The Life tab allows admins to convey an authenticfeel for the company. Every square below represents a differentTarget Audience Page, so you can create a customized experience foreach audience type, based on their LinkedInprofile.

Also question is, how do you add a Life tab on LinkedIn?

Creating a Targeted Audience Page of the Life tab or WhatWe Do tab

  1. Sign in to your Page admin center.
  2. Click the Career Pages tab at the top of the Page and selectLife from the dropdown that appears.
  3. Click Create new page in the upper right corner of thescreen.

Similarly, how do I see my LinkedIn page? Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedInhomepage. Click View profile. On your profile page,click Edit public profile & URL on the right rail. Under thesection Edit URL in the right rail, locate your public profileURL.

Keeping this in view, how much do LinkedIn jobs cost?

LinkedIn Recruiter cost starts at $8,999per year.

What is a LinkedIn showcase page?

Showcase Pages are extensions of your LinkedInPage, designed to spotlight a brand, business unit orinitiative. Share unique content to a niche audience to creatememorable experiences. Showcase Pages are just a one of manyproducts available to build relationships with LinkedInmembers.

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What can you do with a LinkedIn Company Page?

A Page helps LinkedIn members learn aboutan organization's brand, job opportunities, and alumni while itgives Page admins a way to share information about theirorganization's activities, job opportunities, andculture.

What is LinkedIn life?

LinkedIn's mission is to connect the world'sprofessionals to make them more productive and successful. Ouremployees come to work everyday with one purpose – to empowerand improve the lives of our members.

What is a LinkedIn career page?

By enhancing your LinkedIn Page with CareerPages, you can further empower your company to attract the besttalent through the Life and Jobs tab. The Life tab providestargeted audiences a personalized look into your organization,culture, and jobs through custom modules and uniqueinsights.

Can I post jobs on LinkedIn for free?

Using your company newsfeed to post jobs onLinkedIn

Similar to the Facebook Jobs tab, you canuse your company newsfeed to post a job on LinkedIn forfree. Every time you post a new update it will appear inthe newsfeeds of anyone who has ‘liked' thepage.

How often should you post on LinkedIn?

Post to #LinkedIn once a day between1o–11 a.m. HubSpot's benchmarks recommend posting atleast twice a week on LinkedIn, while your maximumposting frequency should be no more than five postsper week. LocalVox says that once a day should be the mostyou share to LinkedIn. Post at least once aweek to remain active.

How do I recruit for free on LinkedIn?

Here are some low-cost or even free ways to utilizeLinkedIn for your recruitment needs:
  1. Join relevant LinkedIn Groups.
  2. Search for passive candidates.
  3. Gain insights from competitor companies.
  4. Create a stellar LinkedIn company page to enhance your employerbrand.
  5. Utilize your employees' professional network.

How much does LinkedIn talent solutions cost?

LinkedIn Recruiter comes in two versions —Lite, which costs $99.95 per month, and Corporate, whichcosts $825 per month. LinkedIn Recruiter is featurerich and offers more than a typical small business ownerwould need, especially when websites like Indeed allow youto post jobs and view resumes for free.

How much does LinkedIn charge per click?

Setting a Budget

Keep in mind that LinkedIn cost per click (CPC)on average range from $2-$7 per click, and we've seenit go as high as $11 or $12. The price of the click isdetermined by your targeting demands, current inventory, and thedemand for your audience.

What is the difference between LinkedIn recruiter and recruiter Lite?

Recruiter Lite is a Premium subscription thatgives you access to a streamlined version of Recruiter,LinkedIn's most powerful candidate search tool, and istailored to the unique needs of individual recruiters andhiring managers.

How do LinkedIn job postings work?

Click the Work icon in the top right of yourLinkedIn homepage and select Post a job from the menuthat appears. Click Post a job. If you're a Recruitercustomer, you may be routed to a page with different contractoptions you're affiliated with. If so, click Continue next to (YourName)'s LinkedIn Job Posting.

Where can I post jobs for free?

Here are the 10 best free job posting sites for recruitingworkers of all kinds:
  1. Indeed. Indeed is currently the world's largest job searchengine with 250 million job seekers.
  2. Ladders.
  3. SimplyHired.
  4. JobSpider.
  5. PostJobFree.
  6. JobInventory.
  7. FlexJobs.
  8. Hubstaff Talent.

How much does it cost to post on indeed?

The cost of posting a job on Indeedstarts at $0.00. Pricing is between $0.10 and $5.00 per click ifyou boost your post with a pay-per-click campaign. You canpost to Indeed for free, but depending on the jobyou're filling, you may want to use a PPC campaign to get thecandidates you need.

How do I find my LinkedIn username?

Move your cursor over Profile at the top of yourhomepage and select Edit Profile. You'll see a URL link under yourprofile photo like Move yourcursor over the link and click the Settings icon next toit.

What is a unique visitor on LinkedIn?

Visits refers to the number of times a site isvisited, no matter how many visitors make up thosevisits. Unique visitor then says to me – Someone whoaccesses the LinkedIn Home Page at least once in the monthbeing measured.

What is the difference between company page and showcase page?

Put simply Company Pages are designed tohighlight all of your business with multipleproducts, careers and also providing in-depth information aboutyour company. The Showcase Page has been designed tocomplement your Company Page and not to replace it. Bothpages also allow you to share content and sponsorposts.

Are LinkedIn Company Pages free?

Anyone with a company name and companyemail address can create a LinkedIn Company Page withinminutes. The best part is that it's free and easy.LinkedIn has 200 million members.

How many LinkedIn showcase pages can I have?

A Showcase Page allows you to extend yourLinkedIn Page presence by creating a dedicated childpage for those aspects of your business. Interested memberscan then follow your Showcase Page as they follow anyLinkedIn Page.

How do you make a good LinkedIn showcase page?

To create a showcase page, log into yourLinkedIn company page, hover or click on the down-pointingarrow next to Edit and select Create a Showcase Pagefrom the drop-down menu. To create a showcase pagefor a product or service, go to your company page, click theEdit button and then select Create a ShowcasePage.