You can allow anyone to view you or tohide your profile from every one. If you viewanother member's profile while your profile ishidden, our system still registers that you werethere. So once you are unhidden, your profile willappear in their “Who's Viewed Me” section. But not untilthen.

Accordingly, what does hidden mean on match?

Hidden Profile – Selective Visibility.Match now offers a paid feature called Private Mode thatallows you to selectively hide or make your profile visible tospecific members. If Private Mode is available in your location,you will see the option when you access your Profile Settingsscreen.

Also Know, can you tell if someone blocked you on match? When you block someone from contactingyou, they won't be notified that anything has happened. Theywill still be able to view your profile and try to sendyou Messages, but you can continue your search forsomeone special without receiving any communication theysend.

Keeping this in view, what happens when your profile is hidden on match?

If you send a Message to another member whileyour profile is Hidden, that member will receive yourMessage as normal. They will be able to read your Messages,but they won't be able to view your profile page. Instead,they'll see a notification that your profile isunavailable.

How can I see who I have viewed on match com?

To access your “Who's Viewed Me” page, simplyhover your mouse over your Primary photo thumbnail in thenavigation bar at the top of the page, and then select “Who'sViewed Me” from the drop-down menu.

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Why is someone's profile unavailable on match?

If you click on another member's profile and seea message that the profile is unavailable, it isusually because that member has chosen to take a break to pursue arelationship, or for other reasons has chosen to hide theirprofile.

Can you hide your profile from someone on match?

At least posts in their Help sectionthat in fact you cannot block a member from viewingyour profile: Although you‘re free to adjust yourprofile visibility whenever you‘d like, we don'tcurrently have a feature that allows you toselectively hide or make your profile visible tospecific members.

What is private mode on match com?

Private Mode is a Match feature thatallows you to display your profile only to individuals you havepreviously communicated with. When you're using PrivateMode, you will see the message “He/She Can See You”or “He/She Can't See You” on other members'profiles.

How do I Unmatch someone on match?

in the mobile app, simply tap “” on the match youwish to unmatch in your list, tap“unmatch”, select a motive and confirm. OniPhone you can also swipe a match and select”unmatch“. On the web version, your list of matchesis located at the left-most panel of the Home screen.

What does a green open circle mean on match?

Green Dot or Green Circle – ActivityStatus. The Activity Status is intended to show members howactively a potential match is using the Matchservice. A member's status can be updated when they log into the Match site, or when they open emailnotifications from Match in their personal emailaccount.

Can you read messages on match without subscribing?

No Response to Messages

Some members choose not to respond to all contacts,although Match encourages everyone to reply to allmessages received. Not all members are subscribers. Onlypaying subscribers, or recipients of the Reply for Freefeature, can reply to emails theyreceive.

Can you block someone from seeing your profile on match?

Can someone I've blocked still see myprofile? When you block someone from contactingyou, they won't be notified that anything has happened. Theywill still be able to view your profile and try to sendyou Messages, but you can continue your searchfor someone special without receiving any communication theysend.

Can non paying match members reply?

Nonpaying members cannot respondto any messages or anything else. Call 1-800-MATCH and leaveout the H for Hell no you can‘t find thatout!!!!

Can you send pictures on match?

Send a photo request by visiting theprofile of your match and click/tap Ask for photo.You can also request one directly via yourMatches list. Your match will receive a notificationof your request. Once your match uploads a photo totheir profile, you will receive a notification.

Why do guys hide their profile on POF?

Hiding a profile means that the persondoes not want new people to this site, to see them and thinkthat they are a viable choice to contact. One can hide theirprofile and still talk to friends on here, banter in theforums, and overall still be a member of POF.

Can you permanently delete match profile?

In the profile menu, click the gear icon(Settings) in the top right corner of your screen. In the accountsettings, you‘ll see the Change/Cancel Membership Click it.Next, you‘ll see the Cancel Membership and Removeprofile Click it.

How much is private mode on match?

Private mode only costs $9.99 a month but is onlyavailable to paid members. Match has an assortment of otherfeatures that help keep the site on the top of the online datingspectrum, with new features continually added.

How do I contact match by phone?

While 800-926-2824 is's best toll-freenumber, there are 4 total ways to get in touch with them.The next best way to talk to their customer support team, accordingto other customers, is by calling their800-326-5161 phone number for their Cancellationsdepartment.

What does the heart mean on match?

Wed 04/13/16 05:02 AM. The red hearts is to show you whohas matched with you. Does not mean you have said yesjust basically a guideline.

What does the blue heart mean on match?

If you tap the blue heart, that means youhave swiped right on the user, meaning you “like” them. ASwipe Note allows you to send a message before matching with auser.

What is the pink dot on match mean?

Apparently, it means that they're “nearby” aspart of the Friends Nearby platform Facebook launched. I'm not surehow it works, though, because my dot appears pink tosome of my friends, but their dots are still green tome.