It's is a french saying “Comme Ci, Comme Ça” . It means so-so, or middling. This is French for “so-so.” In Spanish, we would say “asi asi”.

Just so, what does Comsi comsa mean?

Comme ci, comme ça is a French phrase that literally means like this, like that. In conversation it means so-so, or neither good, nor bad. It is pronounced /kôm ˈsē kômˈsä/ (come see come saw). It should be used with the comma separating the two phrases.

Also Know, what does pas mal mean in French? Usage notes: The French expression pas mal means “not bad” in response to “how are you?”

Herein, do the French say comme ci comme ca?

Commeci comme ça” is a valid English expression inspired from French and having the same meaning. It may be the reason why it is taught to French learners, as it is a “transparent word”. It's not used much in France, but it is understandable to everyone.

How do you use comme in French?

Like the French conjunctions parce que, car and puisque, comme is commonly used to draw conclusions or otherwise relate a cause or explanation with a result or conclusion. For example, Comme je lis le plus vite, j'ai déjà fini means “Since I read the fastest, I've already finished.”

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What is Sava in French?

“Ça va” literally means “it goes.” So when someone asks, “Comment ça va?” they are asking, “How's it going?” and when you reply, “ça va,” you're saying, “It's going along.”

What does Cava mean in French?

Literally translated, ça va means “it goes.” Used in casual conversation, it can be both a question and a reply, but it's an informal expression. You probably wouldn't want to ask your boss or a stranger this question unless the setting was casual.

What's your name in French?

To ask someone their name, a stranger or someone older than you, ask, “Comment vous appelez-vous?”. When asking someone your own age, it's “Comment tu t'appelles?” To answer, say “Je m'appelle” + Your Name.

How do you say it is what it is in French?

While mais c'est comme ça is relatively close to the English “but it is what it is”, note that its word by word translation c'est ce que c'est wouldn't work at all in French. This expression is sometimes used in its “verlan” form (banlieues French, rap lyrics): Mais c'est ça comme.

How are you in French ca va?

A more formal way to say this is Comment allez-vous?. You can respond by using ça va as a statement; Ça va. roughly means I'm fine. The adverb bien is used to say well, and is often said both alone and as Ça va bien.

How do you spell Comsi comsa?

Adjective. Neither good nor bad; so so; tolerable, passable, indifferent. The dessert was pretty good, but the meal was comme ci comme ça.

What language is comme ci comme ca?

“Comme ci, comme ça” (English translation: “Like This, Like That” or “So-So”) is a song composed by Dimitris Korgialas and written by Poseidonas Giannopoulos. It was the Cypriot entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, performed in French by Evridiki.

How are you in France language?

The awkward “how are you

“Comment vas-tu” is the “informal” version of “comment allez-vous” as indicated by the use of “tu”, the informal Frenchyou”. However, it also uses the inversion way of asking questions which is considered formal. The end result is a “how are you” stuck between formal and informal French.

What does the SA mean?

S.A. designates a type of corporation in countries that mostly employ civil law. Depending on language, it means anonymous society, anonymous company, anonymous partnership, or share company, roughly equivalent to public limited company in common law jurisdictions.

How can I learn French language?

These 12 tips will help you memorize new information longer, and learn French more efficiently.
  1. Link to Images and Visual Situations, not English words.
  2. Translate French Into English as Little as Possible.
  3. Self Studying is NOT for Everybody.
  4. Be in Touch with your Own Learning Style.
  5. Always Study French with Audio.

How do you say how old you are in French?

To answer, saying how old you are, you begin with j'ai followed by your age, for example, J'ai 22 ans. In French, the verb avoir is always used when saying how old someone is. To tell a girl's age, you‘d say, for example, Elle a 8 ans.

What does ca va mal mean in English?

CarolynCh. If “ça va bien” can mean “I am well”, then surely “ça va mal” can mean “I am bad”. It is a common way of saying “I am unwell” in some regions of the UK.

Can you start a sentence with Puisque?

Puisque is a subordinating conjunction and can begin a sentence. Puisque gives an obvious explanation or justification, rather than a cause. Tu peux partir puisque tu es malade. You can leave, since you‘re sick.

Can you start a sentence with parce que?

The synopsis is:- + Parce que is a subordinating conjunction and can begin a sentence. Parce que introduces a cause, explanation, or motive – it explains why something is done. + Car is a coordinating conjunction, should not begin a sentence, and is mainly found in formal and written French.