Used cast iron bathtubs in good condition sellfor anywhere from $300 to over $2,000 on eBay. The resale value ofthe tub will vary based on: Brand: Vintage and antiquecast iron bathtubs can be worth a lot ofmoney.

Similarly one may ask, what is the scrap price for cast iron?

Scrap Metal Prices *See disclaimer for additional costs*

Non-Ferrous Scrap MetalMarket PriceYour Price *
Scrap Old Cast Aluminum$0.34 lb$0.30 lb
Scrap Old Sheet Aluminum$0.34 lb$0.23 lb
Scrap MLCC$0.50 lb$0.43 lb
Scrap Aluminum Wheels (clean)$0.62 lb$0.52 lb

Furthermore, how much is a used clawfoot tub worth? You can buy an antique clawfoot tub for a fewdollars or a few thousand dollars. The factors that usuallydetermine the price are condition, size, and originality.The most commonly manufactured, and therefore, most readilyavailable clawfoot tubs are the standard 5′ roll rimtubs.

Similarly, you may ask, can you scrap cast iron for money?

Homeowners with scrap metal can bringtheir cast iron to a scrap yard and get paid fortheir material with the current Cast Iron ScrapPrices.

Can you cut a cast iron tub?

yes, you can use a saw for this purpose though itis not the only way to demolish the tub (read on). It'scalled a cut-off saw and has a very large diameter fibrouscutting blade to make cutting through the castiron easier.

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How much is a cast iron bathtub worth?

Depending on the weight and condition of your tub, itsresale value may be higher than its scrap value. The scrapprice for cast iron is about $0.09 per pound, andcast iron tubs usually weigh around 300 pounds or more.Selling a bathtub in good condition can bring you anywherefrom about $300 to over $2,000.

How much is cast iron worth a pound?

PER Pound
Cop Aluminum Rads$0.80
Prepared Stainless$0.30
#1 Copper$1.80
Light Copper$1.50

Is Cast Iron worth money?

Cast iron isn't really worth much asscrap, maybe $100 per metric ton, or about two to four cents perpound. The standards are stainless steel and cast iron.Cast iron when properly seasoned is almost as goodnon-stick-wise and much more versatile.

What is cast iron scrap?

Cast Iron Scrap. Cast Iron Scrap is analloy of iron that contains high amounts of carbon. As aresult, Cast Iron scrap is often rusted and worn. It ismainly found in the form of castings and pipings, even though it isused in several other forms.

What is the price of aluminum cans per pound?

With approximately a half-ounce of aluminum percan, or 32 cans per pound, that makes each one worth about1.7 cents. Although there are some people making a livingcollecting cans in the streets, it isn't a goodliving.

What is considered scrap metal?

Scrap metal includes copper, steel, brass,and iron. These metals can actually be recycled and sold forprofit. You come across these metals in your everyday lifeyet they are often tossed into garbage as unwanted and non-usablewaste.

How much do you get for scrapping a car?

Prices of around $150 per ton are common, so youraverage car is usually worth around $300 to a scrapyard. Ifyou‘re being offered scrap prices for a carthat has potential for salvaged parts or even an auction sale,you should negotiate further with the salvage yard, or lookfor additional quotes.

Do radiators have scrap value?

Radiators do have value at the scrapyard, thoughthe price you'll get depends on what type of metal isused in the radiator. Most radiator materials,including brass, aluminum, and copper, have a high enoughvalue that they're worth the time toscrap.

Are clawfoot tubs practical?

This is why clawfoot tubs are often referred toas “soaker tubs” and they are perfect forunwinding. Plus these tubs are durable and have a longlifespan. But they are also heavy (up to 500 pounds); thereforethey are also difficult to move around and may require more floorsupport underneath them.

Are cast iron tubs cold?

Older clawfoot tubs are made of enameledcastiron. One drawback of older clawfoot tubsis that their enamel surface can chip easily. Plus,castiron can be cold in the winter, and thetubs are extremely heavy. However, castirontubs are not always antiques.

Is my tub porcelain or enamel?

Since enamel tubs cover cast iron or steel,they'll be magnetic. So if the magnet doesn't stick, you have aporcelain tub. Porcelain tubs have a higher tolerancefor cleaning agents than enamel or acrylic tubs. Butthat doesn't mean you have to use harsh chemicals onthem.

How do I know if my tub is cast iron?

Touch the tub with your fingertips. If thematerial is cold to the touch and looks like the finish on aceramic coffee cup, then you probably have an iron or steeltub. Fiberglass tubs are warmer to the touch andgenerally have a plastic-looking finish.