Shoreline Amphitheatre imposes rules such as theno can, no bottle, and no alcohol policy. Sealed plasticwater bottles are an exception. You can‘t expect a personnot to quench his thirst amidst all the energy that enveloped thetheater. Depending on the event, blankets are allowable on the lawnseats.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what can you bring into shoreline Amphitheatre?

Items ALLOWED to be brought in to venue: Food – in a clear, 1-gallon ziplock bag. Water– up to 1 gallon in size and factory sealed or empty.Reuseable Water Bottle (refillable aluminum & plastic bottlesare permitted)

Likewise, does shoreline Amphitheatre have seats? 22,500

Correspondingly, is food allowed in shoreline Amphitheatre?

Tailgate picnics are not allowed, but you cantake in snack or picnic food (one clear, plastic gallon-sizebag per person) and a gallon of factory-sealed bottled water (oneper person) are allowed, but alcohol and any cans or bottlesare not allowed.

Is parking free at Shoreline Amphitheatre?

Basically, everyone who goes to Shoreline drivesand parks at the venue's massive parking lots. Generalparking is free, but folks can pay to park in theVIP/premier lots which are significantly closer to the theaterentrance (see venue website for details).

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How late do Shoreline concerts go?

While 11pm is generally the end time of mostconcerts at Shoreline, some concerts maycontinue past 11pm. We expect to wait no longer than 30 minutesafter the show.

Does Bart go to Shoreline Amphitheatre?

There is no direct connection from Dublin/PleasantonStation to Shoreline Amphitheatre. However, you cantake the BART to Bay Fair, take the BART to Fremont,take the walk to Fremont BART Station, take the line 120 busto Shoreline & Pear, then take the walk to ShorelineAmphitheatre.

Does shoreline Amphitheatre have WiFi?

This WiFi hotspot is named ShorelineAmphitheatre. It is a free WiFi located in 1Amphitheatre Pkwy (at N Shoreline Blvd), MountainView, United States.

Is Shoreline Amphitheatre outside?

Shoreline Amphitheatre is an outdooramphitheater located in Mountain View, California, in the SanFrancisco Bay Area. The venue has a capacity of 22,500, with 6,500reserved seats and 16,000 general admission on thelawn.

How early should you go to a concert with general admission tickets?

The earlier you arrive to the concert, themore likely you are to find a good spot on the floor. Ifyou want a front-row spot for a large, sold-out event, it isrecommended that you show up to the venue up to 6 hoursearly in order to secure your space. Arrive at least1-2 hours early for any general admissionevent.

Does Google own shoreline?

The company's solution is to use an adjacent parking lotfor Shoreline Amphitheatre, a property owned by thecity and leased to Live Nation.

How far is shoreline Amphitheatre from San Francisco?

31 miles