Open the ‘mouth' of the Lamzac and fill the lamzac® in a straight line. Don't wave the Lamzac around like a flag and don't press the Lamzac against your body. Roll up the closure at least 4 times. The tighter you close your Lamzac the longer it will stay inflated.

Considering this, how do you inflate a pouch couch?

The Pouch Couch slips neatly in the small, lightweight carrying pouch. When you need the full size lounge chair, pop it out and inflate it. Easy to inflate, simply hold it away from your body and wave it through the air, roll the end and clip to secure.

Also Know, what is a Knapbag? The Knapbag™ is made from super tough tri-stitch nylon; the same material a parachute is made with. Allowing you to take your Knapbag™ everywhere and anywhere.

Furthermore, how do you inflate a puff pack?

PuffPack® takes less than 2 minutes to inflate, and does not require any tools to assemble. First, roll out your PuffPack® flat on the ground. Next, open up one compartment to capture the air. Inside you will see the PVC protectant liner.

What is a pouch couch?

About Pouch Couch Pouch Couch is a lounge chair which is inflated without any pumps or electronics.

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How can I keep my couch outside?

Bring the indoors outdoors with fabric water repellent spray.
  1. Use a paintbrush to apply a generous layer of paint stripper to the furniture.
  2. Use a sealant on bare wood to prevent rot and mildew.
  3. Waterproof any fabric or replace it with an outdoor safe material.

How do you seal a couch pouch?

Made in China
  1. Grab the end of your Pouch Couch and scoop up some air to fill the first chamber. Quickly close the seal and repeat the step for the other chamber.
  2. Fold the black band over itself a few times to form an air-tight seal.
  3. Connect the buckle to secure it.
  4. Lay back and chill out.

What is a LayBag?

LayBag Is a Portable, Inflatable Lounge Chair

The LayBag is lounge chair that's easy to inflate (just wave it through the air) and rolls up to fit in a small carrying bag. Once inflated, you'll get about 4-6 hours of relaxation time before you need to add more air, which should be plenty to rest your bones for a bit.