Top 10 Woodstock Performances
  • ‘Going Up the Country' Canned Heat.
  • ‘My Generation' The Who.
  • ‘Suite: Judy Blue Eyes' Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
  • ‘I Want to Take You Higher' Sly & the Family Stone.
  • ‘With a Little Help From My Friends' Joe Cocker.
  • ‘Freedom' Richie Havens.
  • ‘Soul Sacrifice' Santana.
  • ‘The Star-Spangled Banner' Jimi Hendrix.

Simply so, who became famous at Woodstock?

Woodstock is widely regarded as one of the most important events in music history. The festival, which took place in August 1969, drew about half a million people and was headlined by now-legendary acts like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, Joe Cocker, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

Likewise, how many died at Woodstock? two

In this way, what was the last song played at Woodstock 1969?

The Star-Spangled Banner

What did the who play at Woodstock?

Woodstock 1969 Lineup

  • Richie Havens. Minstrel From Gault. High Flyin' Bird.
  • Sweetwater. Motherless Child. Look Out.
  • Bert Sommer. Jennifer. The Road To Travel.
  • Tim Hardin. Misty Roses.
  • Ravi Shankar. Raga Puriya-Dhanashri / Gat In Sawarital.
  • Melanie. Beautiful People.
  • Arlo Guthrie. Coming Into Los Angeles.
  • Joan Baez. Joe Hill.

Related Question Answers

How many babies conceived at Woodstock?

Hippie babies

One of the enduring legends about Woodstock was that several babies were born at the 1969 rock festival. While zillions of people were conceived at Woodstock (although, oddly, none during Sha Na Na's performance), a researcher says he can find no proof that anyone actually gave birth there.

Why was it called Woodstock?

The festival was calledWoodstock“, because the investment group that backed the concert was calledWoodstock Ventures.” It was originally planned for Saugerties, and then the Town of Wallkill, in Orange County (not to be confused with the Hamlet of Wallkill, in Ulster county).

Did Woodstock lose money?

Ultimately about 400,000 people showed up, most of whom did not pay. It took a decade for the Woodstock organizers to turn a profit. All told, Roberts, Rosenman, Lang and Kornfeld spent nearly $3.1 million ($15 million in today's money) on Woodstock—and took in just $1.8 million.

Who turned down Woodstock?

John Paul Jones, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Bonham 0f Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin was asked to play Woodstock, but the band's manager, Peter Grant, turned it down.

Did Aerosmith play Woodstock?

Aerosmith‘s Joey Kramer, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler were all at the original Woodstock festival in 1969.. Aerosmith performed around 3 to 4 a.m., right after an extensive fireworks display from Metallica.

Who was the first performer at Woodstock?

Richie Havens

Who was the last act at Woodstock?

the Jimi Hendrix Experience

How much was a ticket to Woodstock?

Woodstock was designed as a profit-making venture. It became a “free concert” only after the event drew hundreds of thousands more people than the organizers had prepared for. Tickets for the three-day event cost $18 in advance and $24 at the gate (equivalent to about $130 and $170 today).

Who is the highest paid performer at Woodstock?

Jimi Hendrix Highest Paid Act at Woodstock With $18,000: See What The Band, The Who and Janis Joplin Earned. This is a modal window. Beginning of dialog window.

Where was Woodstock held 50 years ago?

Fifty years ago, more than 400,000 people descended on Bethel, New York, headed to a dairy farm owned by Max and Miriam Yasgur, where the Woodstock Music & Art Fair was being held.

When was Woodstock last?


Who sang going home at Woodstock?

Alvin Lee

Who's playing at Woodstock this year?

Jay-Z, The Killers, Chance the Rapper, The Black Keys, Halsey, Robert Plant, Miley Cyrus, Common, Janelle Monae, Sturgill Simpson, Brandi Carlile, and Jack White's The Raconteurs are among the big-name artists scheduled to perform at the official 50th anniversary concert festival on Aug.

Did the Grateful Dead play at Woodstock?

The Grateful Dead Live At Woodstock 1969. There may have been no better place for a psychedelic jam band than Woodstock; ergo there may not have been a band that belonged at Woodstock more than the Grateful Dead. The unrehearsed and continuously improvised sets of The Dead made them unlike any touring band of the time.

Were there zombies at Woodstock?

The Zombies broke up in 1969, just months before the original Woodstock. The group, which was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year, has a U.S. tour alongside Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys beginning at the end of August.

How many acts played at Woodstock?

The Woodstock Music & Art Fair was a music festival held on a 600-acre (2.4 km²; 240 ha, 0.94 mi²) dairy farm in the rural town of Bethel, New York, from August 15 to August 18, 1969. Thirty-two acts performed during the sometimes rainy weekend in front of nearly half a million concertgoers.

Did the doors play Woodstock?

The short answer is No, because they're not on any list of the known performers who played at Woodstock. As for the other members of the group, drummer John Densmore mentioned in his book The DOORS: Unhinged that he watched Santana play at Woodstock from a vantage point near the edge of the stage.

Why was Woodstock so big?

So size was one major reason Woodstock was important. The main reason Woodstock is important, though, is that it has become a cultural touchstone. Half a million young people were there, they lived in peace for three days without any visible form of security, they cooperated to share food, shelter and drugs.

Who is the baby born at Woodstock?

One woman called Julia Dawes explains how she was born on the third day of the festival right on the main stage. Actually, she says, the photo shows her mother right before she was born. It's been almost sixty years since Woodstock, yet she's the only person I've seen claiming she was born there.