“If a passenger's card has the minimum value when they tap on they will be able to tap off and the card will go into a negative balance,” the audit states. “Revenue from unregistered Opal cards with negative balances cannot be recovered unless the passenger tops-up the card.”

Similarly, you may ask, what happens if Opal goes negative?

Minimum balance required to travel To successfully tap on to a service, you need enough balance on your Opal card to cover the shortest trip on that mode of transport. If your card goes into a negative balance, you will need to top up to travel again using that card.

One may also ask, how long does an opal transfer take? Transfers made within a standard transfer time of 60 minutes combine trips into a single journey. The 60 minute transfer time applies to all services except the Sydney Ferries Manly ferry service where the standard transfer time is 130 minutes from tap on.

Additionally, can I get money back from my Opal card?

Opal card refunds and transfers There are no part refunds. You can only apply for a refund in the amount of the full refundable balance of your Opal card.

What is the minimum amount on an opal card?

<< Yes, the Adult Opal minimum balance to tap on for trains is $3.38 peak and $2.36 off-peak; for Sydney Ferries $5.74; and for buses and light rail it's $2.10.

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Can you tap Opal with your phone?

On Monday Transport NSW completed its roll-out of contactless payment support for the Opal smart card travelling system. That means that you can now use your phone or credit card to tap on and off Opal enabled trains, buses and ferries as well as the light rail and metro system.

Can I use my phone as Opal card?

Android users

If your mobile device has Near Field Communication, you can scan your Opal card with your phone to see your current Opal balance and recent journey information.

What is the default Opal fare?

If you're riding a bus: The default bus fare is $4.71. If you're riding a ferry: The default fare is $7.51. If you're riding the light rail: You'll cop a default fare of $3.66. If you're riding the train: Your default fare is $8.69.

Do Opal cards expire?

Card Expiration: An Opal Card will expire: a) in the case of a reloadable Opal Card – 9 years; or b) in the case of a Free Opal Card – 5 years, after the date it is initialised (which will be earlier than the date you received or first used the Opal Card) (Planned Expiry).

Can you use someone else's Opal card?

If an Opal Card allowing concessional fares travel has been issued specifically to you, you must not permit any other person to use that Opal Card. You must not use an Opal Card allowing concessional fares travel that has been issued specifically to another person.

How do I know if my Opal is tapped?

An Opal card reader shows your card balance when you tap on or off. You can also check your balance at a top up machine or an Opal retailer, if you‘re a registered user, you can also log in to your account or if unregistered, use your Opal card number.

What time is off peak for Opal?

Opal peak and off-peak metro/train fares
Days of the weekSydney metro/train network peak timesIntercity trains peak times
Days of the weekMonday to FridaySydney metro/train network peak times 7am – 9am 4pm – 6.30pmIntercity trains peak times 6am – 8am 4pm – 6.30pm

Can I put a hole in my Opal card?

I will show you how to make a hole in the MYKI / OPAL card some other time. AFAIK, it is not supported. Basically you need to shine a bright light from behind the card and mark the areas which show the presence of an antenna or a chip and make a hole in the other areas. Office ID card, Myki Card and Parkiteer card.

What happens if I forget to tap off my Opal card?

If you forget to tap off your card you'll be charged a default fare which is the maximum possible fare for your trip. Because Opal doesn't know where you got off, we have to assume you've travelled the furthest route. Without this system, people could travel for free by never tapping off their Opal card.

Why is my Opal card blocked?

FYI: If your Opal card has a status of Blocked, don't just email them to transfer the balance. One of the reasons that they will block an Opal card is due to ‘suspect' top-ups (I've only ever topped up via the website and the Opal terminals at the train station, so I'm not sure what qualifies as suspect).

Can I use my Opal card in Melbourne?

Brisbane – Go Card; used on trains, trams, buses and ferries. Melbourne – myki Card; used on trains, trams and buses. Sydney – Opal Card; used on trains, trams, buses and ferries. Hobart – Greencard; used on buses.

Can you transfer money from Opal card to bank account?

Transfer balance and block card. If your registered Opal card is lost, stolen, damaged or faulty, you can transfer the balance to another Opal card linked to your account. You cannot transfer the balance from an unregistered Opal card.

How do I unregister my Opal card?

How to unlink
  1. Select the ‘Unlink online' button.
  2. Log in.
  3. Select the ‘Unlink Opal Card from your account' option from the left side menu.
  4. Select ‘Unlink' next to the card you wish to remove from your account.
  5. Select the ‘Unlink Card' button.

How do I block my Opal card?

Lost and stolen Opal cards
  1. Log in to your account. You will need your Opal card account username and password.
  2. Select the Opal card you want to block.
  3. Select the ‘Manage' tab.
  4. Select ‘Block this Opal card'.
  5. Follow the prompts to block the Opal card permanently.

How long does it take for money to go on Opal card?

Adult Opal cards

You can also top up via the Opal Travel app. When you top up online or via the Opal Travel app, you can access your new balance in as little as 15 minutes for metro, train, ferry and light rail services. Allow up to 60 minutes for buses. You can top up $10 at a time in the Opal Travel app or online.

Can NSW opal card be used in Queensland?

The travel card is called Opal in New South Wales, myki in Victoria, metrocard in Adelaide, SmartRider in Perth, go card in Queensland, Greencard in Tasmania and MyWay in Canberra.

How do I contact Opal?

If you need help to complete this form, please call Opal Customer Care on 13 67 25 (13 OPAL). *Items marked with an asterisk are mandatory. If you would like a response to your enquiry please provide contact details. You do not have to provide non-mandatory information.

What is the maximum Opal fare?

Daily and Weekly Caps

With an Adult Opal card you can travel as much as you want on metro, train, bus, ferry and light rail services within the Opal network and you never pay more than $16.10 a day, $50 a week, or $2.80 on Sunday. Please note that: The Opal week runs from Monday to Sunday.

How much is Opal on Sunday?

Sunday travel cap

$2.80 a day for Adult. $2.80 a day for Child/Youth. $2.80 a day for Concession. $2.50 a day for Gold Senior/Pensioner.