What was the result of Biff’s meeting with Bill Oliver? Oliver doesn’t remember him and he never gets an official meeting with him. He waits for hours and Oliver doesn’t even recognize Biff.
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Does Oliver remember Biff?

Oliver who doesn’t even remember him. Biff realizes that he has lied to himself for ten years, as he was never a salesman, just a shipping clerk for Oliver’s store. Biff’s reaction is that he runs into Oliver’s office and steals his pen.

What did Biff steal from Mr Oliver at their meeting?

After a failed attempt to ask Mr. Oliver for a business loan, Biff steals Mr. Oliver’s fountain pen from his desk. Towards the end of the play, Biff attempts to expose Willy to the reality of their situation.

What is the secret Biff knows and how does it affect him?

Biff’s “big secret” is that he stole a pen from Bill Oliver. It may seem a minor incident, but the desperately symbolic gesture holds a world of meaning. The senseless theft finally makes Biff realize the truth: that he had never, ever been a salesman for Oliver, only a shipping clerk.

What was the result of Biff's meeting with Oliver?

What was the result of Biff’s meeting with Bill Oliver? He got brushed aside. He would never get the money, and he would have no more meetings with Bill Oliver. What does Happy want Biff to tell Willy at the restaurant?

Does Biff want to be a salesman?

It is true that Biff is not a womanizer like his brother Happy, but he has incorporated Willy’s tendency to exaggerate and manipulate reality in his favor. For example, Biff truly believes he was a salesman for Oliver, rather than a shipping clerk.

Why does Biff steal the fountain pen?

The fountain pen symbolizes corruption and shallowness — traits associated with greed and materialism in the business world. After stealing the pen, Biff realizes he doesn’t want the same unhappy and dissatisfying life his father has clung to all these years.

Does Mr Oliver remembers Biff and explains what happens during their meeting?

Oliver doesn’t remember him and he never gets an official meeting with him. He waits for hours and Oliver doesn’t even recognize Biff. What does Happy want Biff to tell Willy? Happy wants to tell Willy that Biff has a lunch date tomorrow with Oliver and he’ll think it over for a few weeks.

What does Biff realize after he steals Bill Oliver's pen?

But after he had stolen the pen he quickly realized it didn’t prove anything positive but only that he was a thief. Another possibility is that the pen seemed like a trophy. Biff’s best years were when he was a star athlete in high school. He was always bringing home trophies, and Willy displayed them all with pride.

Why did Biff go to jail?

Biff states that he has stolen himself out of every job since high school and that during the three-month period when he was completely out of touch with his family he was, in fact, in prison for stealing a suit.

How does Biff react when he realizes that Bill Oliver doesnt recognize?

because he looks up to him and values his opinion. offers him a job and tells him that being well liked isnt as important as he thinks it is. how does biff react when he realizes that bill oliver doesnt recognize him? because willy won’t let him tell the truth.

What is Biff Loman's tragic flaw?

In Death of a Salesman, Biff’s tragic flaw is his inability to develop a traditional career for himself. Biff cannot create a life for himself in methods that are common, or normal. That’s not the kind of person he is and that’s perfectly acceptable.

What is Willy's dream for Biff?

He wants his sons to do better than what he has done with his life and achieve more success. Willy ‘s dreams for his sons are a source of tension and anxiety for Biff and Happy. Their desire to please their father clashes with what is deemed moral and the right way to act.

What is Biff's Dream in Death of a Salesman?

Biff reminds us that the American Dream is not every man’s dream. Rather than seeking money and success, Biff wants a more basic life. He wants to be seen and loved for who he is. He wants his dad to stop being such a deluded twerp.

Why does Biff steal the suit?

Biff steals things because it is his passive-aggressive way of getting back at people he feels have unfairly done better in life than he has, but also because stealing gives him an excuse to quit whatever dead-end job he happens to be in at the moment.

Why can't he tell his father what happened to Bill Oliver?

The real reason, however, that Biff is not allowed to tell Willy what happened with Bill Oliver is not so much that Biff cannot tell, but that Willy is too involved in his fantasy of Biff being a big shot to accept otherwise.

What does Linda find hidden in the cellar?

The rubber hose is a symbol of Willy’s impending suicide. Linda finds it hidden behind the fuse box in the cellar, and the “new little nipple” she finds on the gas pipe of the water heater leads her to the conclusion that Willy had planned to inhale gas.

What happened at Bill Olivers?

Biff found himself all alone in the waiting room. For some reason, he compulsively entered Oliver’s office and stole his gold fountain pen. … It dawned on him “what a ridiculous lie my whole life has been.” After Biff stole the fountain pen, he ran out of the office and down eleven flights of stairs.

Who discovered Willy's infidelity?

Willy settles on Biff’s discovery of his adultery as the reason for Biff’s failure to fulfill Willy’s ambitions for him. Before he discovers the affair, Biff believes in Willy’s meticulously constructed persona.

What lies does happy tell Stanley and Miss Forsythe about Biff?

What lies does Hap tell and why? He lies to Stanley by telling him that Biff is a big cattle man. He lies to Miss Forsythe by telling her that he sells champagne, that he went to West Point, and that Biff is the Giants’ quarterback.

Why does Biff steal things does Biff use Willy's behavior as an excuse for his own waywardness?

Does Biff use Willy’s behavior as an excuse for his own waywardness? … Biff uses Willy’s behavior as an excuse to steal things and become a failure in the family. Biff stays away so he doesn’t have to worry about it.

What does the rubber hose mean in Death of a Salesman?

The rubber pipe is a dark and morbid symbol in Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman. … At the most fundamental level, then, the rubber pipe symbolizes Willy’s quiet determination to eliminate himself in the midst of what has turned out to be an unfulfilling and superficial life.

Who does Linda accuse of deserting the family?

Linda accuses Biff and Happy of deserting the family. She tells them that Willy is exhausted.

How did Willy's brother Ben make his fortune?

Willy laments to himself and Happy that he did not go to Alaska with his brother, Ben, who acquired a fortune at the age of twenty-one upon discovering an African diamond mine.

How old is Biff Loman?

Biff Loman is 34 years old and the oldest of Willy Loman’s two sons.

What is Charley's job in Death of a Salesman?

Willy’s next-door neighbor. Charley owns a successful business and his son, Bernard, is a wealthy, important lawyer. Willy is jealous of Charley’s success. Charley gives Willy money to pay his bills, and Willy reveals at one point, choking back tears, that Charley is his only friend.

Who is the woman in Death of a Salesman?

Linda is a woman in an awkward situation. She knows that Willy is suicidal, irrational, and difficult to deal with; however, she goes along with Willy’s fantasies in order to protect him from the criticism of others, as well as his own self-criticism.

Why did Biff not keep in contact with his parents when he was out west?

Why did Biff not keep in contact with his parents when he was out west? He was in jail for stealing a suit.