Former Elvin Bishop Group drummer Donny Baldwin became drummer for Jefferson Starship two years later when Aynsley Dunbar left. Thomas spent most of the early 1980s as the main vocalist of Jefferson Starship, performing several duets with Slick (who rejoined in 1981) and gaining greater influence in the band.

Similarly, who was the singer for Elvin Bishop?

Mickey Thomas

Beside above, who are the singers in starship? Mickey Thomas

Also asked, who sang Fooled Around and Fell in Love With Elvin Bishop?

Elvin Bishop

Who originally sang Fooled Around and Fell in Love?

Elvin Bishop

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Did Mickey Thomas sing Fooled Around and Fell in Love?

Mickey Thomas was a vocalist in Bishop's band and sang lead on “Fooled Around And Fell In Love.” In our interview with Elvin Bishop, he explained: “My voice is very plain. It's better suited for blues.

What killed Marty Balin?

September 27, 2018

What key is Fooled Around and Fell in Love in?

F Major

Who was the lead singer in Jefferson Starship?

Grace Slick

Who is the female singer on Fooled Around and Fell in Love?

Lilly Martin

Who did Mickey Thomas sing for?


Since 1984

Jefferson Starship

1979 – 1984

Voices of Classic Rock

Is Jefferson Starship and Starship the same band?

In June 1984, Paul Kantner, the last remaining founding member of Jefferson Airplane, left Jefferson Starship. The band briefly performed as “Starship Jefferson” while legal proceedings occurred, before settling on the shortened name “Starship“.

How old is Elvin Bishop?

77 years (October 21, 1942)

Who sang the white rabbit?

Jefferson Airplane

Why did Jefferson Starship change their name to starship?

I think the simpler answer is that they changed name and style to reflect the times. Jefferson Airplane officially broke up after the “Long John Silver” album in 72. Paul Kantner did a solo album “Blows Against The Empire” that used the Jefferson Starship name, but there was no real official band at that point.

Is Grace Slick still alive in 2019?

Grace Slick, seen here being inducted into L.A.'s Rockwalk in 2002, is now devoted to painting. We're happy to inform you that the former Jefferson Airplane singer is alive, well, and a visual artist based in Malibu, California. (She retired from music 20 years ago.)

Was Jefferson Airplane at Woodstock?

At Woodstock 1969, Jefferson Airplane was scheduled to be the headliner for Saturday, but ended up instead playing at 8am on Sunday for a tired, hung over, recovering Woodstock crowd. Jack Casaday and Jorma Kaukonen formed side project Hot Tuna, while Paul Kantner and Grace Slick formed Jefferson Starship.