Go to https://jkodirect.jten.mil and click “OK” on the DoD Warning Banner. You are now at the JKO Learning Content Management System (LCMS) login page. To access the JKO LCMS and begin training, you must first establish an account.
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How do I access Jko?

How do I get a JKO account? DoD military and government civilians with a Common Access Card (CAC) can self-register for a JKO account. Go to https://jkodirect.jten.mil and select “Login using my CAC” and complete an account profile.

Why can't I get into Jko?

Some users experience problems accessing JKO using CAC. This problem is often the result of a well known and documented problem with incorrectly configured Internet Explorer settings. This problem is known as the “DoD Root Certificate Chaining Problem” per Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

How do I set up a Jko account?

  1. Go to www.us.army.mil to register for an AKO account. …
  2. Select “Register without a CAC”.
  3. Type your social security number in the box and click next.
  4. Select “Military Transition” from the list and click next.
  5. Type your sponsor’s username in the box and click next.
Can you do Jko from home?

Download the JKO Mobile app from app store, type in your PIN and download the course from the list available. courses on your mobile device The JKO Mobile App requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to open the app. To obtain your PIN, you will need to complete course, J7OP-US1126 on the JKO LCMS. To enroll: 1.

How do I access a Jko without a CAC?

To access the JKO LCMS and begin training, you must first establish an account. Complete the “Access Request for Joint Knowledge Online” form providing your contact information, country of citizenship, etc… as requested in the body of the email form, then click “Send” on the email to submit your account request.

How do I contact Jko?

If you need further assistance contact the JKO Helpdesk via email at [email protected] or via phone at COMM: 757-203-5654 or DSN: 668-5654.

How do I log into Jko from home?

To log in to JKO, go to https://jkodirect.jten.mil 3. Select OK in the DoD Warning Banner. If you do not select OK, you will not be able to access the JKO LMS.

How do I get to Level 1 on Jko?

Access AT Level I Awareness training on Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) by accessing the JKO website: http://jko.jten.mil/courses/atl1/launch.html.

Does Jko work on IPAD?

Free JKO Mobile app for iOS and Android mobile phone and tablet users. Joint Knowledge Online is the DoD advanced distributed learning capability for military and civilian individual and staff online training. It is the Joint Staff system of record for Joint Staff annual training requirements.

What is an AKO account?

Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is the U.S. Army’s main Intranet. … Registering for an AKO account is mandatory upon enlistment in the army. AKO access follows DoD security policy and requires a strong password or combination of a Common Access Card (CAC) smart card and personal identification number (PIN).

What happened AKO?

Army Knowledge Online (AKO) may have stopped being accessible to users at the end of June, but PEO EIS’s Enterprise Content Collaboration and Messaging (EC2M) product office — part of EIS’s Enterprise Services portfolio — officially brought the program to a close on July 26.

How do I get my military email address?

If you don’t have a CAC, contact your Personnel office or the nearest military ID card facility, which you can find by visiting the ID Card Office Locator. A: To view your Primary Personnel Email Address, go to the My Profile page. You’ll find your email address on your work tab, such as CIV, CTR, or MIL.

What is Jko training?

Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) is a Department of Defense online portal crossing classified and unclassified military networks. JKO offers online training resources used by commanders, DoD organizations, combat support agencies and other authorized users.

How do military websites work on Mac?

  1. Step 1: Purchase a Mac Friendly CAC Reader. Purchase a CAC reader that works for your Mac. …
  2. Step 2: Plug in and Ensure It’s Accepted. Once you have your CAC reader, plug it into your Mac and ensure your computer recognizes it. …
  3. Step 3: Update Your DOD Certificates. …
  4. Step 4: Download and install CAC Enabler.
How do I get my .mil site to work?

  1. Open your Internet Explorer browser then go to Internet options.
  2. Click on Security tab.
  3. Click on Trusted sites, then click the Sites button.
  4. Under “Add this website to the zone:” URL bar, type the complete URL address.
  5. Click on Add button.
How do I download a certificate from Jko?

You can download your complete online training transcript located within the “Certificates” tab. Click the apple icon ( ) on the far right hand margin of the page. JKO “Online Training Transcript” will open in a separate window, allowing you to print and/or download your complete transcript.

How long is Army at level 1 good for?

If you do not have a current certificate: Anti Terrorism Training (AT) is valid for one year after the completion date. To complete it, please go to the following link: https://atlevel1.dtic.mil/at/atl1/.

What SERE 100?

SERE 100 was created to ensure Airmen are prepared for what they would face in captivity. The SERE 100 CBT is located in the mobility and readiness section of ADLS. The training is required once every 20 months after the initial SERE 100 training is complete.

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How do I access military sites on Google Chrome?

  1. Download the three Chrome OS apps that will be needed for SBU Remote Access:
  2. Install the DoD Certificates: Follow the instructions on https://militarycac.com/chromebook.htm site and download and install the DoD Certificates in descending order.
How do I access AKO at home?

  1. AKO Access.
  2. AKO (Army Knowledge Online) www.us.army.mil.
  3. Follow the hyperlink for AKO listed at the top of page.
  4. Click “I Accept”
  5. Log in to your AKO account (or register and login if you haven’t already done.
  6. so)
  7. Click on the “Self-Service” tab and then select “My Education”
What can I use instead of AKO Army?

EC2M is also replacing the AKO Single Sign-On service with Enterprise Access Management Service (EAMS-A),” according to Army officials with Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Services.

Why is AKO retired?

As part of the security upgrade, AKO, and many other official Army sites, will be accessible only through the government-issued Common Access Card, better known as a CAC. Retirees and family members are not eligible for CACs, and therefore will no longer have access to AKO.

What does a military email address look like?

A military email address will be someone’s name with a period in between first and last, and perhaps numbers (if there are several people with that name) and an ending of: ‘@army.mil’ or ‘@af.mil’ or ‘@navy.mil‘.

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  • When were you drafted or when did you enlist?
  • What do you remember about the day you enlisted?
  • How did you tell your family and friends that you were joining the military? …
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What is the new AKO website?

The new AKO, called AKO 2.0, offers a more mobile-friendly and contemporary look and feel, modern navigation, the first-ever Army Directory linking users to Army organizations and a home page that presents information specific to military personnel, DOD civilians and contractors.

Where is Jko located?

The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre (ABT/JKO School) is the associate school of American Ballet Theatre located at 890 Broadway, within the Flatiron District of Manhattan, New York City.

How do I register for classes at Jko?

To Get JKO Mobile: Complete the “Introduction to JKO Mobile (J7OP-US1126)” course on JKO by going to https://jkodirect.jten.mil. Search for the course by name or course number from the course catalog tab, then enroll and launch to complete the course.

How do I access my army Isoprep?

  1. Click the I Accept button.
  2. Click the Register with a CAC button. …
  3. Enter your Social Security Number.
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. Next, you’ll have to go through the rest of the steps needed to create your AKO account.