Rights and Responsibilities. If you’re fortunate enough to find that the hedges reside solely on your property, you are within your rights to cut, trim or remove the hedges as you see fit.
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What is the law on cutting Neighbours hedges?

By law you are entitled to cut back the roots and growth of your neighbour’s hedges where they cross into your property, however you are not allowed to cut hedges on their property without permission. Similarly, your neighbour can trim your hedge on their property if it is becoming an issue.

Can my Neighbour cut my hedge without my permission?

You are allowed to cut the branches off your neighbour’s hedge, but only up to the boundary. … But if the hedge is the boundary, the property owners are jointly responsible for it, which means that neither can do anything to it which would reduce it in size or injure it, without the agreement of the other.

Is it criminal damage to cutting Neighbours hedge?

Is it illegal to cut the hedge between me and my neighbour? You are allowed, by law, to prune the roots or branches of a hedge if it’s a nuisance and protruding into your garden. And therefore your neighbour can do the same if it’s your hedge.

Can I cut back my Neighbours hedge?

If a neighbour’s tree or hedge is growing over into your garden, you cannot make them cut it back. However, you do have the right to remove overgrowing branches yourself, but only back to the common boundary. Any cuttings must be offered back to the tree or hedge owner.

How high can my Neighbours hedge be?

hedges are not required to be limited to a height of two metres. permission is not required to grow a hedge over two metres high. action may not be taken when a hedge grows over two metres high. your neighbour may not be ordered to reduce the height of their hedge.

Who owns the hedge between two properties?

Provided there are no Boundary Disputes, and if both parties agree to the hedge, you will usually both be responsible for the maintenance of the hedge on your own sides. You can cut the hedge right back to your neighbour’s boundary, although there are some exceptions to this.

How high can a hedge be legally?

Please note that there is not a blanket rule that all hedges must be no more than two metres in height. The complaint form explains why you consider the hedge is adversely affecting the reasonable enjoyment of your residential property.

Can I remove a hedge on my land?

It is against the law to remove most countryside hedges without first seeking permission. … Protected hedges are also those growing in, or next to, any common land or protected land, such as local nature reserves and SSSIs (Site of Special Scientific Interest).

Can I cut the top of my Neighbour’s hedge?

If a neighbour’s tree or hedge is growing over into your garden, you cannot make them cut it back. However, you do have the right to remove overgrowing branches yourself, but only back to the common boundary. Any cuttings must be offered back to the tree or hedge owner.

Can I throw my Neighbours branches back UK?

Under common law, a person may cut back any branch (or root) from a neighbour’s tree that overhangs or encroaches onto their property. In cutting back any overhanging branches (or encroaching roots) the following must be observed: you must not trespass onto the land on which the trees are growing.

Will my hedge grow back?

All hedges are living things and will grow back if you are careful with your cutting. As long as you have not fundamentally damaged their structure, you can help them recover from being cut back and they should respond well to occasional pruning and trimming.

How high can a boundary hedge be UK?

Generally, a line of two or more evergreens of a height of more than 2 metres above ground level constitutes a hedge. The Council may, if they consider the circumstances justify it, issue a notice requiring the hedge owner to take action to remedy the problem and prevent it reoccurring.

How high can my hedge be UK?

When a hedge grows over 2m (6½ft), the local authority does not automatically take action, unless a justifiable complaint is made. The law can not be used as a preventative measure – the hedge must already be above 2m (approx 6½ft) tall and impairing reasonable enjoyment.

Can you put a fence up against a hedge?

You could put solid fence panels if you want to, but the “downside” of this may well be that the hedge gets less rainwater and less sunshine, and may grow more slowly as a result.

How do I stop being overlooked by my Neighbours?

  1. Garden privacy screens. Garden screening is a simple, quick and attractive way to shield off part of your garden. …
  2. Hanging sail shades. …
  3. Living wall. …
  4. Privacy planting. …
  5. Sound barriers.
What is the 7 year boundary rule?

The Seven Year Rule So for example, if you complain to the local planning authority about your neighbour doing something on their land that you don’t like, if they’ve been doing it for seven years or more you might not have any luck stopping it.

Do you have a right to light in your garden?

It’s a common misconception that a homeowner can acquire a rights of light in their garden, but the law provides no rights of light in respect of land that has not been built on. You may have express rights to light created by your property deeds. … the land which is being adversely affected is a domestic property.

Who owns a hedge?

If a hedge is acting as the boundary, it is a joint responsibility to keep the hedge maintained from either side. However, hedges aren’t always the property of the two residents– at least not in a legal sense.

When should you not cut hedges?

Ideally, hedges should be pruned in late winter, when plants are dormant and haven’t produced buds—particularly if you’re cutting back drastically. “You don’t want them to break bud before you prune because you want the plant’s energy to go toward producing new growth where you want it,” says Roger.

Can dead hedges come back?

Not necessarily. A browning shrub that still has live buds and branches can rebound with your help. But first, here’s how you can tell for sure that your shrub’s alive and kicking: Look for plump, green buds.

When should I cut my hedge?

When to trim hedges New hedges require formative pruning for their first couple of years after planting. Formative pruning is usually carried out in winter or early spring. After this, maintenance trimming is carried out, usually once a year for informal hedges and twice a year for formal hedges.

Who can cut my hedge?

A boundary hedge is usually the joint responsibility of both neighbours. Both must agree on major work, including removal, coppicing or laying. In theory, you need your neighbours’ agreement even before trimming the hedge. If the hedge is just inside your neighbours’ garden, they own it.

Can I remove a hedge in my garden?

You do not need any sort of permission to plant a hedge in your garden. Equally, no law or regulation states that you must obtain planning permission to remove a hedge on your property. However, it is your responsibility to maintain and control the hedge to avoid neighbour disputes.

Can my Neighbour block my view UK?

There is no legal right to a view, but it may be possible to bring a claim against the owner of the neighbouring block if you can establish that you have a type of easement known as a “right to light”, and that the proposed extension would reduce the amount of light coming into your flat below a certain threshold.