The Google transit departures widget gives a list of departures from your current location. I have found it particularly useful at or near bus stops; if I stand at a particular stop it tells me the next few buses at that stop with their number, destination and departure time.

Thereof, how do I find my bus route?

See train & bus departures

  1. Open the Google Maps app .
  2. Enter a destination and tap Directions .
  3. At the top of the screen, tap Transit .
  4. Optional: Tap Options to select a preferred mode of transportation and route. Done.
  5. Scroll up and down to see transit options and times. Tap a route for directions.

Likewise, what do symbols on Google maps mean? In Google's online Maps application, colorful graphic symbols represent roads and driving conditions, buildings and businesses, and many other helpful features. Most are fairly intuitive; a yellow circle with a figure of a person with a shovel marks a stretch of road under construction, for example.

One may also ask, how do I show transit on Google Maps?

How to use Google Maps for public transit

  1. Enter the location you want to travel to in the Search here field.
  2. Tap the blue navigation button in the bottom right corner.
  3. Select the train icon to see public transit options.
  4. You'll be able to see options available currently as well as the weather.

How do I add a bus stop to Google Maps?

  1. Open Google Maps for Red Deer.
  2. Click ‘Get Directions' (located top left, under the Google Maps logo).
  3. Choose the transit icon.
  4. Click on the map or enter your starting location such as a business name, landmark or postal code.
  5. Enter your destination.

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Where is the Number 3 bus?

Buses travel from Tower City along Superior Avenue in Cleveland and East Cleveland. Buses turn east on Euclid Avenue. The route ends at the Louis Stokes Station at Windermere in East Cleveland.

What is the bus number?

In project management, the bus number is the number of team members whose loss would endanger a project. For example, if there are two people on a team that are essential to a project's success, the project's bus number is two — if those two team members were hit by a bus, the project would be in trouble.

How do you stop the bus?

  1. Notify the bus driver when you wish to exit the bus. Simply pull the stop request cord that runs along the upper part of the windows, or push a stop request button, sometimes located above the rear door or on a pole.
  2. Use the rear door to exit.
  3. Move all the way into the bus.
  4. Keep aisles and exits clear.

What is the smart bus number?

Please call Customer Service as soon as possible to cancel and re-schedule your trip. To accommodate as many customers as possible, it is important for you to inform SMART when your situation has changed and you can no longer take your scheduled trip. To cancel your trip, call Customer Service at (866) 962-5515.

What time does the bus leave?

Buses leave the terminal as early as 5:55 a.m., Monday through Friday, and later on Saturdays and Sundays.

How late do smart buses run?

The hours of operation for Connector bus are Monday through Friday from approximately 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

How do I find my bus stop number?

Bus stop numbers are either on the top of the bus post (for post-in-the-ground stops) or at the top of the InfoUnit (the larger green and white stops which detail bus routes and times).

Does the smart bus run on Sundays?

Fixed Route Service

SMART operates Sunday schedules on the following holidays: New Year's Day. Memorial Day.

What do the colors mean on Google Maps?

According to the Google Maps site, the colored lines representing traffic conditions on major highways refer to the speed at which one can travel on that road. According to the Google Maps site, the colored lines representing traffic conditions on major highways refer to the speed at which one can travel on that road.

How do I get Google Maps to show traffic on my computer?

Check the traffic.

Tap the menu button (found at the top left corner of the screen for the Android version and bottom right corner for the iOS version) to open Google Map app's menu panel. Select “Traffic” from the menu panel, and you'll see four colored lines appear on the map: green, yellow, orange, and red.

Does Google Maps have a legend?

Google My Maps does not have any functionality to insert a legend. The maps you see with legends must have been created using a different product, like the Google Maps javascript API.

What does the white line mean on Google Maps?

What does the white line indicate or meanGoogle Maps Help. Hi Brandon Floyd, Welcome to the Google Maps community. The grey lines are where Maps does not have enough information to determine what travel method was used – ie where you didn't have a GPS signal and didn't tell Maps what you were doing.

Does Google maps show road closures?

Google Maps Will Now Show You Real-Time Accidents, Construction, And Road Closures. Google Maps will now show accidents, construction, and road closures as they're happening as part of a small but useful update released today.

Does Google Maps show Trafficlights?

Generally, traffic lights will only occur at intersections, so we use geo-spatial queries (through the Google Maps API) to discard images taken when no intersections are likely to be visible.

What does blue line mean in Google Maps?

It is a different view of traffic outside of the traffic layer. It is only showing where there are slowdowns on your route (Orange and Red). Blue is a normal colour assigned to a suggested route in Google Maps.

What are the green lines on Google Maps?

Dark green: Trails that don't have auto traffic. Green: Dedicated lanes are roads that are shared with cars and have a separate bike lane. Dotted green line: Bicycle friendly roads are roads that don't have a bike lane but are recommended for cyclists.

What does Brown mean on Google Maps?

Very light gray = Normal areas (houses, buildings, etc) Green = Parks. Light green = Forests. Light brown = Universities.

What do the different colors on the map represent?

The typical color standard for topographic maps depicts contours in brown, bodies of water in blue, boundaries in black, and grids and roads in red. Topographic maps may use different colors to represent area features. They will also use blue for rivers, lakes, or other bodies of water.

What do GREY dots mean on Google Maps?

Re: What means the grey dotted line in Google Maps? It means if you fly.