woods?

Pictures of Hollis Woods (Newbery Honor Book)

Interest LevelReading LevelWord Count
Grades 4 – 8Grades 2 – 831319

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What is the author's theme in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

The main theme in Pictures of Hollis Woods is unconditional love. Hollis doesn't think that she is worthy of any of her foster parents love. They will love her even if she does something wrong, but Hollis doesn't think that they love her no matter what she does.

Where does the Pictures of Hollis Woods take place?

After a lifetime of running away from foster home after foster home, the 11-year-old artist Hollis finds placement with a family called the Regans who welcome her to their summer cabin in upstate New York at the foot of a small mountain.

Who is the antagonist in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

old he is Izzy's son who became really good friends with Hollis when she was living there. He lives with Izzy at the old mans home. I believe the Antagonist is Hollis's past. It keeps on reminding her of what used to be.

Who is Josie in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

Plot. After Hollis Woods (Ferland), a young girl with a talent for art, ran away from her last foster parents, she is placed in a new foster home with a retired art teacher, Josie Cahill (Spacek).

How did Hollis Woods get her name?

The title takes its name from Hollis‘ talent as an artist. Josie's house includes a large art studio, which seems a bit of overkill for someone who whittles figures out of wood. Despite frequent references to Hollis‘ art, though, her talent is mostly irrelevant to the story.

How many pages are in Pictures of Hollis Woods?