The Theme of the book, The Thing About Jellyfish is, accepting reality even when bad things happen. This is the theme of the book because throughout the story the main character, Suzy Swanson goes on an adventure to prove that a jellyfish sting killed her friend.

In this way, what is the genre of the book The thing about jellyfish?

Children's literature

Also Know, what happens at the end of the thing about jellyfish? In the end, Suzy comes to grips with the fact she did not make amends with Franny before she drowned, but she still loves her no matter what. Suzy eventually speaks again. With the help of friends and family, she finds solace knowing that Franny's memory will continue to live on through the people who love her most.

Keeping this in view, what is the setting of the book The thing about jellyfish?

In this book, the setting takes place all around the world because Suzy studies Jellyfish (mainly Irukandji Jellyfish). Suzy and Franny went to Eugene Field Memorial Middle School. However, one of the main places Suzy visited was Austrailia.

What grade level is the thing about jellyfish?

Life and death; science and heart; and in-between just trying to get through seventh grade all are on display in THE THING ABOUT JELLYFISH, structured and voiced in a way that feels unique, authentic, and universal all at once.

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How old is Suzy Swanson?

Such is the case with 12-year-old Suzy Swanson, in the New York Times bestseller The Thing About Jellyfish. Upon hearing the news that her best friend, Franny, drowned on vacation, Suzy is desperate to learn the reason why — especially since, as Suzy stresses, Franny was an exceptional swimmer.

How many pages is the thing about jellyfish?


Who are the main characters in the thing about jellyfish?

The main character in the book, ?The Thing About Jellyfish?is Suzy Swanson. Suzy is smart, but doesn't have any friends. She stopped talking after the death of her friend. Suzy has started to investigate the death of her friend, Franny.

Who is the author of the thing about jellyfish?

Ali Benjamin

When was the thing about jellyfish written?

The Thing About Jellyfish is a 2015 children's novel written by Ali Benjamin, her fiction debut.

Is the thing about jellyfish a movie?

Netflix star Millie Bobby Brown will lead the YA adaption The Thing About Jellyfish, with Reese Witherspoon set to co-produce. The film is based on Ali Benjamin's novel of the same name. The novel centers on seventh-grader Suzy Swanson, a girl who believes that her best friend's death was caused by a jellyfish.

How did Franny Jackson die in the thing about jellyfish?

After Franny died of drowning during a beach vacation Suzy grieved not only because she missed her friend but also because their relationship did not end the way it should have. Suzy set about to prove that Franny's death had been the result of a jellyfish sting.

How many chapters are in the book The thing about jellyfish?

The Thing About Jellyfish – FREE PREVIEW EDITION (The First 11 Chapters)