What should be done, rather, is to either hide it in vents (when there are vents, of course), hide it in tunnels (hide your Dirt very carefully, or give it to a teammate/flush it through a toilet.), or hide it in a hollow wall (cover the hole in the wall with a Poster).

Besides, how do you use the contraband pouch in the escapists 2?

Usage. The Durable Contraband Pouch is an item that conceals Contraband in your inventory from Contraband Detectors. It will lose 15% durability every time you pass through a Contraband Detector with contraband items other than the pouch itself. It is good for 7 uses.

how do you make a screwdriver in the escapists? To create the powered screwdriver, you must have a wire, a battery and a screwdriver. Will undo vents faster with 25% of every use on a vent. You can unscrew 4 vents before it is gone. It is PC only content.

Just so, what does a contraband pouch do in the escapists?

You can avoid this by crafting and carrying a contraband pouch, which will hide your other contraband items. Take note of the pouch's durability which decreases each time you pass through a detector. – Contraband dropped on the floor will be taken by guards if spotted.

What can you craft with foil in the escapists?

Foil can be used to craft Contraband Pouch and Durable Contraband Pouch. Can only be obtained by buying it from other Inmates and found in their desks.

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What is a timber brace used for in the escapists?

The Timber Brace is used to support your underground tunnel when it grows larger. If you do not support your tunnel, you can not dig very far without it collapsing . It can be used as a weapon in The Escapists 2.

How many players is the escapist?

four players

What can you do with a radio receiver in the escapists?

Usage. The Working Radio is one of the Items in the game The Escapists The Walking Dead. It can be used to distract Walkers.

How do you craft a pickaxe in the escapists?

The Flimsy Pickaxe is a digging item in The Escapists. It is made from 1 Tool Handle, 1 Crowbar, and a Roll of Duct Tape. Crowbar, x1 Duct Tape.

How do you get molten plastic in the escapists?

To create Molten Plastic, collect either a Comb or a Toothbrush, and craft it together with one Lighter. Now, simply craft the Molten Plastic with the Key Mold you made earlier to create a new Plastic Key. You will also need to have a certain level of Intelligence to successfully craft a Plastic Key.

What is the best weapon in the escapists?

  • Baseball Bat (4/5)
  • Spiked Bat (4/5)
  • Knuckle Duster (4/5)
  • Metal Rimmed Hat (4/5) NOTE: Duct Tapes Are Forever only.
  • Whip (5/5)
  • Nunchucks (5/5)
  • Stun Rod : you lose 50 points of life if the weapon is carried by a guard.
  • Cup of Molten Chocolate Instant KO.

How do you escape center perks?

How to escape:
  1. Take 4 plastic knifes.
  2. Go to the laundry.
  3. Chip through the wall on the right into the maintince tunnel.
  4. Go back into the laundry and replace the wall.
  5. Take the 4 knives.
  6. Go back to the laundry.
  7. Chip through the same spot in the wall again using a fork.
  8. Place the knives in the tunnel.

What is a circuit board used for in the escapists?

The Circuit Board is an unused item in The Escapists, and is found on consoles, yet will be contraband. It is recommended to leave untouched so you can decrease the chance of being sent to solitary and it has no use currently. But, in The Escapists 2, it can be used to make Fake Key Cards to help you escape.

How do you cover up holes in the escapists?

You can cover the hole by putting soil (or concrete) in it. This is very important if you don't want the guards or snipers to find the hole and bust you. If the guards did find the hole, you will be sent to solitary and your progress on your tunnel will be reset to zero.

What can you make with bleach in the escapists?

Tub of Bleach The Tub of Bleach is a useful item in The Escapists. It's only use is to turn an Inmate Outfit into a pair of Infirmary Overalls, which can be used to access the medical supplies and to also craft it into a Guard Outfit.

What can you make with metal sheets in the escapists?

Usage. The Metal Sheet is used to make shovels and upgrade them but is also contraband and can be bought from Inmates, found in inmates desks or their pockets when knocked out.

How do you escape Stalag flucht?

Stalag Flucht is based off of Stalag Luft III, a WW2 camp.

How To Escape

  1. Get something to cut the fence with (like a File or Cutting Floss or plastic knives.
  2. At evening roll call place a bed dummy in your bed.
  3. Find the generator and left click it to turn it off.
  4. Get to the fence, and cut it.

How do you make a wad of putty?

Wad of Putty is an item in The Escapists. It can be used to create a Key Mold. It is crafted from 1 Tube of Toothpaste and 1 Tub of Talcum Powder. It has a similar look to Molten Plastic, only that it has a shade of peach color to it.