Save BIG on Electronics at Menards®!

Whether you want to listen to music, surf the web, or watch TV, Menards® has all of the electronics you need! If you're looking to dress up your living space, consider investing in one of our television mounts. We offer fixed, tilt, and more mounts.

Likewise, does Menards sell?

Most Menards® stores also carry name brand appliances, pet products, lawn and garden supplies and even groceries for a one-stop shopping experience. Not only does Menards® offer quality products at low prices, but we also provide a valuable resource for the entire community.

Likewise, does Menards sell DVD players? Sylvania 7″ Portable DVD Player at Menards® Go to the home page.

Also question is, does Home Depot sell TVs?

The company sells 37-inch and 42-inch LCD TVs–both from Polaroid–that sell for $1,999 and $3,199, respectively. Some sets are sold in the stores, while others are sold strictly via the company's Web site, according to a Home Depot representative.

What company owns Menards?

John Robert Menard Jr. (born January 22, 1940) is an American billionaire entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the founder and owner of Menards, a Midwestern chain of home improvement stores. He is a former INDYCAR racing team owner, and the father of Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series driver Paul Menard.

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How long does Menards pull take?

You can expect to receive your items 1 to 2 weeks after you place your order; however, some items may take longer to arrive. We ask that you please take into account processing and shipping time when you place your order.

Where is the largest Menards store?

Located at 4640 St. Joseph Street, the mega store features two floors, nine departments and a lumber yard. Store manager Laura Sthreindl could not provide an exact square footage, but said it's “the largest Menards mega store.”

What does Menards mean?

Menards is a chain of home improvement centers in the Midwestern United States. It is the third largest home improvement chain in the United States, behind The Home Depot and Lowe's.

What can you buy at Menards?

Shop All Departments
  • • BIG Additional Categories. Apparel.
  • • Appliances. Air Conditioners & Dehumidifiers.
  • • Bath. Bathroom Fans.
  • • Doors, Windows & Millwork. Acrylic & Glass Sheeting.
  • • Electrical. Alternative Energy.
  • • Flooring & Rugs. Area Rugs, Mats & Runners.
  • • Kitchen. Backsplashes & Wall Tiles.
  • • Lighting & Ceiling Fans. Ceiling Fans.

Does Menards own Midwest manufacturing?

Midwest Manufacturing produces building materials sold in Menards home improvement stores. “Menard Inc. is a truly professional company that will continue to expand.” Midwest Manufacturing produces building materials for the Menards chain, which recently opened a store in Lawrence.

Does Menards have office?

Save BIG on Office Supplies at Menards®!

Fortunately, Menards® has all the office supplies for home and business. Menards® has writing supplies in a variety of colors as well as notebooks and paper.

Does Menards have baby stuff?

For the smallest members of your family, we have a great selection of infant and toddler toys. We even have toys that can turn into a lifelong hobby for your children. Start a new collection with our wide variety of collector cars; Menards® has several exclusive models you won't find anywhere else.

Does Home Depot sell flat screen TVs?

60 – Flat Screen TVs – Electronics – The Home Depot.

How much does a flat screen TV cost?

A 40- or 50-inch flat screen will cost several hundred dollars, while larger 60- or 70-inch flat screens cost close to $1,000 or more. A weatherproof, outdoor television is an option if you want to watch movies or sports in your backyard, but these sets are among the most expensive.

Does Lowe's have TVs?

Flat screen HDTV TVs at

How much is a smart TV?

A smart TV costs around $100 more than a comparable set that lacks smart services. However, that price difference is quickly evaporating, and soon most sets will have smart services built in. The price difference can also be deceiving, because higher-end TVs often offer more than just connected services.

What do they sell at Home Depot?

Top Selling Categories
  • Garden Center.
  • Power Tools & Accessories.
  • Electrical Boxes, Conduit & Fittings.
  • Plumbing Parts & Repair.
  • Cleaning Supplies.
  • Concrete, Cement & Masonry.
  • Moulding & Millwork.
  • Outdoor Power Equipment.