Depot Tours are available to Members of the Stobart Club and Steady Eddie Club , but not for those Members who have been on a Depot tour the previous year. Depot Tours are free and entitle the Member to bring one guest (One guest per member only).

Beside this, how do I get my name on an Eddie Stobart lorry?

To name an Eddie Stobart truck you need to be a member. If you are not currently a member please Click here to join the Members Club. All truck naming requests must be made in writing and can either be sent by e-mail or post. Once a request has been received a written confirmation will be sent to you.

Also Know, how many Eddie Stobart truck names are there? Today, there are about 2,200 Eddie Stobart trucks on the road and the firm's official fan club boasts no fewer than 25,000 members.

Beside above, how do they name Eddie Stobart lorries?

Eddie Stobart has a long tradition of giving its trucks female names. The first four owned by Eddie Stobart were named after model “Twiggy” and singers “Tammy” (Wynette), “Dolly” (Parton) and “Suzi” (Quatro). Names are now often chosen with connections to drivers, or to commemorate long serving employees.

Is Stobart Air part of Eddie Stobart?

Stobart Investments includes the group's remaining 11.8% stake in the Eddie Stobart Logistics business, a multi-model logistics company operating across the road, rail and ports sectors, which between 2007 and 2014 was Stobart Group's main operation, when it was a wholly owned subsidiary.

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What is happening to Eddie Stobart?

Eddie Stobart shareholders have approved a rescue plan for the truck company, staving off possible collapse. One of the firm's largest shareholders, DBay Advisors, will lend it £55m through high-interest bonds and assume control of the haulier. Shareholders voted “overwhelmingly” for the deal, the company said.

Does Eddie Stobart own Southend Airport?

Stobart Group owns and operates London Southend Airport and Carlisle Lake District Airport.

Has Eddie Stobart busted?

Eddie Stobart transport firm teeters on brink of collapse. The Eddie Stobart transport business, famed for its red and green lorries, is teetering on the brink of collapse with its future due to be decided at a key shareholder vote in London on Friday.

Is WS transportation part of Eddie Stobart?

WS Transportation was formed in April 2014 by William Stobart and his son Edward Stobart. William is a co-founder of Eddie Stobart Ltd and is still involved with Eddie Stobart as a shareholder and adviser.

Does Tesco own Eddie Stobart?

Eddie Stobart retains Tesco contract. Tesco is sticking with Eddie Stobart. DBay Advisors, a private equity firm in the Isle of Man, bought 51 per cent of Eddie Stobart Logistics in 2014. Stobart Group, which used to own the whole business, retains a 49 per cent stake.

Do Eddie Stobart drivers have to wave?

Eddie Stobart, the popular road haulage firm that is reversing itself onto the stock market, occupies a rare place in the heart of many UK motorists and children. This sparked a fashion for spotting particular vehicles on the road and waving at them, as the drivers were encouraged to honk or wave back.

Where is Eddie Stobart from?

Cumbria, United Kingdom

Where is Eddie Stobart head office?

Carlisle, United Kingdom

Who is the biggest transport company in the UK?

Royal Mail PLC is the United Kingdom's market leader in industrial transportation based on revenues.

Who is the boss of Eddie Stobart?

Former Stobart Group boss Andrew Tinkler is pressing forward with a rescue plan for struggling haulier Eddie Stobart, which faces a cash crunch and a fight to save 6,500 jobs. Mr Tinkler, who ran the logistics fleet as part of Stobart Group until 2014, is preparing a £75m deal for the trucking company.

Who owns WS transportation?

Dedicated Transportation

The business is managed by Nigel McMullan and Edward Stobart. WS Transportation was set up in April 2014 by William Stobart and his son Edward Stobart.

Is Stobart Air strict with hand luggage?

Stobart Air Hand Luggage

The total weight of both items must not exceed 10 kg. Passengers on Aer Lingus Regional flights operated by Stobart Air are permitted one item of hand luggage up to 7 kg with dimensions no greater than 48 x 33 x 20 cm.

What planes does Stobart use?

  • Award-Winning Services. Stobart Air is a multiple award-winning airline.
  • Our Fleet.
  • ATR-72-600.
  • ATR-42-600.
  • Embraer-E190.
  • Franchise Flying.
  • With partners Aer Lingus and Flybe, Stobart Air's franchise flying service connects regions, cities and towns across Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe.

What countries can you fly to from Southend Airport?

Here are all the places you can fly to from Southend Airport
  • Paderborn, Germany. Founded by Charlemagne in 795, Paderborn today is a beautiful city of two halves.
  • Bilbao, Spain.
  • Brest, France.
  • Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
  • Corfu, Greece.
  • Košice, Slovakia.
  • North Iceland.
  • Venice, Italy.

What is a regional flight on Aer Lingus?

Aer Lingus Regional is operated by Stobart Air using small AR72 turboprop aircraft and as the name implies they fly to regional airports (not Heathrow) in the UK (and perhaps some in Ireland too).

Who used to own Flybe?

Virgin Atlantic