Or, feel free to duplicate any of the ideas for your party.
  1. Set a date, time, and location for the party. Graduation for us was on a Monday night.
  2. Set a budget.
  3. Make a guest list and order announcements.
  4. Plan the food.
  5. Decide on Decorations.
  6. Plan your help.
  7. Plan fun.
  8. Finally, enjoy every moment.

In respect to this, how do you organize a graduation party?


  1. Decide on a date and time. Because many people may be planning graduation parties around the same time of year, the logistics of choosing a time for your party can be difficult.
  2. Throw a combined party.
  3. Choose a venue.
  4. Make a guest list and send invitations.
  5. Create a theme.
  6. Create a menu.
  7. Decorate your party.

Secondly, where is a good place to have a graduation party? Park or Beach: Local parks and beaches make wonderful venues for graduation parties. Since most graduations occur during the spring, it's a great time to bring the party outdoors and host a luau, picnic, clambake, or cookout!

Also, when should you start planning a graduation party?

Graduation Party Planning Timeline

  1. 3 Months Before the Party.
  2. 8 Weeks Before the Party.
  3. 6 Weeks Before the Party.
  4. 4 Weeks Before the Party.
  5. 1-2 Weeks Before the Party.

How much should you spend on a graduation party?

In a nationwide survey conducted by GraduationParty.com, $985 is the average amount spent on graduation parties. There are plenty of simple ways to slash that bill. Here are some ideas whether you are throwing together a celebration this year or thinking ahead a few years.

Related Question Answers

What is the best food to serve at a graduation party?

While not a requirement per say, some main course food is highly recommended, especially for a graduation dinner party.
  • BBQ Pork Sliders.
  • Oriental Salad: Applebee's Style.
  • Baseball Themed Hotdog Bar.
  • BBQ Grilled Chicken.
  • Sandwich Graduation-Cap Sliders.
  • Oven Baked Spicy Tacos.
  • Chicken Nuggets: Chick-Fil-A Style.

How long should a graduation party last?

The open house style graduation party works best, because it gives guests an opportunity to stroll through at a time convenient for them and gives you, the graduate, time to enjoy their presence and thank them for coming. Avoid planning a party for less than three hours.

Who should I invite to my graduation party?

Add your neighbors, the graduate's friends, friends' parents, extended family, favorite teachers or coaches from over the years, coworkers of both the parents and the graduate. Graduation party invitations should be mailed separately from graduation announcements.

How much food should you have at a graduation party?

Do not plan to set all of this out at once. Prepare several trays of each item so that you can replenish the food as it is consumed and provide fresh appetizers at all times. If you are serving a full meal, plan to have about one and a half pounds of food per person.

What should a mom wear to her son's high school graduation?

Mothers should wear semi-formal or business attire. Dresses are a good choice, as are a coordinated skirt outfit or a pantsuit. All clothing needs to be in good taste and not too flashy or attention-grabbing. Wear clothing in colors that coordinate well with the school's graduation gown colors.

What can I do instead of a graduation party?

Six Inexpensive Alternatives to a Big Graduation Party
  • Throw them a grad party (lower case)– I know, I know.
  • Take them on a trip– Many people I know have opted to use the money they'd have spent on a big grad party to take a summer graduation trip instead.
  • Tickets to a concert, play, spa day, etc.

What do you do at graduation parties?

20 Great Ideas for a Graduation Party
  • 01 of 20. Set Up a Photo Booth.
  • 02 of 20. Hashtag Your Bash.
  • 03 of 20. Livestream It.
  • 04 of 20. Make a Graduation Party Video.
  • Have a Big Screen Slideshow. Christopher Futcher/Getty Images.
  • 06 of 20. Have a Picnic Party.
  • 07 of 20. Add Chalkboard Walls.
  • 08 of 20. Play Life-Sized Party Games.

How do I plan a cheap graduation party?

Create a Graduation Party Budget
  1. Coordinate Your Party With Other Parents. Yours isn't the only graduation party in town, so why not coordinate an event with other parents?
  2. Consider an Afternoon Party.
  3. Opt For a Buffet.
  4. Keep Decorations Simple.
  5. Make Your Own Invitations or Use Online Invitations.

What percentage of invited guests attend a graduation party?

Use a Calculation

For local guests, plan for 85% of the invitees to attend. Don't forget to add spouses and children if they are invited. For out-of-town guests, plan on 55% of them to attend. However, if most of them are close family, your estimate could be higher – as high as 85%.

How much money is appropriate for a high school graduation gift?

Thankfully, LoveToKnow may have the answer we're all looking for. They say “siblings of the graduate $15 to $30 is appropriate, while grandparents, aunts and uncles should give between $20 and $50. More distant relatives and family friends can give as little as $15 all the way up to $50.”

How much should you give for a high school graduation gift?

College Graduation Gift Etiquette

Bright Hub states that many people give between $100 and $500 as a college graduation gift. Typically, for a 2- to 4-year degree, anywhere from $50-100 is appropriate for a parent, advanced degrees go up by about $100 for each degree.

What is an open house graduation party?

A graduation open house is a party that you host during a block of time. During the open house guests can come and go as they please. This type of party helps ensure that people who have other commitments or graduation parties can still attend.

When should you send out graduation invites?

Graduation announcements should be sent out at least two weeks before the event. If they don't include an invitation, you can send them up to six weeks after the event. You may also consider sending out a save the date email three months before the ceremony to ensure loved ones can attend.

What do you wear to a graduation party?

For guys that means nice pants and a button down shirt (maybe even a tie). And for ladies, that means a casual dress/skirt or nice pants. Graduation dresses can be as simple as a little black dress or something bright and colorful. Just make sure your pretty graduation dress doesn't clash with your cap and gown!

How do you plan a graduation party at home?

Here's a quick checklist to make sure you're ready before guests show up:
  1. Get the decorations up and, if appropriate, set out a sign or balloons by the road to help guests find the party.
  2. Prepare the food and set out coolers with beverages.
  3. Stock bathrooms with toilet paper and towels.
  4. Put some background music on.

How do you celebrate graduation with your family?

Eight Tips to Make Graduation Truly Feel Like a Celebration
  1. Get a Good Night Sleep. Just like what your parents may have told you growing up, or what you tell your kids now, getting a good night sleep the night before a big event can help you feel energized and calm nerves.
  2. Bring Tissues for the Family. Remember that your graduation day isn't just about you.
  3. Go Social.

What should I do after graduation ceremony?

After the Ceremony: What To Do After Graduation
  1. Research your next steps: Whether you are taking a gap year, going to graduate school, moving to a new city, or starting your career, understand the next step.
  2. Make Decisions:
  3. Make Connections:
  4. Start Saving Now:
  5. Put your best foot forward:
  6. Be a lifelong learner:
  7. Take some time:
  8. Find your passion:

What is a graduation party?

A graduation party is a day that celebrates a pivotal moment in your life. It's also a day you want your child to remember. From the invites to the decorations to the food, a lot of planning and preparation goes into the perfect graduation party, and it can be overwhelming if not organized.

How do you decorate for a college graduation party?

24 Easy Graduation Party Ideas to Celebrate Your High School or College Grad
  1. 1 Rose Gold Graduation Backdrop. Jessi Burrone.
  2. 2 Origami Money Graduation Caps. Sugar and Charm.
  3. 4 DIY Bagel Board.
  4. 6 Graduation Photo Wreath.
  5. 7 “Taco ‘Bout A Future” Balloons.
  6. 9 Confetti Cones.
  7. 10 The “Keys to Success”
  8. 12 Diploma Pirouettes.