Move videos to iCloud Photos on iPhone or iPad

Tap Theater at the top of the screen. If you don't see Theater at the top of the screen, tap the More button , then tap View iMovie Theater. Tap a video to select it. If the download button appears, tap the download button to download the video to your device.

Moreover, how do I access iMovie from iCloud?

Unlock your iOS device and open Settings app. Locate “iCloud” option and make sure iCloud icon is on. When you turn on iCloud icon, you can sync iMovie videos to iCloud automatically. Navigate to the iMovie videos you want to share, tap on the iMovie video project or clip.

One may also ask, how do I download documents from iCloud? Use these steps to download files stored in iCloud Drive, or files that are accessible from iWork apps on

  1. Sign in to
  2. Open iCloud Drive.
  3. Find and select the file.
  4. Click Download at the top of the page or double-click the file. The document downloads to your default downloads location.

Just so, why are my videos downloading from iCloud?

If you have Optimize Storage turned on, you might not have all of your original photos and videos on your device. To download the original photos and videos on your iOS device, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos and select Download and Keep Originals.

How do I retrieve downloads from iCloud?

Restore from an iCloud backup

  1. On your iOS device, go to Settings > General > Software Update.
  2. Make sure you have a recent backup to restore from.
  3. Go to Settings > General > Reset, then tap “Erase All Content and Settings.”
  4. On the Apps & Data screen, tap Restore from iCloud Backup, then sign in to iCloud.

Related Question Answers

Does iMovie save to iCloud?

In iMovie on your iPhone or iPad, first download your videos to your device, then add them to iCloud iPhotos. Tap a video to select it. If the download button appears, tap the download button to download the video to your device. Tap the Share button , tap Save Video, then tap OK when it's saved.

Why can't I watch my iMovie?

Open iMovie and attempt to reproduce your issue. If iMovie works, reconnect devices one at a time until you can reproduce your issue. Restart your Mac after reconnecting a device if the device requires it. If iMovie still doesn't work, you might need to update your device's firmware or have the device serviced.

Where are iPhoto files stored?

iPhoto stores its copies of your pictures in a special folder called iPhoto Library, which you can find in your Home → Pictures folder. (To find your Home folder, begin in the Finder and choose Go → Home.)

How do I get an iMovie project on my iPhone?

Import an iMovie project from iCloud Drive

Open iMovie on your device, and tap Projects at the top of the screen. If you're editing a project, tap the back button until you return to the Projects browser. Tap the Import button , then tap iCloud at the bottom of the pane that appears.

Are iMovie projects stored in iCloud?

If you use iCloud, you can save a movie or project file to iCloud Drive so that it can be stored in iCloud and accessed from another device. iCloud Drive requires iOS 8 or later, a Mac with OS X Yosemite 10.10 or later, or a PC with Windows 7 or later.

Where are iMovies stored in iCloud?

In iMovie for iPhone or iPad tap the Theatre icon at the top of the screen to view the iMovies you have stored in iCloud.

How do I open an iMovie?

Open the QuickTime application. Navigate to the file menu and select “Open File” Select the QuickTime movie you plan to open in iMovie, and click “Open.” Go to the File menu and select “Export” Give your file a different name to save the original copy.

Does deleting photos from iPhone delete from iCloud?

Technically, Apple's iCloud allows you to share and backup photos across iOS devices. If you delete photos from your iPhone, they will be automatically deleted from your iCloud as well. However, sometimes you may want to delete photos off your iPhone to free up space, but keep them in iCloud as backup.

Do photos stay on iCloud if deleted from iPhone?

According to Apple, deleted photos and videos will be stored in your account for 30 days (technically, they are moved to the Recently Deleted album). Yes, those files disappear from your iCloud Photo Library after 30 days, no longer showing up in the Recently Deleted album either on synced devices or on

How long does it take photos to download from iCloud?

The iCloud tab in Preferences shows progress. Depending on your bandwidth, the download could take hours to days (or even longer) to complete. When it's done, you should have a complete set of your images and videos, and can then take steps to shift to Google Photos.

Why are my photos not downloading?

All your photos start uploading to your iCloud(but it wont occupy space in icloud due to Apple policy). To fix this, you have to clear up lots of memory and then go to settings>Photos>disable optimise iphone storage. 5. Now all your photos in cloud will start downloading.

How do I save photos to iCloud and delete from phone?

Export the desired photos and videos to iCloud Drive. Delete them from the Photos app. Toggle OFF iCloud Drive via Settings > Your Apple ID > iCloud.

iCloud Photo Library

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Photos” (iOS 11) or “Photos & camera” (iOS 10 and earlier)
  3. Toggle ON “Optimise iPhone Storage”

Why does iCloud take so long to upload photos?

Reason #3: It is much slower to sync videos via the cloud.

If you enable iCloud Photos, your videos are synced via the cloud as well. Videos can be hundreds of megabytes, so the sync process can be very slow.

How do I move pictures from iPhone to laptop?

Part 3: Transfer iPhone Photos to Laptop with Photos App

On a Windows laptop: Connect your iPhone with USB cable > Open Photos app from the Start menu if it doesn't pop up > Click on the Import option > Choose From a USB cable > Then select photos you want to transfer > Click on Import and Continue.

How do I take photos off my iPhone and put them on the computer?

Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC
  1. Plug your iPhone into your computer with the USB cable.
  2. The Photos app should automatically launch. If it doesn't, launch the program using the Windows Start menu or search bar.
  3. Click the Import icon in the upper right corner of the Photos app.

Why does it take so long to download from iCloud?

If you do this, it won't matter how long does iCloud backup take because your backup time will certainly reduce. iCloud backup taking forever is caused not only because of a slow internet speed but also because we unknowingly backup a lot of unwanted data stored in important Apps.

Where is the Files app on my iPhone?

You'll find the Files app on the second home screen, by default. Tap the Files icon to open the app. Tap the Search field to search for items by title. Tap a source in the Locations or Favorites sections to browse a particular service or your iPhone.

How do I retrieve a document from iCloud?

However, there's still time to recover it using
  1. Go to in any web browser (you might need to sign in).
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Restore Files under Advanced all the way at the bottom left.
  4. Click to check off the boxes to the left of the files you want to restore.

How do I open iCloud on my iPhone?

How to access iCloud on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and the web
  1. Open Settings and tap your name.
  2. Choose iCloud.
  3. You'll now see all the apps and data you can sync and use with iCloud.
  4. Tap a toggle on the right hand side to turn on iCloud for a specific app.
  5. Toward the bottom, tap iCloud Backup to automatically make cloud backups of your iPhone or iPad.