Unclogging Your Drain Quick: How to Use an Electric Drain Snake
  1. Step 1 – Prepare the Drain. Before you begin to use the drain cleaner, you should plug the electric snake into an available socket.
  2. Step 2 – Add the Electric Drain Snake.
  3. Step 3 – Feeding the Snake Down.
  4. Step 4 – Removing the Snake.

Then, how do you snake the main line?

How to Properly Snake a Sewer Drain

  1. Locate the main line clean out and remove the cap.
  2. Position the drain snake as close as possible to the cleanout.
  3. Put on a pair of leather gloves that will not get grabbed by the machine while it’s turning.
  4. Pull the head of the cable out and put it into the cleanout.

Secondly, how do you snake a drain without a snake? 10 Really Easy Ways to Unclog Drains

  1. The Bent Wire Hanger. Simple enough, but surprisingly effective.
  2. Baking Soda and Vinegar. Mix 1/3rd of a cup of baking soda with 1/3rd of a cup of vinegar in a measuring cup.
  3. The Wet & Dry Vacuum.
  4. Boiling Water.
  5. Caustic Soda.
  6. Cleaning the Pipe.
  7. The Drain Snake.
  8. Salt and Baking Soda.

Moreover, what do plumbers use to unclog drains?

An auger — also known as a plumbing snake — or flat sewer rod can clear blockages deep in drain lines. Chemical drain cleaners contain a high concentration of lye, bleach or sulfuric acid to soften and break up clogs.

Can you use a drain snake on a toilet?

Reach for the toilet snake If the toilet plunger won’t open the drain, reach for a toilet snake. A drain toilet snake is a long wire coil with a corkscrew-like tip that you feed into your pipes until it encounters the clog. A toilet snake can also be used on clogged bathroom sinks.

Related Question Answers

How much does it cost to rent a drain snake?

If you go this route, your handheld drain snake rental will cost around $130 a week or up to $275 a month. Machine augers, on the other hand, run from $50 to $85 per day to rent. With the weekly rate, you can expect to pay up to $250, while the monthly rate will only run you about $500.

How do you snake a cleanout drain?

Clearing the Clog
  1. Find a clean-out plug located on a large drain pipe in areas such as your basement, crawl space, garage or near the foundation of your house. Remove the plug with an adjustable wrench.
  2. When using an auger, push in the cable until it reaches the obstruction.

How do you turn a drain snake into a corner?

The proper way to use a snake is to insert the head into the drain and push very slowly without cranking. If you try to force it, it can bend back on itself and actually come out of the drain. Push gently and slowly, and if the auger is the right one for the job, it should slide smoothly through the pipe.

How does the snake game work?

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What do you do when your drain snake doesn’t work?

If that doesn’t work, disconnect the drain trap, (again, keep a bucket handy.) These clogs can be caused by object such as a toothpaste cap or a hairband which can be quickly disposed of. If this isn’t the cause, loosen the trap arm and pull it straight out of wall. If you now see a visible obstruction, remove it.

How do I unclog my main sewer without a cleanout?

Use a Plunger to Clear a Main Drain Clog

You may be able to clear a sewer clog by using a plunger. Choose a toilet on the ground floor. Tape over the tub, sink and shower drains with duct tape. This prevents the force you develop with the plunger from dissipating through the pipes and focuses it on the clog.

How do you use a drain Unblocker?

Use liquid drain cleaners like this:
  1. Open the bottle while grasping the handle. Do not splash or squeeze.
  2. Pour the specified amount into the drain.
  3. Allow up to 30 minutes for the clog to clear.
  4. Flush with plenty of hot water.

Can you use main line cleaner in toilets?

If you do not find any debris in the trap, pour the Main Line Cleaner down that fixture and wait until the next morning. I would not pour the cleaner down a toilet. I pour the cleaner down the sink or tub next to the toilet. Otherwise, most of the cleaner will sit in the bottom of the toilet doing no good.

What is the best drain snake to buy?

The Best Plumbing Drain Snakes on the Market Today
Drain SnakeTypeRating
Dr. Drain VEDRAU01A1 Augers Plumbing Snake Pipe Cleaner Household Spring CableManual9.7
Ridgid 115v 35473 K-45AF Autofeed Drain Cleaning MachineElectrical9.8
Cobra Products GIDDS-211332 Speedway Drain Cleaning MachineElectrical9.8

Is a toilet auger the same as a snake?

A toilet auger, also known as a closet auger, is a drain cleaning tool that is designed to maneuver through the toilet drain and get rid of the clog head on. A regular toilet auger consists of a long shaft, the snake, a bowl guard, and a manual crank.

How do you unclog a main line with a snake?

How to Snake the Main Drain
  1. remove cover from the clean out on main drain. Clean the Drain. Remove the cover from the clean out on the main drain.
  2. use jetting machine on main drain to clean pipes. Secure the Hose, and Turn on the Machine. Insert the hose as far as it will go.
  3. prev. feed hose through drain line.

How do you know if your main line is clogged?

Main sewer line clogs usually cause water to back up out of a drain or plumbing system. These clogs can cause a gurgling sound to come from your drains. Possible signs include your toilet water bubbling, water backing up from your tub or shower when you flush, or water bubbling from your faucets.

Does washing machine drain into sewer line?

Washing machine drains are fed by an electric pump, which moves water from inside the cleaning drum, through a flexible drain hose on the underside of the machine, and out into your home sewer system where it makes its way out of the house.

How do you clean out your main sewer line?

If you get your drains cleaned and use these 5 tips it will save you money.
  1. What You Can Do to Keep Your Sewer from Clogging.
  2. Use Enzyme Cleaners on Your Drains Monthly.
  3. Keep Trees, Bushes, and Other Plants Away from the Sewer Line.
  4. Avoid Flushing Wipes and Other Hygiene Products Down the Toilet.
  5. Replace Old Clay Pipes.

How do you unclog an outside drain?

  1. Put on elbow-length rubber gloves before you begin.
  2. Lift the grate covering your drain with a screwdriver.
  3. Reach into the drain with your hands if you can.
  4. Use drain rods to break apart clogs you can’t reach.
  5. Pour water and bleach into the drain to rinse out any additional debris.

How many bends can you have in a drain pipe?

It’s a bad plumbing practice to have a hard 90-degree bend in a horizontal drain line that’s buried in a slab or otherwise hidden. If you have to make a 90-degree bend, use two 45-degree fittings and put a small piece of straight pipe between the fittings, if possible.