Getting tickets to Liverpool FC matches has always been a contentious issue and season tickets are no exception. There are currently 26,000 season ticket holders at Anfield but it is clear that some of these tickets are not used by the supporters who purchased them.

Besides, how much does Liverpool season ticket cost?

Season ticket prices for 2015/16

Manchester City£1,750£299
Manchester United£950£532
Newcastle United£710£383

One may also ask, can you transfer a Liverpool season ticket? We are unable to transfer the ownership of your Season Ticket as the Club has an extensive season ticket waiting list. Allowing supporters to transfer their Season Ticket is effectively queue jumping, is not transparent and damages the integrity of the waiting list that we have worked hard to clean up.

Secondly, can you buy Liverpool tickets without being a member?

Become a Liverpool FC member Liverpool encourages fans to join its membership scheme to be in with a chance of getting tickets to home matches. A ‘light membership‘ is available from £26.99 and gives access to tickets without the welcome pack. Tickets for members go on sale twice a season in July and November.

How many season ticket holders do Liverpool have?

The Reds are understood to have 26,000 season ticket holders, but only 17,000 of those will be able to secure a ticket for the Madrid showpiece through official channels. This means 9,000 season ticket holders won't be able to secure a seat, and will be forced to go through resale sites to buy a ticket.

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How much are season tickets?

Season Tickets are Available in All Ticket Levels
Level1 Year

Why are Liverpool tickets so expensive?

Reports from many Liverpool fans is that ticket prices are extremely expensive, unlike any other season. The main reasons being that with Liverpool being one of the major teams in world football and having not won a league title in 30 years this means the fans are craving for success unlike no other.

How does Season Ticket work?

In sports, such as association football or American football, a season ticket grants the holder access to all regular-season home games for one season without additional charges. The ticket usually offers a discounted price over purchasing a ticket for each of the home games for a season individually.

How do you get a season ticket?

You can buy a season ticket at any staffed ticket office. If you are buying a season ticket for the first time, you may need to have a Photocard created. You may also be able to buy your tickets over the telephone or internet from the appropriate Train Company.

How many season tickets have Southampton sold?

It is believed that the club have sold almost 20,000 season tickets so far this summer with around two months of sales still left to go and their lowest priced offering at £399 still available.

How can I get Liverpool match tickets?

Tickets for Liverpool matches can be purchased across a number of sales channels, subject to the specific selling details advertised for each individual match.
  • Selling details for all Premier League games and cup competitions will be advertised on our website.
  • Season ticket holders.
  • Non-season ticket holder or member.

How many season tickets have Everton sold?

For the 2009–10 season, Everton sold over 24,000 season tickets. For the 2016–17 season, this had been upped to 31,000.

Does Lfctv show all Liverpool matches?

Can I watch Live Games on LFCTV GO? Like other club channels, LFCTV GO is not permitted to broadcast live first team games on the website or TV channel as match coverage is restricted by broadcast regulations. This includes Premier League fixtures and all other competitive competitions.

Can you buy Liverpool tickets on StubHub?

StubHub. If you want to buy Anfield tickets at late notice, StubHub are a better option than some other companies, since you can meet the seller in front of the stadium, whereas Ticketgum only offer delivery and have no pick-up locations in Liverpool.

How do I buy Premier League tickets?

You can purchase tickets safely from official Club websites or the ticket office, in person or over the phone. Clubs will also provide details of any authorised ticket partners on their official website. You can visit the Club websites via our Club Profile pages (or click on the Club crests at the top of this page).

How long does Liverpool membership last?

When will my LFC Official Membership 19/20 expire? Membership is a seasonal product and will expire on 31st May 2020 regardless of when purchased throughout the season.

Why are football tickets so expensive?

As long as there are more people willing to purchase the tickets that the actual tickets being sold, the buyers will be forced to treat them as a high commodity. Thus, the NFL tickets are so expensive due to the popularity of the sport.

Is Livefootballtickets reliable? is a secondary source for tickets to football games, and has found a great deal of success in their brand. Although when possible it is always recommended that you buy straight from the club that you would like to see, secondary ticket selling sites have become very reliable over the years.

Is fan pass genuine?

The answer to whether Fanpass is reliable is pretty easy: yes. Happy customers that give great feedback online and a good track record of getting tickets in the hands of fans makes this site one to use.

What is hospitality ticket?

Hospitality packages give you access to watch the game live from a stadium seat, as well as a range of other benefits and services including food and beverages, a dedicated entrance for hospitality guests, hostesses, parking and a commemorative gift – ensuring a truly superb experience.

Is StubHub safe?

StubHub is a safe marketplace to buy and sell tickets (much safer than many resale sites on the web). There are so many events with delivery delays on tickets nowadays that getting tickets 24 hours before the event is not unusual at all.

What is a Liverpool fan card?

Liverpool stopped issuing Fan Cards from June 2008. They introduced a membercard system. If you are an existing Fan card holder your card will remain active. You will still be able to apply for tickets and have your attendance recorded however increasingly Member Cards are given priority over Fan Card holders.

How long do you have to wait for a Liverpool season ticket?

A: MKB said: “The club just need to provide the facility for a holder to suspend a season ticket for, say, up to five years over a lifetime. The seat in question can be added to the members' sale while it's suspended. After five years of suspension, the season ticket has to be given up.

Can someone else use my football season ticket?

Season Tickets are transferable, hence the reason that the club were asking for you to sell them back so they could sell them again for A game matches. You can give your ticket to anyone in the same criteria and you can pay the difference if you want to move from concession to adult fee.