To find your MPN ID in the Partner Centernavigate to the Microsoft Partner Profile page. The MPNID is listed on the right side of the page.

Then, how do I find my Microsoft partner ID?

The MPN ID is the number you receive when youregister as a Partner with Microsoft in theMicrosoft Partner Network. You must have a valid MPNID to register as an AEP. To retrieve it, log in to yourMicrosoft Partner Network account and view your membershipID.

Additionally, how do I join Microsoft Partner Network? To join the Microsoft Partner Network, goto the Membership page on the MPN website and select Enroll orJoin now.

Additionally, what is MPN ID in Microsoft?

MPN ID stands for Microsoft Partner NetworkID. It is the ID that is assigned when you become aMicrosoft Partner.

How much does it cost to be a Microsoft partner?

But there is a short answer: The MPN costs $0,$475, $1,490, $1,850, $3,800 or $5,260 to join, depending on howdeeply an outfit wants to engage in Microsoft'sprogram.

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How many partners does Microsoft have?

Today, Microsoft has more than 64,000 cloudpartners — more than AWS, Google and Salesforcecombined. Our partners tell us they choose Microsoftbecause we are more than a technology provider– weare their business partner.

What does it mean to be a Microsoft partner?

A Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) is afirm that provides Microsoft-related products or services,or support for such. They are confirmed by Microsoft to beofficial, and that they work effectively, and help customers with arange of information technology (IT) projects and specific productsand services.

Who does Microsoft partner with?

Microsoft Partner Network. MicrosoftPartner Network or MPN is Microsoft Inc.'spartner network. It was formerly known as the MicrosoftPartner Program or MSPP.

How do I renew my Microsoft partnership?

To renew a Microsoft Action Pack subscription in thePartner Center
  1. Go to your Membership offers page.
  2. Select Renew subscription and then select your paymentmethod.
  3. If paying by credit card, follow the instructions for addingyour credit card information.

What is Microsoft Partner Center?

Microsoft Partner Center is your one-stoplocation for managing your end-to-end relationship withMicrosoft. It has tools and resources to help you transactand grow your business, including membership options, customerreferrals, and the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)program.

What is a Microsoft Silver Partner?

A business which has earned a Silver Competencyis among the top 5% of Microsoft partners worldwide. GoldCompetency is awarded to companies that have demonstrated a veryhigh level of expertise and a proven and specialized skill set in aparticular technology or service area.

What is a partner network?

A channel partner portal is a web-basedapplication that provides a vendor's established partners(usually distributors, resellers, service providers or otherstrategic partners) with access to deal registration,marketing resources, pricing and sales information for products andservices, as well as technical details

What is a Microsoft reseller?

Becoming an authorized Microsoft reseller allowsyou to sell Windows, Office and other Microsoft softwareproducts directly to your customers, potentially opening up newsources of revenue for your business.

How much does Microsoft Action Pack cost?

Starting Feb. 24, the Action Pack subscriptionwill cost $475 in the United States. The new subscriptionprice consolidates pricing from what was previouslytwo packages — the $329 per year Action Pack SolutionProvider (APSP) and the $429 a year Action Pack Development& Design (APDD).

How do you become a Microsoft Student Partner?

To consider applying for the MSP Program, you must beover 17 years of age and be studying a full-time course at anofficially recognized University/College. You can visit theMicrosoft Student Partner website and select your countryfrom the drop-down menu and get the requiredinformation.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure, formerly known as WindowsAzure, is Microsoft's public cloud computingplatform. It provides a range of cloud services, including thosefor compute, analytics, storage and networking.

What is Microsoft Action Pack?

In Microsoft lingo, MAPS stands for MicrosoftAction Pack Subscription. It's an affordable yearlysubscription which can help you unlock unlimited potential. Withsoftware, support, and benefits for businesses, MAPS enables you tobegin, build, and grow your Microsoft practice in thecloud-first, mobile-first world!