Conflict 1: Suspicion (Internal)

Othello's love for Iago blinded him of the lies and trickery he did. Brabantio's love for Desdemona perceived him as racist toward Othello, because he thought that Desdemona could do better.

Considering this, what happened in Act 1 of Othello?

Act 1 Scene 1 The two men stand outside Brabantio's house and shout to wake him up. From the shadows, they tell him about his daughter's secret marriage to Othello. Iago makes Brabantio angry by describing Othello and Desdemona as ‘making the beast with two backs' and uses other sexual animal imagery.

One may also ask, what is Othello like at the beginning of the play? At the start of the play Othello is presented as a very confident character. He is a high ranking general in the Venetian army. Iago decides to exploit the relationship between Othello and Desdemona. He does this by manipulating Othello into believing that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio.

Also, what is the theme of Act 1 in Othello?

Othello Theme 1: Race The play deals with interracial marriage. Others have a problem with it, but Othello and Desdemona are happily in love. Othello holds an important position of power and influence. He has been accepted into Venetian society based on his bravery as a soldier.

What type of imagery does Iago use when describing Othello Act 1 Scene 1?

Iago uses a lot of animal imagery to describe Othello. In Act 1 Scene 1, he calls him a ‘Barbary horse' and an ‘old black ram', using these images to make Desdemona's father angry and telling him that Othello and Desdemona ‘are making the beast with two backs'.

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Who did Othello marry?

Iago says he hates Othello, who recently passed him over for the position of lieutenant in favor of the inexperienced soldier Michael Cassio. Unseen, Iago and Roderigo cry out to Brabanzio that his daughter Desdemona has been stolen by and married to Othello, the Moor.

What is Iago's plan at the end of Act 1?

Arguably Shakespeare's most heinous villain, the duplicitous Iago plans to avenge himself against Othello for being passed over for promotion. He decides to exploit Cassio in this plan.

Does Desdemona kill herself?

As Othello begins to realize that his plans have gone awry, Desdemona cries out that she has been murdered. She stays alive long enough to recant this statement, telling Emilia that she was not murdered but killed herself. She dies.

What is the setting of Act 1 Othello?

Othello Act I Summary. The setting is Venice, Italy. Act I begins in medius res, or in the middle of the action. We learn that Iago is angry that Othello passed him up for the position of lieutenant choosing Michael Cassio instead.

Why does Desdemona fall in love with Othello?

By his own admission, Desdemona fell in love with Othello's bravery and for surviving many sorrows and tribulations. She pities his past. Othello, in turn, loves the fact that she admires him. From his point of view, he has a loving, obedient wife who admires his ability to endure dangers.

How did Othello kill his wife?

In the fight that ensues, Iago goes undetected and wounds Cassio. He then enters again as himself to accuse and kill Roderigo for the act of wounding Cassio. Iago, reacting to his wife's accusations, stabs and kills her. Iago is arrested and sent to trial after Othello wounds him (he doesn't even die).

Where does Act 1 Scene 2 of Othello take place?

Act 2, Scene 1: A Sea-port in Cyprus. An open place near the quay.

What does Othello represent?

Iago manipulates the handkerchief so that Othello comes to see it as a symbol of Desdemona herself—her faith and chastity. By taking possession of it, he is able to convert it into evidence of her infidelity. But the handkerchief's importance to Iago and Desdemona derives from its importance to Othello himself.

What race was Othello?

The character's origin is traced to the tale “Un Capitano Moro” in Gli Hecatommithi by Giovanni Battista Giraldi Cinthio. There, he is simply referred to as the Moor. Othello is a brave and competent soldier of advanced years and Moorish background in the service of the Venetian Republic.

Does Iago die at the end of Othello?

In a vain attempt to prevent his scheme from being revealed, Iago stabs and kills Emilia, and is then taken prisoner while Othello, lamenting the loss of his wife, kills himself next to her. Notably, Iago is left wounded but alive at the end of the play.

What does Othello say about love?

The quote shows that Othello does love his wife and does not want to think ill of her. However, Othello's faith in Desdemona also opens the door for Iago to give Othello seeming “proof” of Desdemona's infidelity. Because Othello is resistant to believing in Desdemona's guilt, Iago has more fuel to persuade him.

What happened to the Turks in Othello?

Just as Montano says that the Turkish fleet of ships could not survive the storm, a third gentlemen comes to confirm his prediction: as his ship traveled from Venice, Cassio witnessed that the Turks lost most of their fleet in the tempest. Cassio takes Desdemona away to speak with her privately about Othello's arrival.

What does Roderigo want from Iago?

He is a dissolute Venetian lusting after Othello's wife Desdemona. Roderigo has opened his purse to Iago in the mistaken belief that Iago is using his money to pave the way to Desdemona's bed. When the assassination of Michael Cassio runs amiss, Iago fatally wounds Roderigo.

Who accompanied Desdemona to Cyprus?


How is Othello both an insider and outsider in Venice?

Othello is both an outsider and an insider in Venetian society. His race, physical appearance, and remarkable life history set him apart from the other Venetians, and inspire Brabanzio's fears that Othello is some sort of witch doctor.