The fit is true to size and go with everything.

Keeping this in consideration, does Tretorn run big?

Nylite Plus Runs big. Size down 1/2 size.

Subsequently, question is, where are Tretorns made? Dunker's company produces 39,000 pairs of galoshes in 1892. Just two years later, the number rises to 206,000. Almost overnight, everyone from villagers to military personnel is wearing Tretorn galoshes, and the quality of Tretorn footwear is recognized as the best in Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

Correspondingly, are Tretorn sneakers comfortable?

The Tretorn Nylite 2 Plus is a timeless shoe with plenty of comfort. You can take it to dinner or use it to play on the court, and the sneaker will still look good either way. The shoe provides a high level of comfort, much like the original, with the use of an EcoOrtholite sockliner.

Are Tretorns good for tennis?

Tretorn tennis shoes are perfect for a vintage look with plenty of comfort. This brand, established in 1891 in Sweden, had its biggest revival in the 70s among the public fans and players. In the 1980s Tretorn established The Preppy Handbook, as the Tretorn shoes were a huge part of fashion culture.

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How do you pronounce Tretorn?

Tretorn on Twitter: “@caaalebbb In the US, we pronounce it “Tree-torn”. However in Sweden they say it more like “Tre- Torn.”

What is nylite?

The Tretorn Nylite canvas tennis shoe, born in 1964, is regarded as the first luxury sports shoe. This classic tennis shoe epitomizes Swedish minimalism, and continues its winning streak today. Natural canvas upper.

How do you clean Tretorn nylite?


Even if Tretorn rubber boots are built tough, they actually don't like dirt, mud, manure, industrial oils, blood or solvents. To increase the lifespan of your boots, always make sure to regularly wash them in lukewarm soapy (glycerine) water.

Are Tretorns popular?

Although Tretorn was made famous for its preppy flair, if you're not the preppy type, don't fret! However, they are much more than just a preppy tennis staple. Today, the stylish shoes are back and better than ever.

Who owns Tretorn shoes?