A scheduled text message can ensure you never forget a birthday or anniversary greeting when scheduled yearly. Unfortunately, there is no built-in message scheduling feature on your iPhone. But with the Scheduled app on the iPhone, you can write your texts now and send them at a later time and date of your choosing.

Hereof, how do you send a delayed text message on iPhone?

How to schedule SMS or iMessage for later

  1. 1) Download Scheduled from the App Store for free.
  2. 2) Tap on the Create Message button.
  3. 3) Tap on the Select Recipient(s) button and select a contact from your contact list.
  4. 4) Tap on Enter your Message… then type your message.

Secondly, is there a way to send a text at a certain time? Open the Messages app that came pre-installed on your Samsung Android phone. Select a recipient for your text and then compose your message. Tap the Menu in the upper-right corner of the screen. Select “Schedule Message.” Select a date and time to send the message and then tap “Set.”

Keeping this in view, how do I send a delayed text message?

Here's how:

  1. Tap the orange “+” button and then select the contact you wish to text.
  2. In the conversation window, tap the three vertical dots icon in the upper right, then tap “Schedule a message.”
  3. Set the date and time using the calendar interface.
  4. Draft your message. When you're finished, tap “add” to schedule.

Can you send delayed texts on iPhone?

Unfortunately, neither SMS nor most messaging apps – including iMessage – allow you to draft a text in advance and schedule it to be sent out on a later date. But a new iOS application called Scheduled can help. To be clear, the app does not actually schedule texts for automatic sending.

Related Question Answers

Why are my texts delayed?

A text sender and receiver using different networks may have a greater chance of experiencing texting delays than those using the same network, because of communication between networks or the carrier prioritizing their own traffic. Texting during periods of heavy network use impacts text delivery speed.

How do you send an automatic text on iPhone?

Tap “Add” at the bottom of the SMS Scheduler screen to create a new automatic text message. Tap “Schedule” if you're using Auto SMS or, if you're using Tasker, tap “Phone” and then “Send SMS.” You will go to a page where you can enter the message, cell number and the time you would like to send the message.

Can you schedule an iMessage?

Android users have been using text schedulers on their phones for a long time. The iPhone text message scheduler was not in existence until now. While the iPhone boasts of quality design, cloud storage, and security, android devices paved the way to message scheduling.

How do you send a delayed iMessage?

Find and run “Delayed Time iMessage.” Select the Contact you wish to schedule a text for, then write your message. Next, choose what time you want the text to be sent, then confirm to schedule the text. In order for this to work, you'll need to keep the Shortcuts app running in the background.

Can Siri schedule a text message?

Text message scheduling is a long-awaiting feature iOS users wanted to have on their iPhones and iPads. Until now, people had to rely on third-party apps to send a delayed text. However, with Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12, users can schedule text messages on the iPhone without using an app.

Why am I getting messages late on my iPhone?

You can solve these ‘delayed message' problems by changing your phone's settings. Go to Settings and access the FaceTime app. Turn the FaceTime app off, then back on, and tap ‘use Apple ID for FaceTime. ‘ Your phone number will show a solid check, and your iMessage should start working properly.

How long can a text message be delayed?

These include peak times when many people send Text Messages at the same time, or when a cell phone is not within a network coverage area. When there are delays, the mobile providers' Networks will retry sending the Text Messages for up to a week. 1. Single SMS and Auto-replies are usually delivered within 5 seconds.

How can you tell what time a text was sent on Android?

But here's what I discovered: on Android messages, u can press and hold a RECEIVED message, go to the menu at top right, and press View Details to see the exact time it was sent and received. But you CANNOT do that with SENT messages. You can press View Details but it won't give you any timestamp.

How do you send a delayed text on iPhone 6?

Part 1: How to Send a Delayed Text Message on iPhone with Scheduled
  1. Download Scheduled from the App Store on iPhone.
  2. Tap on the “Create Message” button to start scheduling a text message.
  3. Tap on the “Select Recipient(s)” button to select one or more contacts from your Contact list.

How do I schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhone?

Let's take a look at how you can schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhone using Schedule App:
  1. Download and install the Scheduled App. Tap on schedule messages.
  2. Select WhatsApp and person to whom you want to send the message.
  3. Type the message and select time and date. You can send the message to multiple people at once.

Can you jailbreak an iPhone?

Current iOS Version: iOS 9

iOS 9 is jailbroken, with a tool available for Windows and OS X. The jailbreak is compatible with all devices that can run iOS 9 through 9.0. 2, including the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It is not compatible with iOS 9.1 at the moment.

How do I change my shortcut security settings?

How to change security settings
  1. Install any Shortcut from the Gallery in the app.
  2. Run it.
  3. Go to Settings > Shortcuts.
  4. The previously hidden ‘Allow Untrusted Shortcuts' toggle appears for you to enable.

How do you schedule a text message on Galaxy Note 10?

  1. Open your Messaging app.
  2. Then select your desired contact.
  3. Then type a message as you like.
  4. Then tap on “+” plus sign.
  5. You will see the option Schedule Message tap on it.
  6. Now set your time and date and press Done option and send.