Access the Tumblr site with the post you want toview. Check for a timestamp at the base of the post. If you don'tsee a timestamp, click the “Notes” link to view thecomments. The timestamp usually displays on the Notespage.

Also, can you see the date of a Tumblr post?

Unlike most blogging platforms, Tumblr postsdon't display the date of a post. Click the”Customize” option on the Tumblr Dashboard to access thecustomization options for your Tumblr blog. Click the”Theme” tab to access theme-specific customization options, thenclick the “Use Custom HTML” option.

Also Know, how many posts do I have on Tumblr? Limited To 250 Posts/Day Limitation – You can never have toomany posts on your Tumblr blog. Well, not in a dayanyway. You can only post a total of 250 posts daily.This includes reblogs, and yes, the number applies to thecumulative posts on both your primary and secondaryblogs.

how do you find the date of a message on Tumblr?

Asks You've Received Click the top right corner of the message and it willopen in a new window, shown as if it were posted on theTumblr blog that received it. The date the messagewas sent is in the same location that post dates are on thatblog's theme.

How do I rearrange posts on Tumblr?

The way to move a post is to change the date andtime attached to it. To do this, go to the Tumblr“Dashboard” (after logging in to tumblr) andedit the post you want to move. Then click on the“Advanced Options” button on the upper right. This willreveal a few new fields, including “date.”

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How do you know when someone reblogged you on Tumblr?

Access the Tumblr site with the post you want toview. Check for a timestamp at the base of the post. If youdon't see a timestamp, click the “Notes” link to view thecomments. The timestamp usually displays on the Notespage.

Can you delete instant messages on Tumblr?

Deleting Messages

You can access all of your Tumblrmessages by clicking on the Mail icon on the dashboard. Todelete a message, click the cross icon next to itand then click “OK.”

Can you tell if someone screenshots your Tumblr?

A notification like this appears in the dashboardof any user you decide to follow, unless the user hasunticked the “Show notifications” link in the Tumblr accountsettings.

Why is there a post limit on Tumblr?

Tumblr limits each account to 250 posts per day,across all of your blogs. Within those 250 posts and reblogs, youcan create 150 original photo posts per day. Tumblr limitsposts to avoid spamming in the entire Tumblr universe. Whatis the daily post limit on Tumblr?

How often should I post on Tumblr?

How often should you post to Tumblr? Werecommend you post one to three time per day. Ifyou're lucky enough to have a lot of content, you canpost fairly frequently to Tumblr, particularly ifyou're posting outside traditional U.S. business hours (more onthat in a bit).

Is there an ask limit on Tumblr?

Post Limit 250: Tumblr limits each accountto 250 posts per day (and 75 posts for photo uploads). FollowLimit 200: You can follow no more than 200 blogs per day onTumblr. Overall, you can follow no more than a totalof 5,000 blogs on Tumblr.

Where are my followers from Tumblr?

How Do You Find Out How Many Followers You Have onTumblr?
  • Visit the Tumblr home page and log in to your Tumblraccount.
  • Click the down arrow next to your main blog's name in the upperright corner of the right menu.
  • Select the blog for which you'd like to see the followercount.
  • Locate the “Followers” tab in the right menu of your Tumblrdashboard.

Is there a character limit on Tumblr posts?

Tumblr Page Character Limit: Pages onTumblr have a 500,000 character limit. And it's notjust the text. The characters for HTML tags and even spacescount toward the limit.

How many tags can you have on Tumblr?

30 tags

Where is the mass post editor on Tumblr?

Getting to the Mass Post Editor

Start by opening the Account menu — under yourprimary blog, select Posts. And then you see the MassPost Editor option in tiny print to the right side of thedashboard — it's almost as if Tumblr doesn't want youto find it. Click it, and you are taken directly to the MegaEditor.

How do you see your first post on Tumblr?

You can also use this process to view another person'sfirst Tumblr post.
  1. Click on the “Archive” link on your Tumblr page.
  2. Click the “Jump To Month” button and then click the back arrowto find the first year you posted on Tumblr.
  3. Select the earliest available month from the drop-downmenu.

What does show top posts mean on Tumblr?

Top Posts. This feature gives you a glimpse of aTumblr's best recent posts. On your own blog, itshowcases your most popular posts. Who can see myTop Posts? Anyone on Tumblr can see your topposts when they view your blog (unless you've hidden your blog,in which case no one can see it at all).