How to Replace the Paddles and Scraper on a Toro Single Stage Snowblower
  1. Remove the center hex bolts.
  2. Remove the special fasteners on the sides of the impeller paddles.
  3. Remove the metal spacers from the center paddle holes.
  4. Install the spacers on the new paddles.
  5. Install the new paddles on the center plate.

Similarly, how long do snowblower paddles last?

about three to five years

Also, how do I make my snowblower throw snow farther? Another effective way to make your snow blower throw the snow farther out is by building an impeller kit. I would recommend this method to you if you were handy with tools to build the size of impeller that you want. An impeller kit can greatly increase the blower's throwing distance.

Beside above, how long do Toro paddles last?

Using Toro original replacement paddles, the average homeowner with a two car garage should see a 2-4 year life span out of their paddles. It's best to replace the scraper bar at the same time as the paddles.

How do you put a scraper bar on a snowblower?

How to Replace the Scraper Bar on a Snow Blower

  1. 1) Remove Scraper Bar Bolts. Remove the bolts that attach the scraper bar to the auger housing. Remove Scraper Bar Bolts.
  2. 2) Remove the Scraper Bar. Remove the damaged or worn scraper bar from the auger housing.
  3. 3) Install New Scraper Bar. Attach the new scraper bar and reinstall the bolts onto the auger housing.

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