According to Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine was extremely shy about his singing voice, and noted that he would hold back during rehearsals. She only heard his actual singing voice when she was eating lunch in the recording studio.
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Did Chris Pine do the singing in Into the Woods?

LOS ANGELES—One of the nice surprises of Rob Marshall’s “Into the Woods” is not that Chris Pine sings, but he sings rather well. Playing Cinderella’s vain Prince, Chris shows he’s got real singing talent, especially in “Agony,” a funny, intentionally over-the-top duet with Billy Magnussen, Rapunzel’s Prince.

Do the actors in Into the Woods actually sing?

The “Into the Woods” cast falls across the spectrum of vocal experience. There are non-singers such as Emily Blunt, who plays the Baker’s Wife, and Depp, who took a critical drubbing (unfairly, I thought) for his performance as Todd and who’s back here as the Wolf.

Does Billy Magnussen really sing in Into the Woods?

No. Not really. Singing is like talking, just with a lot of air in it. That’s what I think it is.

Was Into the Woods sung live?

“Into the Woods” stars Meryl Streep and Christine Baranski, along with creative team members Rob Marshall and Marc Platt, reveal how they mixed live vocal performances on-set with pre-taped soundtrack singing to bring to life the emotional magic of Stephen Sondheim’s score on screen.

Is there an Into the Woods 2?

Into the Woods 2 is an upcoming movie that’s currently in development. The movie is expected to come out December 3rd, 2016.

Why wasnt Bernadette Peters nominated for Into the Woods?

The show was nominated for ten Tony Awards, and won three: Best Score (Stephen Sondheim), Best Book (James Lapine) and Best Actress in a Musical (Joanna Gleason). Peters left the show after almost five months due to a prior commitment to film the movie Slaves of New York.

Did Glenn Close sing in Into the Woods?

Three-Time Tony Winner Glenn Close Lends Her Voice to Into the Woods in Central Park. Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress Glenn Close will provide the voice of The Giant for the Public Theater’s upcoming production of Into the Woods at Shakespeare in the Park.

Does Emily Blunt do her own singing in Mary Poppins?

Emily Blunt revealed which former co-star talked her out of pursuing a singing career on Tuesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. … The actress has never released an album, though has sung in the musical films Into the Woods and Mary Poppins Returns.

Was Idina Menzel in Into the Woods?

Late Night Watch: The Cast of “Into the Woods,” Idina Menzel, Hugh Jackman and Aladdin Stars to Appear on Talk Shows This Week. Plan your week of television. We’ve put together a list of your favorite Broadway stars’ talk-show appearances. *Note that due to the holidays, several broadcasts may be reruns.

Does James Corden sing in Into the Woods?

Yeah, you sing all the time. Rob was very, very clear about that. Some songs are like 50-50 as to whether they’re sung live on the set.

Did they lip sync in Into the Woods?

Yes, I know, intellectually, it was recorded in advance (it becomes a Les Misérables-esque PR event if a production ever goes full-blown “live”), but it can be distracting to essentially watch a bunch of actors lip-sync for 2+ hours.

What is the hardest song to sing in Into the Woods?

“Your Fault” This five person patter song is one of the most difficult in the musical.

Does the baker's wife sleep with the prince?

Sondheim, in an interview with The New Yorker, had been quoted as saying that in the movie, unlike the play, the Prince does not sleep with the Baker’s Wife. He also was quoted as saying that the crowd-pleasing song leading up to their infidelity, “Any Moment,” had been cut.

Is there a prequel to cabin in the woods?

The Cabin in the Woods writer and director Drew Goddard reveals that there will be no follow-up movies to the popular 2012 comedy-horror. The Cabin in the Woods will not be getting a sequel, according to director Drew Goddard.

Does the cabin in the woods have a sequel?

In a 2018 interview with Fandango, director Drew Goddard explained that a sequel would “undercut” the ending, and that he wouldn’t want to make a follow-up just for the sake of it. “We had some crazy ideas but Joss and I both felt strongly that we didn’t want to do it just to do it.

What's the point of cabin in the woods?

The plot follows a group of college students who retreat to a remote forest cabin where they fall victim to backwoods zombies while technicians manipulate events from an underground facility.

Was into the woods a flop?

“Into the Woods” was a successful stage musical first, boasting two Broadway runs, two in London and infinite middle and high school productions since it opened in 1987.

How old do you have to be to watch into the woods?

The film is not recommended for children under 10 with parental guidance recommended for the 10-12 age group.

Who wrote the musical Into the Woods set in a spooky forest?

The musical, whose music and lyrics were written by Stephen Sondheim, incorporated different stories from the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. More than 90 students performed in and worked on the production directed by Professor David Ronis.

What story is the baker from Into the Woods?

A Baker and his Wife wish for a child but suffer under a curse laid upon the Baker’s family by a Witch who found the Baker’s father robbing her garden when his mother was pregnant. The Baker’s father also stole some beans which caused the Witch’s mother to punish her with the curse of ugliness.

What happened to the baker's wife into the woods?

Proving that no bad deed goes unpunished, just after having a romantic encounter with Cinderella’s prince, the Baker’s Wife ends up falling from a cliff, leaving her newborn baby motherless, much like Jack.

What does the giant represent in Into the Woods?

The Wolf, The Witch and The Giant represent the dark shadows (unconscious underpinnings of the mind) that threaten us; Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood are “damsels in distress” personifying the victim role we all play from time to time.

Does Lin-Manuel Miranda sing in Mary Poppins?

Ahead of the release of Mary Poppins Returns, two tracks have already been released from the movie, one of which featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda’s vocals — and in his own cockney accent too. “Trip a Little Light Fantastic” primarily shows off his vocals leaving the mystery of his rap in the sequel yet to be seen.

Are there any original cast in Mary Poppins Returns?

Not only does Mary Poppins Returns include a few sweet cameos from the original cast, including Dick Van Dyke, but there are also a ton of hidden Easter eggs throughout the film. Jane and Michael’s old kite reappears and there are a few subtle nods to the original film’s memorable soundtrack.

Can Meryl Streep sing?

Meryl Streep is brilliant at many, many things, not the least of which is singing. The three-time Oscar winner has frequently shown her impressive vocal chops on and offscreen over the course of her 45-year career, as early as 1978’s “The Deer Hunter” and most recently in Netflix’s “The Prom” (now streaming).

Where was into the woods filmed?

Principal photography took place at London’s Shepperton Studios in September 2013, with additional filming taking place at Dover Castle, Hambleden, Waverley Abbey, and Richmond Park. A forest of ancient pine trees in Windsor Great Park was used for many of the scenes in the woods.

What do the princes sing about in Into the Woods?

Trivia. In the original musical, there is a reprise of Agony, where the Princes sing about having encountered two new women: Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

Where was Agony from Into the Woods filmed?

Windsor Great Park, about an hour west of London, had been chosen for many of the film’s outdoor scenes, partly for ancient stately pine trees that offer a sense of regal grandeur. But Mr. Marshall was struggling to visualize “Agony” in this forest.

Is the waterfall in Into the Woods real?

The only green screen that we used in that is the final shot at the end of the number when we’re pulling back and you see the castle in the distance. The rest of it was all real on that waterfall,” Marshall revealed.

Did Emily Blunt sing in Into the Woods?

Emily Blunt has a stunning singing voice, but her husband John Krasinski apparently had no knowledge of her vocal chops until a few years ago, when she was filming the 2014 movie musical Into the Woods. … When he told the director, Rob Marshall, he’d never heard his wife sing, Marshall was shocked.

What genre is the musical Into the Woods?

Into the Woods as described by Sondheim is a fairy tale quest musical. There is spoken dialogue as well as songs – Sondheim uses these for more in-depth character interpretation and reflection.

How old is Cinderella in Into the Woods?

Cinderella: Female, age 20 to 30. Vocal range top: G5. Vocal range bottom: G3. A young, earnest maiden who is constantly mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters.