While there are no refined sugars in the Whole30 diet, there are plenty of carbs: vegetables, fruit, even nuts have them. For an entire month I happily consumed plants, protein and fat. Breakfast became coconut yogurt layered with blueberries, chia seeds and hemp hearts.
Are carbs bad for cutting? how many carbs should i eat a day to lose weight.

Is Pasta allowed on Whole30?

So we understand the pain when it comes to sticking to the Whole30 diet. Not even whole-wheat pasta is allowed.

Is Rice allowed on Whole30?

(And ideally, no tobacco products of any sort, either.) Do not eat grains. This includes (but is not limited to) wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, rice, millet, bulgur, sorghum, sprouted grains, and all gluten-free pseudo-cereals like quinoa, amaranth, and buckwheat.

Is bread OK on Whole30?

What’s not allowed on Whole30? You’ll avoid grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol, added and artificial sugar, and foods with common additives like carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites. You also can’t use Whole30-approved ingredients to make treats, such as pancakes, bread, muffins, brownies, pizza crust, or ice cream.

What starch can you eat on Whole30?

Make sure you don’t forget about cooking up + eating starchy veggies such as sweet potatoes, winter squashes, plantains, carrots, rutabagas, turnips, + bananas!

Is almond milk allowed on the Whole30?

Whole30 founder Melissa Hartwig called this the first-ever Whole30-approved almond milk in 2016. It’s got only four ingredients: water, organic almonds, organic acacia gum, and sea salt. You’ve seen this in literally every grocery store, and now you know: Yes, you can drink it while doing Whole30.

Is Bacon Whole30 approved?

Can I Eat Bacon on the Whole30? Yes, you sure can! … One, you need to read the labels carefully to make sure it is sugar-free, nitrate-free, and free of the Whole30 banned additives. Two, they strongly suggest that it is made from pastured pigs that are humanely raised.

Can you eat hummus in the Whole30?

Whole30 bans legumes like chickpeas. Still, you can whip up a tasty chickpea-free hummus using avocados, cooked cauliflower, and a few other healthy ingredients.

Is oatmeal OK on Whole30?

Oatmeal, unfortunately, is a no-go when you’re following the Whole30 program. But if you’re missing that classic, hearty breakfast, try this recipe for sweet potat-“oats” from Little Bits Of. All you’ll need is a food processor, a sweet potato, and some banana to add some sweetness.

Are olives allowed on Whole30?

Nut butters Look for no added sugar, like Whole30-friendly Organic Sunbutter. Olives (black, green, etc.) Any variety, canned or fresh – as long as there are no added sulfites. … All vinegar varieties (except for malt) are Whole30 permitted, even rice or wine.

Can you eat corn tortillas on Whole30?

No. Corn (even fresh or cooked corn) is still a grain, and no grains are allowed on Whole30!

Are cashews Whole30?

Nuts and seeds will be your best buds on Whole30. Stock up on almonds, cashews, pecans, pistachios, walnuts—basically anything you want, except for peanuts. Just make sure you’re eating them in moderation.

How do I sweeten coffee on Whole30?

Whole 30 & Paleo coffee tip #3: Add a flavor enhancer Enhance your coffee naturally with the tastes of cinnamon, vanilla or chocolate by adding a crushed cinnamon stick , part of a whole vanilla bean or chocolate in the form of roasted cocoa beans like Choffy to the grounds in the brew basket.

Can I eat grapes on Whole30?

There are some Whole30 foods that are easier to overdo than others—almond or sunflower seed butters, roasted salted nuts, dried fruit (especially dates), frozen fruit (like grapes), dried-fruit-and-nut bars (like Larabars)… we encourage people to include these foods cautiously in their Whole30, as they are as salty/ …

Is Sausage allowed on Whole30?

Yes — all sausage in its natural state without added sugars or preservatives is Whole30-friendly. Whole30 is about eating naturally, and that goes for meat, fish, vegetables, fruit — you name it. By eating close to the source, you limit inflammatory foods and adopt healthier eating habits.

Can you eat applesauce on Whole30?

🤔Can You Eat Unsweetened Applesauce On Whole30? Yes! When you’re doing a Whole30 reset you can use applesauce in homemade condiments like homemade BBQ sauce and homemade ketchup. Homemade unsweetened applesauce is refined sugar free, budget friendly and can be made 3 different ways easily.

Can you eat nuts on the Whole30 Diet?

6. Nuts and seeds. All nuts and seeds are okay, with one exception: peanuts, because they are a legume.

Are Raisins Whole30?

Sun-Maid Raisins: Unsweetened, dried fruit is Whole30 compliant.

Are tortilla chips Whole30?

For that reason, no store-bought chips of any nature on the Whole30. That includes store-bought (or restaurant-made) potato, plantain, tortilla, apple, or kale chips, No pork rinds either, not even with cooking.

Are potato chips Whole30?

White potatoes are now allowed on the Whole30—but you still can’t have French fries or potato chips. Also, any kind of salt is fine-even the iodized stuff that contains dextrose. … Just don’t think that your fast-food fries or deep-fried potato chips count as vegetables on our program (or anywhere else, for that matter).

Are hashbrowns allowed on Whole30?

Hash browns are one of my most favorite foods, and it’s often something I have for breakfast a few times a week. This brand is just potatoes, making it totally Whole30 compliant! Keep them on hand for quick meals, or slow cooker breakfast bakes!

Can I eat pickles on Whole30?

Yes, you sure can! In essence, pickles are simply composed of cucumber and vinegar. Cucumbers are a veggie and vinegar is all good on Whole30 (well – most forms of vinegar are anyway). It’s not too hard to find compliant pickles for Whole30.

Why is peanut butter not Whole30?

No, you cannot eat peanut butter on Whole30 because peanuts are actually a legume instead of a traditional nut, and legumes like peanuts contain lectins, which are a protein our bodies can’t digest and can negatively affect your digestive system.

Are Mcdonald's fries Whole30 approved?

It doesn’t make logical sense to leave them out while other carb-dense foods like taro, yuca, or sweet potato are allowed. … Potatoes of all varieties are in, but fries and chips are not. (This should not be a surprise. Fries and chips are about as Whole30 as Paleo Pop-Tarts.)

Can you eat pepperoni on Whole30?

Uncured Pepperoni. If you have a hard time finding Whole30 compatible pepperoni, use Whole30 Approved Chomps pepperoni sticks sliced or diced (and use code COOKATHOME to get my affiliate discount!). Marinara Sauce. Be sure it doesn’t have any added sugar!

Is cinnamon Whole30?

Cinnamon is actually a very versatile spice, especially for the Whole30 program. It can be used to add flavor to stews, sauces, and more. Cinnamon also serves as a great flavor enhancer for making a good cup of Whole30 coffee. It’s totally Whole30 compliant, so don’t be afraid to use it in your cooking!

Can you eat taco shells on Whole30?

Although there are Paleo-friendly taco shells on the market (Siete makes my favorite ones), they’re considered SWYPO on the Whole30 and you can’t eat them until your dietary reset is over.

Is honey Whole30?

Sugar, real or artificial, is off-limits. That includes honey, maple syrup and all unrefined sweeteners, too. Dessert, even if it’s made with compliant ingredients, is not allowed. The point of Whole30 is to get back to eating whole.

Are peas Whole30?

We’re adding an exception for peas, which means that sugar snap peas, snow peas, green peas, yellow peas, and split peas are allowed during your Whole30.

Are Blue Diamond Almonds Whole30 compliant?

Good news! All of the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk sizes are now approved! They removed carrageenan from the shelf-stable size! #progress The Unsweetened Vanilla varieties are also Whole30 Compliant.

Are pine nuts allowed on Whole30?

Pumpkin seeds, pistachios, cashews, almonds, walnuts, sliced almonds, pine nuts, pecans, chia seeds, and more. … Many of the raw nuts will just contain nuts, and the roasted ones will contain salt and sometimes an oil (make sure it’s a Whole30 compliant one!)

Can you have vodka on Whole30?

The first: absolutely no alcohol all 30 days. This includes cooking with wine. Whole30 is meant to be a kind of radical body cleanse, and for that reason the inventors also ask people to refrain from smoking during the 30 days of the fast.

What Starbucks drinks are Whole30 approved?

  • Iced Coffee – ORDERED “UNSWEETENED” …
  • Cold Brew Coffee. …
  • Iced Black Tea – ORDERED “UNSWEETENED” …
  • Iced Green Tea – ORDERED “UNSWEETENED” …
  • Iced Passion Tango Tea – ORDERED “UNSWEETENED” …
  • Coffee (Includes Blonde Roast, Dark Roast, Clover Brewed Coffee and Pike Place Roast)
Can I eat as much as I want on Whole30?

There’s no counting macros, calories, or anything else on Whole30, and while you’re encouraged to eat until you’re full, there are no restrictions on how much you can eat. You’re also not allowed to weigh yourself or take measurements during the experience to keep the focus on how you feel rather than a size or number.

Are blueberries Whole30 approved?

Fruits Whole30-approved favorites include: Apricots. Blackberries. Blueberries.

What chips can I eat on Whole30?

No Store-Bought Chips You can now buy “nacho” flavored kale chips, cassava flour tortilla chips, and “roasted” plantain chips containing technically compatible Whole30 ingredients.

Can you have prunes on Whole30?

Yes, Dried fruit is allowed during the Whole30 but just as with regular fruit, in moderation. The Whole30 rules around fruit, dried and fresh aren’t really about the sugar content or the carbs—it’s more about how you’re incorporating them into your Whole30 and why.