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Examine the optical drive itself. Most opticaldrives have logos showing their capabilities. If yousee a logo on the front of the drive with the letters”DVD-R” or “DVD-RW,” your computer can burnDVDs. If your drive has no logos on the front,continue to the next step.

Similarly one may ask, what is a DVD writer on a laptop?

The DVD Writer/CD Writer is a multipurposerewriteable drive that can read audio, data, and video files andcan record, or write, in both CD and DVD formats.This DVD Writer/CD Writer drive enables you to:Create custom audio, data, and video files that can be recordedonto CDs or DVDs.

Secondly, how do I view a CD on my computer?

  1. Open System Information.
  2. In the System Information window, click the + symbol next toComponents.
  3. If you see “CD-ROM,” click it once to display the CD-ROM in theleft window. Otherwise, click “+” next to “Multimedia” and thenclick “CD-ROM” to see the CD-ROM information in the leftwindow.

Likewise, people ask, does my laptop have a DVD drive?

Play DVD Optical Drive Before software concerns come in, the laptopmust have either a built-in or externally connected DVDplayer to be compatible with DVDs (Blu-ray drivesare backwards compatible with DVD). However, you will onlybe able to play DVDs in the Media Center window and not inWindows Media Player.

How do I open a CD on my computer?

Windows XP

  1. Go to the start menu, choose my computer.
  2. Find your cd rom icon.
  3. Right click on it and choose properties from the menu.
  4. The CD drive properties will appear.
  5. Go to the Autoplay tab.
  6. Press the drop down arrow to see your choices.
  7. This is where you can change what happens when you insert acd.

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How do I burn a CD from my laptop?

Windows Vista Just the Steps For Dummies
  1. Insert a blank CD or DVD suitable for storing audio files inyour computer CD/DVD-RW drive.
  2. Open Windows Media Player and click the Burn button.
  3. Click through albums and playlists and drag the songs you wantto add to the CD/DVD to the Burn pane.
  4. Click Start Burn.

How do I burn a CD on my HP laptop Windows 10?

Saving files to a disc
  1. In Windows, search for and open File Explorer.
  2. Click This PC.
  3. Right-click the name of the disk drive and select Eject.
  4. Insert a blank disc into the drive and close the drive.
  5. Double-click the drive icon to open the Burn a Discwindow.

Can you burn a DVD R in a DVD RW drive?

A CD burner will only burn CD-R(Recordable) or CD-RW (Re-Writable) discs. A DVDburner can burn both CDs and DVDs. Look for a”DVD“, “DVDR“, “DVDRW“, orsimilar label on the drive's tray/facing. Some older opticaldrives will not refer to “-R” or “-RW” on itstray/facing.

How do you burn a CD on a HP laptop?

How to Burn a Music CD on My HP Pavilion
  1. Launch Windows Media Player. Select the “New Playlist” option,then click-and-drag music files into the open playlist from anylocation on the computer.
  2. Insert the blank CD into the CD burner drive of your HPPavilion. Close out any autoplay windows that appear afterinserting the disk.

What disc do I need to burn a DVD?

As long as your DVD burner supportsburning to these types of discs, you can use WindowsDVD Maker to burn a DVD using one of the followingtypes of recordable or re-recordable DVD media:DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, andDVD-ROM.

Do laptops have DVD players anymore?

They're getting rarer every day, but there are also afew laptops on the market that still come withbuilt-in DVD drives. All of the drives on thesecomputers are capable of reading and writing both DVDs andCDs.

Are optical drives obsolete?

Optical storage is still stuck in the gigabyteswhile most hard drives are pushing even more terabytes.Using the CD, DVD and Blu-ray for storing data is just not worth itanymore. The flash memory used in these drives is the samethat was found in the USB flash drives that made floppytechnology obsolete.

Which laptops have CD drives?

Best Laptops With CD/DVD Drive to Buy in 2019
  • HP 15.6-inch Laptop with AMD Processor and RadeonGraphics.
  • Lenovo IdeaPad 15.6-inch AMD A6 Quad Core Laptop.
  • HP 2019 15.6-inch AMD Business Flagship Laptop.
  • 2019 HP Envy 17.3-inch Full HD Laptop.
  • 2019 Dell Inspiron Business Laptop 15.6-inch Display.
  • Dell Inspiron 15.6-inch FHD Display Laptop with i7Processor.

What is DVD drive in computer?

A DVD drive is a component of a computeror other electronic device designed specifically to utilize digitalversatile discs, or DVDs. They are installed on everythingfrom desktop computers, laptops, DVD players, cars,televisions and many other devices and areas.