On average, Alorica Work-at-Home agents make between minimum wage and $10/hr. Will I be trained before starting? Absolutely.

Consequently, does alorica get paid weekly?

4 answers. Pay is bi weekly and you set up the direct deposit yourself.

Subsequently, question is, how much is alorica worth? Alorica said the acquisition makes it the largest business process outsourcing provider in the U.S., with a net worth of $1.2 billion.

Also asked, what benefits does alorica offer?

provides health, dental, and vision benefits. Alorica, Inc. also offers group life insurance and long-term disability insurance. To help ensure a dependable money source later in life, countless workers participate in employer-sponsored pension plans.

Is alorica a good place to work?

Alorica is a good place to work at if you are looking for growth opportunity in a company. If you do your job well, you can become a manager anytime. Alorica is an amazing place to work, you really feel like part of a family with great incentives.

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Do they drug test at alorica?

3 answers. Yes, they perform a swab test but only for certain employees. Support staff are not drug tested, only base agents and base level management are drug tested.

What is the dress code for alorica?

Appropriate attire generally is business casual; you are expected to dress in a manner that reflects good taste and business professionalism with consideration to position and frequency of client contact. The clothes you wear directly reflects Alorica's image to clients, vendors and visitors.

Do you get drug tested before or after you get hired?

Drug testing may be conducted prior to an offer of employment. If a company tests for drug use, it is most often part of the pre-employment screening process and would be required after the employer has offered the prospective employee a job, pending the results of the drug test.

How long does orientation for a job last?

We've heard about employee orientation programs lasting anywhere from three hours to three weeks. If you're like us, you're probably wondering how some companies make a half-day employee orientation session work while others require new hires to participate in an employee orientation marathon before starting work.

Is alorica felony friendly?

Successful Release has done extensive research to say your odds of getting hired at Alorica with a felony are average. They're not on the Ban the Box list, but sources show they have hired people with misdemeanors and felonies in the past.

How much does alorica work at home pay?

On average, Alorica Work-at-Home agents make between minimum wage and $10/hr.

Do you get paid for orientation for a job?

Because new hire orientation is generally held during normal hours, is mandatory, is related to an individual's employment and can require the performance of some work, such as the completion of new hire paperwork, employers must pay employees for the time spent in a new hire orientation.

What exactly is alorica?

Alorica is a leading provider of Business Process and Customer Satisfaction Outsourcing solutions that span the entire customer lifecycle. But that's just a very technical way of saying what we really do, which is to make lives better… one interaction at a time.

What is alorica at home?

Alorica at Home is a customer care outsourcing firm that employs thousands of home-based agents across the country.

Why do you want to work in alorica?

I choose Alorica Company because my skills and capability is appropriate in our company. Because of the easy account that they have, compensation as well. Because of the friendly environment that they have.

Is alorica a temp agency?

Overview of Contract jobs at Alorica Staffing Agency

Alorica is a leading business process outsourcing provider of customer management solutions spanning the entire customer life cycle. Alorica Ranked among TMCNet's Top 50 Teleservices Agencies – Inbound, Outbound, Interactive, and Global Aggregate Categories.

Is alorica closed on holidays?

Alorica is closed for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.