Customizing your Razer keyboard couldn't be easier.

Adding macros

  1. Select your keyboard from the bottom menu, if not already selected.
  2. Hit “+” under Select Profile to create a new profile.
  3. Name the new profile.
  4. Add a keyboard shortcut to switch to this profile on the fly.
  5. Link this profile to a game or program.

Keeping this in consideration, how do I import a Razer profile?

  1. Step 2: Open Synapse and click on your Chroma peripheral icon.
  2. Step 3: Under the “Lighting” tab, open up the “Chroma Configurator”
  3. Step 5: Navigate do your downloaded profile and click “Apply” (Note: Razer Chroma profiles will have a .razerchroma extension)

Likewise, how do I manage Chroma apps in synapse 3? You can enable/disable in-game Razer Chroma Lighting by following the steps below.

  1. Open Razer Synapse 3.
  2. Select the Chroma Tile a. Select “Apps” from the top Ribbon b. Toggle the Switch from the top Ribbon to enable and disable the Chroma Integrations.

Also question is, how do I add a device to Razer Synapse 3?

Step 1: Connect your Razer device to the USB port of your computer. Step 2: Install Razer Synapse when prompted* or download the installer from Step 3: Register for a Razer ID or log in to Synapse with an existing account.

How do you save a Razer Synapse profile?

Setting up profiles in Synapse will help make it a seamless transition.

  1. Select your mouse from the bottom menu, if not already selected.
  2. Hit “+” under Select Profile to create a new profile.
  3. Name the new profile.
  4. Add a keyboard shortcut to switch to this profile on the fly.
  5. Link this profile to a game or program.

Related Question Answers

How do you get the Razer chroma effect?

Setting-up Chroma Devices
  1. Make sure you have the latest Razer Synapse software installed and your Chroma devices connected to your computer.
  2. Open an FL Studio project.
  3. From FL Studio Browser > Plugin Database > Effects > Visual, drag and drop the Razer Chroma plugin on to a mixer track that is receiving audio.

How do I enable Chroma apps?

The Chroma Apps Tab allows 3rd party apps to access your Razer Chroma-enabled devices and unlock additional features when using particular games or applications. To enable the Chroma Apps function, click and visit to download an app. Chroma app and clicking .

What does Razer Synapse do?

Razer Synapse is our unified configuration software that allows you to rebind controls or assign macros to any of your Razer peripherals and saves all your settings automatically to the cloud.

What is ambient awareness Razer?

The new quick effects are Ambient awareness, Audio Meter and Wheel. For Ambient Awareness, the lighting on the keyboard will reflect the averaged color on the selected screen region. For “Wheel”, the keyboard lighting will rotate in the direction selected.

What is Razer Hypershift?

Razer Hypershift is the capability to switch from one set of controls to another. This almost doubles the capacity of the mouse to program different controls and commands on its programmable buttons. Below is a list of commands and controls you can program to your mouse: Default. Keyboard Function.

How do I change the keyboard light on my Razer?

Using your Synapse 3-compatible Razer keyboard, navigate to and click on the “Lighting” tab. From the “Lighting” tab, you can control brightness (or turn the backlight off completely), set energy-saver modes, and select “Quick Effects” for a preview of the types of light shows you can encounter.

What is Chroma Visualizer?

The Razer Keyboard Audio Visualizer is a Chrome Extension that enables audio lightning on Razer Chroma keyboards. As soon as Google Chrome produces sound in one of its tabs, the extension can be enabled and the audio effect will be directly available on the keyboard.

How do I install Chroma workshop profiles?

You can install razer chroma profiles by going to the chroma menu and clicking import. Then select the file and run it to install the profile. Now wait for some time and see whether the profile is installed on your keyboard or not.

How do I open Razer Synapse?

Fix 2: Reinstall Razer Synapse on your computer
  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key to bring up the Start menu.
  2. Type feature in the Search menu from Start and click Apps & features on the top.
  3. Click Razer Synapse, then Uninstall.
  4. Go to the official Razer website to download the latest version of Razer Synapse.

How do you use Razer Synapse?

The older Synapse software suite.
  1. Open up Razer Synapse.
  2. Select your connected Razer keyboard.
  3. Choose the Macros menu header.
  4. Hit “+” to add a new macro.
  5. Give your new macro a name.
  6. Choose how you wish the delay between keystrokes to be recorded:
  7. Hit record and activate keys in desired order.

How do I add Chroma apps to Razer Synapse?

  1. Once downloaded, proceed to unzip the file to the desired folder.
  2. Run the required files within the folder and proceed to Synapse.
  3. Select chroma apps tab, under subtap settings, turn ON chroma apps and on the apps list sub tab double click on the app you wish to activate and turn ON the app.

How do you open a Razer keyboard light?

For Razer Synapse 3:
  1. Open Razer Synapse 3.
  2. Click “KEYBOARD” tab on the top menu and select “LIGHTING”.
  3. Under “SWITCH OFF LIGHTING”, you can click on “When display is turned off” to keep the lighting turned on or off when the Razer Blade goes to sleep mode.

Does Razer chroma work on Mac?

Yes, as long as your Mac has a free USB slot. They also have mac version of their “razer synapse” software that customizes the keyboard. Yes, as long as your Mac has a free USB slot. They also have mac version of their “razer synapse” software that customizes the keyboard.

Is Razer Synapse necessary?

Razer Synapse 2.0 is not compulsory software to get your Razer peripherals working—but it is advisable if you want to get the best out of them.” Even if you never create a Synapse 2.0 account, you can still configure a Razer mouse, it seems.

Why is Razer Synapse not detecting my keyboard?

Razer Synapse not detecting mouse can be caused by the driver corruption in your computer, and you can reinstall your device driver to fix the problem. Step 1: Input devmgmt. msc in Run windows and click OK to open Device Manager. Step 2: Double-click Mice and other pointing devices to expand it.

Why is Razer Synapse not opening?

If Razer Synapse failed to start on your PC, the issue might be related to Razer device drivers. Thus, reinstalling both Razer device drivers and the Synapse software can fix the issue. Right-click the Start button and select the Device Manager to open the window in the snapshot directly below.

Is Razer Cynosa mechanical?

Our Verdict

The Razer Cynosa offers decent membrane performance for the price, but you should spring for a mechanical keyboard if you can.

What is the DASH called on the keyboard?

Alternatively referred to as a dash, subtract, negative, or minus sign, the hyphen ( – ) is a punctuation mark found on the underscore key next to the “0” key on US keyboards. In the picture to the right, is an example of the hyphen and underscore key on top of the keyboard.

Why is my Razer keyboard not lighting up?

If it doesn't light up, it might be a hardware problem and you need to contact Razer support. If it does, the problem might be caused by your Razer Synapse. Then a full reinstall of Synapse can help you solve the problem. Unplug your keyboard.