How much does it cost to add an outlet to a fireplace?

National Average$214
Typical Range$133 – $297
Low End – High End$79 – $534
What type of outlet do you need for an electric fireplace?

Most electric fireplaces can be plugged into a standard 120 Volt outlet, and no dedicated circuit is required.

Do electric fireplaces need special wiring?

Electric fireplaces need an electrical supply to work, and come with power leads and plugs to be able to provide the required electricity to operate. … There’s an electric wall socket near the chosen location for the fireplace, or a mains power cable that can be used to direct wire a fireplace insert into.

How do you install an electric fireplace insert in an existing fireplace?

  1. Remove The Existing Installation And Clean Your Fireplace. …
  2. Make Sure Your Fireplace Is Waterproofed. …
  3. Seal The Damper. …
  4. Power Supply / Outlet. …
  5. Install The Insert. …
  6. Power It Up and Test It. …
  7. Install The Trim.
Do plug in fireplaces use a lot of electricity?

Do Electric Fireplaces Use a Lot of Electricity? Electric fireplaces use approximately the same amount of electricity as the average space heater. Since most fireplaces operate on a standard household outlet, they use 120 volts to power the internal heater and draw about 1,500 watts at 12.5 amps.

Do you need an electrician to install an outlet?

While an electrical outlet may seem like a basic device, it’s best installed by a licensed electrician. An electrician can ensure your outlet is installed according to code, walk you through any additional requirements of your project, and pull any needed permits from your local authority.

What kind of extension cord do I need for an electric fireplace?

From time to time, we are asked if an extension cord can be used with electric fireplaces. We don’t recommend it because the extension cord can overheat and cause risk of fire. However, if you have to use an extension cord, the cord must be Number 14 AWG minimum size and rated no less than 1875 Watts.

Can you use an extension cord on electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces that come with a power cord should be plugged straight into a standard electrical outlet. An electric fireplace should not be plugged into any type of extension cord.

Can you install an electric fireplace yourself?

You can install your built-in electric fireplace yourself if you have some carpentry and electrical knowledge, however, we recommend seeking the help of a licensed electrician.

Where do outlets go in a fireplace insert?

Just place the outlet near the back, with the block off you’ll never see it or the butt end of the stove. Most times when you tell an electrician you need an outlet for a fire appliance insert they plan on floating it under the appliance or securing it to the fireplace floor in a raised surface box.

How can I hide my fireplace outlet?

Covering it with paint, such as for plastic outlet covers, is one way, or you can use a wooden faceplate that is then stained to a matching color as the existing mantel. This is easier to do with wooden mantels. Stone mantels, on the other hand, need the faceplates painted or stained to match as closely as possible.

Does an electric fireplace insert need to be vented?

Q – Do Electric Fireplaces need venting? A – No, Electric fireplaces do not create any emissions and therefore do not need to be vented through a chimney, direct vent, or other source like gas and wood fireplaces do.

How do you tell if my fireplace has an insert?

You can generally tell you have a fireplace insert if the firebox is metal and surrounded by a steel shell. To know for sure what type of insert you have, look for the nameplate under the grill by the pilot light and gas valve.

How much will an electric fireplace raise my electric bill?

On average, electric fireplaces will raise your monthly electricity bill by $32.50. This represents a 28.3% increase for the average US household. Again, this assumes $0.15 per kWh and 5 hours of use per day, over 30 days, on max power.

Can I install an outlet myself?

First things first: Can you install an outlet yourself? Here’s the short answer: Yes, you can install an outlet yourself at home. The longer answer involves some knowledge of your home, electrical work in general, and the tools and hardware you have available.

Can you install outlets yourself?

You can add a new outlet quickly and easily without tearing open a wall, if you already have an electrical outlet in the other side of the wall. No extra holes.

What is the correct position to install an electrical outlet?

The electrical code allows outlets to be installed with the ground plug hole facing up, down or sideways. It’s up to you, there is no standard electric outlet orientation. So that means there really is no such thing as upside down outlets.

What size breaker do I need for an electric fireplace?

The only requirement with where you place it is that it’s in proximity to a 120-volt outlet or 15-amp circuit to ensure you can plug it in without using an extension cord. Most homes have at least one 120-volt in each room. Those with a 20-amp circuit can hook up more devices and run more energy through the outlets.

Does electric fireplace need own breaker?

Electric Fireplace Installation You should however plug your Electric Fireplace into an outlet by itself on a dedicated breaker or fuse. … If the Electric Fireplace is a hardwired variety, a new circuit breaker and wiring will be required.

Can you put an electric fireplace on any wall?

Wall mounted electric fireplace can be simply hung on pretty much any wall, just like a flat-screen TV or a picture. Most wall-mounted electric fireplaces come with brackets and hardware needed for installation.

How do you circulate the heat from a fireplace insert?

If You Have a Fireplace or Wood-Burning or Pellet-Burning Furnace… First, if you also have forced air, turn the fan on to help circulate heat. Make sure your ceiling fans rotate clockwise so they pull cool air up off the floor and push warm air down. And also keep them running at their lowest speed.

How do you hide the gap between a wall and a fireplace?

  1. Measure the size of the gap between the drywall and the brick.
  2. Use 1/4-round trim molding that’s wide enough to cover the space of the gap. …
  3. Place a tube of acrylic caulk into a caulking gun. …
  4. Replace the caulk in the caulk gun with a tube of construction adhesive.
What is the most realistic electric fireplace insert?

  • 1.) Dimplex Revillusion Built-In Firebox (43.25”)
  • 2.) Dimplex Prism Wall Mount Fireplace (74”)
  • 3.) Dimplex Optimyst II Insert (28”)
  • 4.) Dimplex Opti-V Duet Fireplace Insert (54.25”)
  • 5.) Dimplex Ignite XL Linear Electric Fireplace (100”)
Does the back of an electric fireplace get hot?

The back of an electric fireplace may get warm during operation as a result of the electrical components inside giving off small amounts of heat, but the back of an electric fireplace is unlikely to get hot.

Are electric fireplace inserts easy to install?

Electric fireplace inserts have come a long way in recent years and are easy to use when you don’t want to hassle starting a fire or keeping it going. … If you want the insert to fit better, you can purchase a fireplace trim kit, which works well when you want to add it in a wall or an existing firebox.