Lebron James is not just better than Curry, he's much better. Lebron even averages more points despite Curry being the better shooter. If Curry has a bad shooting night, generally that's it for him. Lebron could score 10 points and still lead his team to victory.

Herein, who better Stephen Curry or Lebron James?

Compare LeBron James vs Stephen Curry James is a significantly better passer, averaging 3 assists per game more than Curry. James has a significant advantage in rebounding, averaging 3.5 boards per game more than Curry.

Subsequently, question is, what did Lebron say to curry? LeBron shoved Curry and said: “Get out of my face.” That was basically it. This was nothing more than a little trash-talk between two competitors who respect each other.

Also question is, who has more rings curry or Lebron?

Until today, both Lebron James and Stephen Curry have equal number of rings at 3. Lebron won his first 2 rings at Miami heat and the last one at Cleveland Cavaliers beating the Golden State Warriors of that juggernaut season when they broke the best season record while Steph beat Lebron to get all 3 of his rings.

Who is better harden or curry?

Compare James Harden vs Stephen Curry Harden leads the NBA in scoring with 30.4 points per game. Curry ranks 6th with 26.4. Harden is the better facilitator, averaging 2.7 assists per game more than Curry. Their averages are close, but Harden grabs a few more rebounds, eclipsing Curry‘s total by 0.3 boards per game.

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Who is the best basketball player of all time?

While cases could be made for Bill Russell based on championship rings, Wilt Chamberlain on statistical dominance and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on longevity, the consensus was clear: Jordan was the greatest basketball player who had ever lived.

Is Steph Curry the best player?

Look: Stephen Curry is a fantastic player. He is a borderline top five player in the NBA and, at worst, is in the top 10. He is the greatest shooter in league history. He can get his shot from anywhere he wants.

Who is the goat of the NBA?

Michael Jordan

Who is better Kobe or LeBron?

Kobe is a more complete player

LeBron might be more dominant player, but Kobe is a more versatile and well-rounded player, which gives him the edge. While LeBron is an all-around player, with explosive power that makes him almost impossible to guard, he lacks instinct and on-court elegance and style.

Who is best NBA player?

NBA's Top 100 Players for 2019-20: Ranking the Top 25
  1. Kawhi Leonard, Los Angeles Clippers.
  2. LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers.
  3. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee.
  4. James Harden, Houston.
  5. Stephen Curry, Golden State.
  6. Anthony Davis, Los Angeles Lakers.
  7. Paul George, Los Angeles Clippers.
  8. Joel Embiid, Philadelphia.

Is Curry better than Jordan?

Using the greatest player of all time as a comparison point, that much is clear. Curry is scoring far more efficiently (67.6 percent true shooting) than Jordan in MJ's most efficient scoring season (61.4 percent true shooting). Obviously, Curry has accomplished much of this with unprecedented 3-point shooting.

How old is Steph Curry and LeBron James?

The momentous events happened 39 months apart, as James was born in December 1984, while Curry was born in March 1988, but still: James, of course, is famously from Akron, which made the fact that Cleveland landed him with the No.

How many rings does Curry have now?

A six-time NBA All-Star, Curry has been named the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) twice and won three NBA championships with the Warriors.

Who is better Kyrie or curry?

Kyrie is better than curry in all of those techniques and he can also get to the rim and finish among big men better than curry due to his athleticism. Having said that, for their respective teams, Curry is more important than Kyrie as most of the offense for his team flows through Curry. He is the co-ordinator.

What did Klay Thompson say to LeBron?

“I don't know how the man feels,” Thompson said of LeBron. “But obviously people have feelings and people's feelings get hurt even if they're called a bad word. I guess his feelings just got hurt.

Why Steph Curry is better than James Harden?

Harden will get more assists from driving and kicking or throwing lobs to Capela, but Curry has clearly shown to have the better court vision of the two. Stephen Curry is the better player. Curry is a more accurate shooter, better finisher at the rim and is more efficient from the free throw line.

How many 3s has Steph Curry made?

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has been lighting up the NBA this season, but perhaps his most impressive performance came during Tuesday's practice. According to ESPN.com, Curry made 77 consecutive three-pointers and hit 94 of his 100 attempts from downtown.

Why does harden wear 13?

13 After Denying Dion Waiters. The Oklahoma City Thunder are already starting their recruiting pitch to the newly acquired Paul George. Two years after denying Dion Waiters' request to wear James Harden‘s old number, the Thunder awarded it to PG-13. It was almost a necessity due to that very nickname.

Who is better than James Harden?

Player Notes

Harden leads the NBA in scoring with 30.4 points per game. James ranks 3rd with 27.5. The margin is close, but James is a slightly better passer, averaging 0.3 assists per game more than Harden. James has a significant advantage in rebounding, averaging 3.2 boards per game more than Harden.