Fuel Type: Diesel, Heating Oil

Likewise, people ask, what Does a Tiger loop do?

The Tiger Loop removes air from heating oil and is fitted on the outside wall of the property, between the tank and the pressure jet burner. This allows the tank to be installed lower than the burner. The Tiger Loop can draw fuel from up to 30m away with a 10mm fuel line.

can Tigerloop be fitted inside? The Tiger Loop Bio removes air from heating oil and can be fitted internally or externally. Not only compatible with standard mineral fuels like kerosene and gas oil but also bio-liquids and bio-liquid/mineral fuel blends.

Also, should Tigerloop be full?

Current model Tigerloops (with two chambers, upper and lower): The lower chamber can be almost empty to completely filled and it is perfectly normal. The upper chamber should not have enough oil in it to cause the upper chamber float to float. If so, the Tigerloop must be replaced.

What is an oil deaerator?

The Tigerloop completely removes the gas from the oil so that the oil going to the burner is 100% pure this is known as deaeration. The GOK removes the gas from the oil and then fragments this into small particles before feeding this back into the oil at a size that will not interfere with the combustion of the burner.

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Do oil tanks need to be raised?

Where oil tanks need to be elevated, for example to supply a range cooker, it's important that the tank is correctly supported and the manufacturer's installation instructions are followed. Plastic oil tanks must be supported across their entire base.

What is the purpose of a two pipe oil supply system?

Re: 2 oil lines to burner

Recommend upgrades at time of boiler or tank replacment. 2 pipe systems are still used when a burner is located higher than the tank or, when the lines come from a duplex fitting in the top of the tank.

How do you bleed a boiler?

Bleeding The Boiler

Set radiator to the maximum heat setting and ensure the boiler begins to circulate water. Leave the boiler at the setting for at least fifteen minutes. Turn off your central heating unit to stop airflow or water from being pumped through the unit.

How does a top outlet oil tank work?

On an Oil Storage Tank with a top outlet, oil is drawn out of the top of the tank and along the pipe to the appliance, so there is no need to have a hole in the bottom of the tank. In the event of a damaged or leaking pipe or joint—No oil will flow from the tank saving oil loss to the environment.

How does a heating oil tank work?

Oil-fired heating systems distribute heat in one of three ways: warm air through vents, hot water through baseboards, or steam through radiators. When your oil burner is engaged, heating oil travels from the tank to the burner by way of a pump where it becomes a fine mist mixed with air.