You can place a memory foam mattress on a platform bed without a box spring. The internal slats within the foundation will provide proper support for you and your mattress.
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Can I put a memory foam mattress on a platform bed?

You can place a memory foam mattress on a platform bed without a box spring. The internal slats within the foundation will provide proper support for you and your mattress.

Can memory foam go on platform frame?

The way that memory foam is made — with several layers of different types of foam — it does not require the type of foundation needed for innerspring mattresses. Foam mattresses work equally as well on the floor, a platform bed or a slatted frame as long as the slats sit 3 inches to no more than 8 inches apart.

What is the best bed base for a memory foam mattress?

With a memory foam mattress, it’s best to use a slatted or solid mattress foundation. If you go with a slatted foundation, the slats should be no further than 2.75 inches apart. Any further apart and you’ll need to buy extra slats or a bunkie board to create a more stable surface for your memory foam mattress.

Do you need a special mattress for a platform bed?

Platform Beds Don’t Need a Special Mattress Every mattress should work on a platform bed. Box springs are not necessary like they are with normal bed frames. If the bed height is comfortable for you and the mattress is properly supported, you don’t need a box spring (just check the mattress warranty).

How thick should a mattress be for a platform bed?

Thickness & Support The best mattresses for platform beds should be at least 12 inches thick, but up to 14 inches is even better. The thickness of a mattress often depends on the number of different layers, but for less expensive mattresses, it could simply just be the cut of the material.

Is it OK to put a memory foam mattress on a regular box spring?

While you shouldn’t directly use a memory foam mattress with a box spring, you can still use it to make your bed taller by slipping a bunkie board between your mattress and box spring. … If you choose to shop for a bunkie board, double-check that it’s moisture resistant.

Can you put a memory foam mattress on wood slats?

All you need for your foam mattress is a solid base. Closely laid wooden slats, a metal base, a bunkie board, or even the floor will all do just fine in place of a box spring. … They are ideal for memory foam or latex mattresses because they provide a solid, uniform bottom for the foam cores.

Can I put a memory foam mattress on top of slats?

Can you put a mattress directly on slats? Yes, you can. Before you do, though, make sure the slats are at least 0.5 inches thick and no more than 2.75 inches apart. These measurements will ensure that your base can support a memory foam mattress.

Do you need a boxspring for a platform bed?

A platform bed is a low profile bed frame with a sturdy base (either solid, metal, or slatted) that holds the mattress up. What makes a platform bed unique is that it doesn’t require a box spring. So, once you buy it, it’s ready to use — no need to purchase any extra accessories.

Are platform beds too low?

The Platform Bed Some may consider a platform bed too low because when you’re standing beside it, it will reach to the top of your shin. also, some may think a platform bed too low to climb into and out of. It may not be the best option for those managing injuries or pain.

Can you use plywood under a foam mattress?

For a cost-effective solution, you can use a sheet of plywood as a sturdy foundation for your memory foam mattress. Just make sure your measurements are exact when cutting the plywood to fit your bed frame.

What kind of box spring is best for a memory foam mattress?

A metal or wood slat bed foundation usually works well for a foam mattress since the slats are evenly spaced and provide solid support for the mattress’s weight.

Can any type of mattress go on a platform bed?

Platform beds support all mattress types such as foam, latex, and memory foam mattresses. Though innerspring mattresses may be supported by platform beds, they are better paired with box springs.

What kind of mattress goes with a platform bed?

  • Innerspring. These provide support through a system of steel coils.
  • Foam. These are body-contouring and are typically made with memory foam.
  • Hybrid. These include both foam and coils to provide comfort.
Can you put a traditional mattress on a platform bed?

Due to their very supportive nature, any mattress can be used upon a platform bed surface, even those that normally require a box spring- without the use of a box spring. The platform bed is considered a stand alone support for your mattress and can help save you on both space and money.

Is a 10 inch memory foam mattress good?

High-quality memory foam mattresses 10 to 14-inch thick are good enough to provide body-conforming support. They are durable and can last around 10 to 15 years. Memory foam mattresses thinner than this may not be supportive or durable enough, developing soft spots and sags within three to four years.

How far off the ground is a platform bed?

With a mattress included, platform beds are typically 18 inches off the ground. Because of their aesthetic, modern appeal, these beds have gained popularity, but since they are so low to the ground your storage options are limited.

Is 8 inch memory foam mattress enough?

Is an 8-inch memory foam mattress thick enough? An 8-inch memory foam mattress might be thick enough for a petite, single sleeper who prefers a firmer mattress. However, for plus-sized sleepers, large adults, side sleepers, or couples, an 8-inch mattress may be unable to bear their weight and can be uncomfortable.

What mattress does not need a boxspring?

Both foam and latex mattresses don’t need a box spring base; you can use them with foundation or platform beds.

Can I put my memory foam mattress on the floor?

Most mattresses can be used without a frame. A memory foam mattress on floor, latex mattress on floor, box spring, hybrid, and AirFoam™, can all be used comfortably on the floor. However, hard side waterbeds require a pedestal and frame so unsuitable for direct floor contact.

Can I put a Tempurpedic mattress on a regular box spring?

A Tempurpedic mattress needs a bed frame that is optimized for such design. For instance, a TEMPUR mattress works best with a slatted base, platform top base, and not with an old spring base. … Don’t place a new Tempurpedic mattress on an old box spring or bed base.

Can you use a piece of plywood instead of a box spring?

Note that both plywood and bunkie boards can be used as alternatives to box springs…it really depends on your mattress. You can also use either one on top of a box spring to reduce some of the squeakiness. A fabric covered bunkie board.

How far apart should slats be for foam mattress?

The rule of thumb for latex and memory foam mattresses is that slats should be no more than 8″ apart from each other, with the recommended spacing only 3″.

How much weight can platform beds hold?

How much weight can a platform bed hold? Most platform beds can hold about 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight. Queen and king size mattresses may boast a weight limit of 1000 pounds because each side is expected to hold up to 500.

How do you keep a mattress from sliding on a platform bed?

  1. # 1 Rug Pad Grippers. Rubber pads that keep floor rugs from bunching up under your feet can be just as effective in keeping a mattress from sliding. …
  2. #2 Non-slip Mattress Pads. …
  3. #3 Velcro Tape. …
  4. #4 Vacuum. …
  5. #5 Add Railing. …
  6. #6 Mattress Extenders and Gap Fillers.
Does platform bed make mattress firmer?

Platform Bed Support The solid support of platform beds will make your mattress feel firmer and more supportive, which can be good for older mattresses that might be starting to sag.

What is a good height for a platform bed?

With a comfortable mattress included, platform beds are around 18” off the ground. These beds are popular at the moment because, aesthetically, they give a more modern or contemporary feel to a room but they do limit one’s storage options.

What is the difference between a regular bed and a platform bed?

The difference between a traditional bed and a platform bed, is that you can place a mattress directly on a platform bed without a box spring or foundation. … When using a platform bed your sleep surface will often be lower to the ground than it would be on a traditional bed.

How high should a bed be for an elderly person?

The Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund recommends beds should be 20 to 23 inches high from the floor to the top of the mattress. Before getting out of bed, sit on the edge of the bed with both feet flat on the floor.

How do you support a foam mattress?

Metal or wood slat bed foundations often work well with foam mattresses. Each bed slat is evenly spaced and collectively provides a solid support for the foam mattress’ weight. To that end, your mattress manufacturer should recommend what kind of slatted foundation will work best for your new mattress.

How do you add firmness to a memory foam mattress?

  1. Get a mattress topper. Latex toppers are a great choice. …
  2. Change your foundation. Firm foundation, solid like a bungee board, plywood or the floor. …
  3. Keep your room cooler. Consider a bed cooler or a BedJet if you have the budget. …
  4. Flip your bed over. …
  5. Buy a Firmer Bed.
What can I put under my mattress to make it higher?

The most common options for making your bed higher are bed frames, adjustable bases, foundations such as box springs, or bed risers.

Does memory foam mattress wear out?

The average memory foam mattress lasts about seven years. Caring for a memory foam mattress can stretch out its lifespan to a decade or more.

What can you use instead of a box spring?

  • Under Mattress Slats. In comparison to box springs and mattresses, slats are thinner and lighter. …
  • Putting the Mattress Directly on the Floor. …
  • Milk Crate Bed Case. …
  • Platform Bed. …
  • Adjustable Bed. …
  • Memory Foam Mattress. …
  • Hybrid Mattress. …
  • Wood Slat Foundation.