There are three easy ways to check the warranty status of your Dell computer.
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  2. Step 1: Visit this warranty page of Dell in a web browser on any device.
  3. Step 2: In the field, type the service tag or express service code and then click the submit button to see the warranty status of your Dell computer.

Also asked, how do I find out if my laptop is still under warranty?

Go to your manufacturer website, enter your serial number, and check your warranty status.

Additionally, how do I find out when my Dell laptop expires? Check Dell Computer Age Using the Service Tag To determine the age of a Dell computer, enter the 7 character service tag in the box below and click the Submit button. On the page that opens, click Warranty beneath the product's image. The end of life date is 4 years after the ship date indicated below.

Similarly one may ask, how long does Dell warranty last?

three years

Where can I find the serial number of my laptop?

Finding Serial Numbers – Various Laptop Computers

  1. Open up the command prompt window on your computer. You can do this by searching for “cmd” or right clicking on the windows home icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. In the command window type in “wmic bios get serialnumber”. The serial number will then be displayed.

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How do I find the owner of my Dell laptop?

One piece of information you can track through the service code is the name of the laptop's registered owner.
  1. Find the service tag sticker on the back of your Dell laptop.
  2. Visit the Dell website (link in Resources) and locate the troubleshooting page in the Technical Support section of the website.

Where do you find the serial number on a Dell laptop?

Right-click “Command Prompt” and then click “Run as Administrator.” In the Command Prompt window, type the following: wmic bios get serialnumber. Hit the “Enter” key. The serial number for your Dell computer will be displayed on screen.

How do I find a product by serial number?

How to find product Serial Number
  1. Check the sticker label on the device or the package box. Or check the sticker label on warranty card.
  2. The serial number is listed after the word “Serial Number,” “SSN,” “S/N,” or “SN.”

What is Dell basic warranty?

Basic Warranty Service

If your system encounters an issue covered by Dell's Limited Hardware Warranty* and that issue cannot be resolved remotely, this service offers a Mail-In Repair Service (customer provides box and Dell pays shipping) for defects in materials and workmanship in your PC.

How do I find out what my laptop model is?

The model number is listed on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop. In this case, it is called Product name, as shown here. For laptop computers released 2009: Note 1: If you own a configured-to-order laptop: the full model number is located on a sticker on the bottom of the computer.

How do I claim my HP warranty?

Go to HP Customer Support – Product Warranty Check. Select the country/region of purchase, type the product serial number, and then click Check warranty. The Product Warranty Results screen displays. If the warranty status details for your product are incorrect, click Dispute this.

Is Dell warranty worthwhile?

If your laptop is an under warranty, then you can have fixed every problem. In the US EverythingBreaks provides dell laptop warranty extend services at affordable cost. Finally, Dell warranty extension is really worth it who they are using a laptop in every day.

What voids a Dell laptop warranty?

What voids Dell warranty? If you break something, user replaceable part or not, you'll void the warranty. For example, while removing the HD bracket you accidently fry your motherboard and short out the front speaker (it happens). Technically the laptop warranty is void and your s&!

How do I get Dell warranty?

If any of these products prove defective in either material or workmanship, they will be replaced without charge during the limited warranty period if returned to Dell. You must first call our toll-free number to get your return authorization. In the U.S., call 1-800-822-8965; in Canada, call 1-800-387-5757.

Is it worth buying extended warranty on a laptop?

Paying $100 for an extended warranty on a $600 laptop doesn't make sense because laptops are very reliable, Sinha says. If a warranty is more than 20 percent of the product's price, it may be too much. According to the SCIC, most extended warranties are 10 to 20 percent of the sales price.

What does a laptop warranty cover?

The majority of laptop warranties will cover hardware problems that were not caused by the owner, such as defective keyboards, monitor problems, modem or other issues with internal components. The laptop warranty generally covers the parts and labor for repairs.

What is Dell NBD warranty?

Next Business Day Services (NBD) NBD warranty indicates service and support with coverage five days a week, eight hours a day, with an average Next Business Day (24 hour) response time.

How much is Dell ProSupport?

Shop Staples for 3 Year Dell ProSupport Plus: Next Business Day, Onsite, $400 – $999.99.

How do I run Dell Diagnostics?

As the computer boots, press F12 when the Dell Splash Screen appears. When the Boot menu appears, highlight the Boot to Utility Partition option, or the Diagnostics option and then press Enter to start the legacy 32-bit Dell Diagnostics.

How do I return a Dell computer?

It's easy, with no minimum purchase required. And if you decide something isn't for you, just ship it back within 30 days of your invoice date for a full refund, including free return shipping. Dell will even waive the restocking fee.

How do I find the purchase date of my laptop?

Windows OS

The date displayed in the menu will give you an approximation of the manufacture date. Turn your laptop face down and look for a sticker listing the computer's serial number and other build information. The date of manufacture may be printed on this sticker.

How can you tell how old a computer is?

To find this on a Windows computer, open the Start menu, then type “sysinfo” into the search bar. Select the “System Information” application, and scroll down to the BIOS Version/Date entry in the window that appears. The date listed can be used to estimate the age of the computer.

How do I find the manufacture date of my laptop?

To find out manufacturer date of your laptop, Go to Settings in the BIOS, Click on General. Then Click on System Information. There, you will see, Manufacturer Date and Ownership Date. The manufacturer date is the date when the laptop motherboard was manufactured and tested.

How can I extend my Dell laptop warranty?

  1. Locate your Service Tag. Have this information handy before you. call or go online to extend your service contract or warranty.
  2. Call, Email or Extend Online. Call us at 1-800-348-6147. Email.