How should I store my holiday decorations?

  1. Use clear resealable bags. …
  2. Shrink wrap your tree. …
  3. Wrap lights around cardboard. …
  4. Keep garland in water bottles. …
  5. Hang your ornaments. …
  6. Salvage storage containers from your home. …
  7. Keep wreaths in your wardrobe. …
  8. Sew storage for your fake tree.
How do you store Christmas ornaments?

Hang on to gift and shipping boxes and use them to store tree ornaments. Delicate glass and ceramic pieces can be stored in reused tissue paper or packaging materials. Alternatively, you can hot-glue plastic cups to cardboard sheets, and then place the sheets into a larger bin for a zero-risk solution.

How do you pack holiday decorations down?

Corrugated boxes are what you’ll need to pack away nativity scenes, inflatable decorations and anything else you’ll display out in the yard. Ensure you have plenty of bubble cushion and packing paper to keep everything protected and separated from each other.

How do you store Christmas decorations in your garage?

use bubble wrap or decoration storage containers (avoid wrapping decorations in a newspaper, as the ink rubs off) fragile decorations such as bauble balls will be less prone to breaking if they’re stored in boxes with dividers or egg cartons that are kept in tightly sealed plastic containers.

Can you store Christmas decorations in a shed?

Store holiday decorations up high. Many storage buildings include rafters or upper-level space. If your shed has this space, use it for storage of holiday decorations. You won’t need them for another year, so it makes sense to stash them where they won’t be in the way when you need to find your summer gardening tools.

How do you store large Christmas decorations?

Use clear, resealable bags. If you want to keep all your ornaments in the same container, but sorted by color or size, use clear gallon bags from your kitchen. Then next year, it’ll be super easy to assess your stash — and see if you should stock up on any specific hues. Sew storage for your fake tree.

How do you store Christmas ornaments for storage?

For small, fragile items, treat them like ornaments and wrap them in tissue paper and, if desired, a layer of air-filled plastic wrap as well. Larger items can be safely wrapped in packing paper and also, for extra protection, wrapped in a layer of air-filled plastic wrap.

How do you store Christmas garland?

Place the garland in a clear plastic tub, fitting it so it coils neatly inside the container. If you have any additional adornments that go with your garland, wrap them in tissue paper and store in the center of the container.

How do you store ornaments so they don't break?

It is best to pack your ornaments in special boxes or containers made especially for them, since they are typically fragile and can break easily while in storage. These special containers typically have lots of little slots or spaces where each individual ornament can be placed to keep it separate and secure.

How do you make a Christmas ornament organizer?

All you need is a hot glue gun, cardboard, a box, and plastic drink cups. Cut the cardboard into pieces that will fit inside the storage box. Glue the bottom of the cups to the cardboard and let dry. Place one of the cardboard pieces with cups in the box and fill with ornaments.

How should I store my Christmas decorations in my apartment?

Good apartment living storage options include clear plastic boxes, shoeboxes, and large zip-top plastic bags. If you have precious ornaments, you may want to invest in archival storage boxes. Tissue paper and bubble wrap are also handy. Have a permanent marker on hand to label your containers.

How do you store Deer Christmas decorations?

3. Store Christmas Ornaments in an Ornament Chest. “Use an ornament container designed with layers and fill empty space around the ornament with tissue paper to prevent movement,” says Schneider. The three lightweight, fabric-lined trays in this chest feature handles for easy access to each layer and plenty of padding.

Can Christmas ornaments be stored outside?

Store holiday decorations in enclosed plastic containers to guard against water and moisture damage. … Clearly label the contents of each container on the outside to ensure items are easy to locate.

How do I store Christmas lights in my garage?

Find Dry and Cool Storage If your lights are wet when you take them down, spread them out in a dry place – your garage floor, perhaps – and allow them to dry thoroughly before storing them away in plastic tubs placed in a dry and mild climate.

Can I store wrapping paper in the garage?

A gift wrapping center can be incorporated into such places as a home office, pantry, laundry room, garage or family room. … Rolls of wrapping paper can be stored vertically in bins or on horizontal dowels. Cards, ribbons, scissors, tape and gift bags can be stored in bins or clear plastic containers.

Can you store ornaments in the garage?

For the most effective use of your garage as a holiday decoration storage space, add some overhead storage racks. … Storage bins filled with things like tree ornaments, artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, holiday lights, and holiday lawn inflatables can be stashed up high.

Can you store Christmas decorations in the attic?

Holiday Decorations “Holiday decorations can be damaged by the extreme heat in attics,” says Santoro. “Delicate fabrics and items that are painted are particularly prone to damage when stored in the attic,” and plastic decorations, like ornaments, may melt or warp in the heat.

How do you store things in a shed?

  1. Put shelving in your shed to get items off the floor. In small spaces, always go vertical with storage. …
  2. If you have several small items, use plastic clear baskets to hold these items. …
  3. Wall tracks work nicely for thin flat long tools like racks and other things.
How do you store ornament hooks?

Store Christmas ornament hooks on a pencil with rubber bands on either side to keep them from tangli…

How do you store homemade ornaments?

Keep precious heirlooms intact by wrapping ornaments in tissue paper, then storing them in shallow plastic containers. Use cardboard to divide the bin into smaller compartments. Use tissue paper, cardboard pieces, or felt scraps to protect ornaments from thumps and bumps.

How do you store Christmas tree ribbon?

First, I start by wrapping a piece of ribbon around my hand. Then I layer on all of the rest of the pieces of the same ribbon, continuing to roll them around and around the roll. I store all of my ribbon rolls in extra large bags, Ziploc bags or clear zipper totes, placed inside of the large totes.

How do you store Christmas ribbons?

Untying a bow or ironing out creases can damage some ribbon (especially older pieces). Avoid both by storing bows intact: To make sure the loops don’t crimp in storage, cut cardboard tubes and wrap them with paper towels so that they fit snugly inside. Store flat in a shallow box, either plastic or cardboard.

How do you preserve old Christmas ornaments?

Store your boxes of ornaments in a closet, dresser or under the bed. Basically anywhere inside your living space where you have room. Avoid storing your ornaments in the basement or attic where they would be subject to extremes in temperature or humidity.

How do you store heirloom Christmas ornaments?

Stick on a “fragile” note and indicate what’s inside (e.g., “Grandma’s Ornaments” or “Glass Animals”). Keep the boxes stowed away in a closet or under a bed, rather than in the attic or basement, where big swings in temperature and humidity can warp antique pieces.

How do you store seasonal decorations in a small apartment?

here it is! Simply take the wreath from your apartment door at the end of the holiday season, attach it to a standard clothes hanger (see cover photo). Cover with a plastic bag and you’re done. Hang it in the back of your closet for easy access next year.

How do you store a Christmas tree in a small apartment?

Your best bet, according to Boston-based pro organizer Lisa Dooley, is to store your tree upright, shielded by a tree covering. Dooley says an XXL trash bag should do the trick for most smaller and medium-sized trees.

How do you transport ornaments?

Start by placing your ornament on top of your packing paper. Taking your tissue paper, carefully wrap around the ornament making sure to cover any particularly delicate parts well. Once you’re happy that everything has been covered, lay the ornament down flat on top of your packing paper.